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About Me


I'm Alvern, an Online Business Manager for creative entrepreneurs

Launching your course or program is hard.  Let’s face it no one said that launching is simple or easy.  However, you know that launching is essential for liquid cash injections 3 or 4 times a year.  So, how can you achieve this without suffering from burnout?

If you’re a business owner with a proven or verified course or program and you’ve already completed 2-3 beta rounds then it’s probably time to consider bringing a launch project manager onboard.

Launch managers will help you by supporting your launch over an 8-12 week period and here’s a list of their deliverables.

1. Map out a launch management plan

2. Manage your launch team

3. Ensure you have all the essential elements for a successful launch

4. Conduct weekly team meetings

5. Set expectations in terms of realistic revenue goals

6. Track your metrics

7. Advise on best practices to get the best results

When I built my first website over 10 years ago I was in your shoes I wondered where to get the traffic, how to generate the leads, how to build my email list, the best tools for building landing pages, how to create a course, what is the best course launch formula, what are the best funnels and how to generate webinar sign-ups.

The solutions to these challenges are second-nature for me so I will be happy to help you accomplish your goals and objectives no matter how difficult.

To simplify marketing for creative female entrepreneurs using modern digital marketing techniques and heartfelt storytelling so that they can spend less time in their business and more time doing what they love.

You know you need to share your content on social media to attract more readers, grow your email list, and convert your followers into customers and clients.

Executing a launch for your business is not your zone of genius and you just wish that you can just hand it over to the experts so that you can focus on working on your business compared to in your business

In fact, launching gives you liquid cash injections but managing the launch itself is not part of your income-generating activities but it does help for you to show up for your audience 3-4 times a year.

My Core Values



I will find the most efficient way to execute your launch campaigns to bring you the best return on your investment in the least amount of time



I will use the latest launch techniques to get you the best quality metrics. I will also strive to stay ahead of your competition by implementing modern principles in your campaigns


Best of Breed

Using the best in class techniques to help you get results that will last a lifetime. I am not one for short-term quick fixes that will damage your reputation or brand



Time is the most precious resource ever known to man.  I value your time as much as I do mine.  This means that I am super focused on getting your projects completed compared to talking about it

What I Believe

Everyone on earth is here to complete their purpose.  I would love to help 1,000 creative female entrepreneurs do just that via online marketing activities.

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My Brand Promise
To implement a digital marketing strategy that will help you make better use of your time and resources in marketing and create sufficient support allowing you to step away from the everyday of marketing so that you can get back to your zone of genius. I'm here to help you make an impact and do what you love while fulfilling your passion and purpose.

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