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5 Practical Tips To Become An Entrepreneur

Hello you! I think you will agree with me that it is difficult to become an entrepreneur without taking the time to make a plan for your business. The problem is that many people would like to leave the 9-5 world and start their journey into entrepreneurship but they don’t know how to become an […]

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Interview Tells You 5 Secrets of Pioneers In Skirts

Our special guest on this episode is Ashley.  Ashley Maria is a Filmmaker living in Los Angeles and she makes movies for a living. She is making a documentary called Pioneers in Skirts.  It has been her passion project and full-time project for the last few years. Outside of this project, you can find Ashley […]

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9 Time Saving LinkedIn Sales Navigator Features

Hello you! I think you will agree with me that it is difficult to see the value of investing in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator package. The problem is many businesses and entrepreneurs struggle with generating leads from the free version of LinkedIn.   It took me months of usage and training directly from the LinkedIn employees […]

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Which LinkedIn Connection Request Should I Accept?

Hello you!  I think you will agree with me that it is difficult to know for sure which LinkedIn connection request to accept especially if it is from someone that you never met. The problem is many businesses and entrepreneurs struggle with using the LinkedIn platform.  In fact, it is difficult to see real business value […]

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17 Best Careers for Introverts on LinkedIn

Hello you!  Ever wondered what the best careers for introverts should be?  Is there such a thing?  Did you know that introverts have the potential to earn 6 figures a year? Before I go into this we first need to acknowledge that there are two personality types in the world (generally speaking) the first is […]

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7 Secrets of LinkedIn InMail To Attract Clients

Hello You! Are you struggling to get the most out of LinkedIn InMail?  Well, struggle no more because I have great news for you. Before I dive in I wanted to ensure that you understand what I am talking about.  What is LinkedIn InMail?  Well, it is a paid service from LinkedIn to help you […]

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LinkedIn vs Facebook – Finding Client$ Made Easy

Hello you! As promised this post will be looking at LinkedIn vs Facebook.  It is a very popular query for freelancers, speakers, consultants and coaches alike. One of the reasons it is so popular is that people use these two platforms to find clients or customers.  Depending on your niche one platform would be more […]

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Pinterest vs Facebook – 11 Things You Need To Know

Hey you!  I think you will agree with me that the Pinterest vs Facebook struggle is real.  It is difficult to decide which social media platform is best suited for your business The problem is you know that social media is good for your business and it is nearly impossible as a small business to […]

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11 Blog Post Ideas To Skyrocket Your Traffic + Income

Hello you! Having sufficient blog post ideas is the key to keeping your editorial calendar full 52 weeks of the year. Life can be busy so finding content to market every single week can be a struggle. Ever wished that you can generate content ideas for 52 weeks of the year in the shortest possible […]

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9 Secret Pinterest SEO Tips The BIG Reveal

Hello You! Would you like a handful of Pinterest SEO tips to get better results on your Pinterest business account?  If you are a regular visitor to my blog you know I love talking about Pinterest. Why? Because Pinterest is a great platform for bloggers and businesses alike to grow your blog traffic.  It should not […]

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