3 Ways to Join Pinterest Group Boards Without Breaking a Sweat

Hello you! Have you ever heard about Pinterest Group Boards?  I hope your week is set up to be a productive one after my tips on time management and productivity tools.  Did you get a chance to create your brand board in record time?

If you never heard about Pinterest Group Boards then don’t worry too much I will keep you in the loop on this blog post.  I will go into it in a little detail so that you too can reap the rewards of joining them.

Essentially, a group board is like a standard Pinterest board with pins but this time the board has more than one person collaborating or pinning to that board. Easy right?

These boards can be quite general or they can be focused on a topic, niche or subtopic.  I did mention them a number of times in my posts.

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Why Join Pinterest Group Boards

I would not spend too much time on this topic but if you didn’t already know these group boards can drive great traffic to your site if done right.

If you are a blogger or website owner and you are totally new to Pinterest I wrote a blog post on how to grow your blog traffic using 9 unique ways here.

Creating your Pinterest Business Account with the relevant boards and pins is one element but getting thousands of eyeballs on your content is the next level.

Great Pinterest group boards have 1,000+ followers on them with some having over 100,000 followers.  What this means is that when you pin your content to these boards you get more people to see it.

Essentially, Pinterest group boards can increase your website or blog traffic 10x, 1000x or even 100,000x.  Does that make you excited?

Which Pinterest Group Boards Are Good?

When you first become aware of these boards and their potential it is easy to think that the more followers they have the better.  Well, this is not necessarily the case so let me explain.

Not all group boards are created equal because there are many elements that make these boards good apart from the number of followers.

Let look at a list of criteria you should keep in mind about these boards to decide which are good:

  1. Number of followers
  2. Number of collaborators
  3. Repin rate
  4. Niche-specific
  5. Growth rate
  6. Rules
  7. Quality of pins
  8. Spammers
  9. Number of pins

Here is an example of the follower growth rate of one of the group boards that I contribute to on Pinterest.

Group Board Follower Growth

I know you are probably thinking this is going to be difficult.  Stay with me for a few more paragraphs as I am going to make the process straightforward for you in the long run.

SEO traffic or traffic from the search engines can take 6-18 months to see any benefit so, by comparison, this is simple. Let’s break down these criteria into manageable pieces.

Pinterest Group Board Criteria

The number of followers should be at least 1,000 followers or it should be growing to 1,000 in 30 days.  Smaller stagnant group boards will not bring you traffic.

The total number of collaborators, the fewer the number of collaborators the better for you.  Unless it is just you and a friend deciding to exclusively collaborate with each other, having between 5-20 is the sweet spot.

The repin rate is super important because you want to be assured that collaborators are repinning from the group board as opposed to just pinning to the group board.

A repin rate of 0.1 or higher is good. A 0.5 repin rate is great.  You can use PinGroupie to check the repin rate. 

Join Pinterest group boards that are aligned to your niche or topic.  You don’t want your pins to be a sore thumb being very irrelevant compared to other pins.

You want to join a board that is growing and one that has rules to ensure that everyone plays fair.  Some boards can be quite restrictive by not allowing duplicate pins ever.

Being on a board where everyone put their best pins with links leading back to a quality blog or website is so important because the followers will keep coming back for more.  Some pins can lead to spammy sites.

I have been on boards where the total number of pins remain stagnant because people weren’t adding fresh pins or the number of collaborators were too small.  Avoid these boards as they will not give you results.

Grab Your Big List of Group Boards

Now that you know which Pinterest Group Boards are good for you, let’s grab a big list of them and get to work. 

Where to find this big juicy list?  Kyla has a few hereArfa also has a list of some boards hereCoco has a list of 300 here.

In my opinion, these lists seem to be everywhere just search on Pinterest for ‘group boards’ or ‘join group boards’ and you will see many of them available by niche.

Once you grab that big list you will want to sift through them and have a list of 50-100 niche-specific group boards.  You probably almost fell off your chair there.

The issue is that it takes time to join group boards you will not necessarily get in straight away.  It will probably take you 3-6 months to join 50 group boards in your niche.

This may seem like a long time but remember that this is traffic for life.  Well at least as long as the group board remains relevant and active.

You can always join non-relevant, low-quality group boards much quicker but I cannot see why you will want to do that seeing that this is targeted long-term traffic.

How to Join Group Boards

For each group board, there will be instructions on how to become a collaborator.  Bear in mind that some group boards will not be open to new collaborators.

In some cases, you will need to follow the owner and his/her entire account on Pinterest and send them an email. 

In other cases, you will need to complete a form or follow them on Instagram or join their Facebook Group.

There are other times when you also need to comment on their latest pin.  This may seem to be convoluted at first but remember other forms of traffic can be difficult or even expensive.

Always follow the rules so that you remain a good citizen of the group boards.

Request to Join

In each case follow the given instructions that the owner of each group board has outlined to collaborators. 

Ensure that you write down each group board and their rules somewhere so that you can refer to them before pinning.

Once you have completed the request to join each of your chosen group boards it is now a matter of waiting patiently to get accepted.

Some board owners accept new contributors straight away, others do it once a month and still, others will require you to send a second or third request to join or reminders.

Here is an example of what you can write to the board owner:


I hope you are having a lovely week.

I came across your group board and I could not help noticing the quality of your pinners pins.  It has come to my attention that your group board called ____________ is open to new contributors.

I would love to be added as a new contributor if that’s okay, I have followed the joining instructions and my Pinterest email is ______________

All the best.

Finding Open Group Board Hacks

Depending on your niche you may find it difficult to find group boards that are relevant to your niche. 

Sometimes finding group boards that are open to new contributors can be challenging.

Here are 5 hacks to find rare group boards:

  1. Check the profiles of people you follow on Pinterest
  2. Browse the profiles of mentors or tutors that you purchased a course from
  3. Join Facebook Groups that are specifically set up for Pinterest
  4. Research Facebook Groups set up for Pinterest Group Boards
  5. Have a look at the chats on Tailwind Tribes

In my experience, I have also been added to group boards without sending a request because some can only be joined by invitation only.  The key here is to network with other bloggers.

You can also leave a message in Tailwind Tribes chat letting the members know that you are interested in joining group boards in a specific niche.

Join Group Boards System

One of the best ways to ensure that you achieve your goal of collaborating on 50+ group boards is by systemising the entire process.

By now you know I love the idea of time management and using productivity tools to get stuff done. 

So my recommendation is to use Trello to help you manage this process.

Here is an example of what your to-do list will look like:

Join Group Boards - to do

The objective here is to get from a list of 100 on the to-do list to at least 50 on the accepted list.  After you get accepted and you start pinning you will want to track the performance of each group board.

You can look at the overall performance of each group board using either Tailwind.  Here are a few examples below:

Choose Board Insights from menu
Select only Group Boards
Tailwind Group Board Performance

Recap Time

In this post, we covered a lot of elements related to Pinterest Group Boards so let’s do a quick recap.

  1. Why join Pinterest Group Boards
  2. Which boards are good
  3. What criteria to use for group boards
  4. Where to find a list
  5. How to join group boards
  6. Your request to join message
  7. Finding open group board hacks
  8. Developing a system to getting accepted to 50 group boards
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