203 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas That Actually Drive Traffic ⭐️


    Are you in need of some lifestyle blog post ideas? When I first started blogging I found it very difficult to come up with blog post ideas about the 6th week into my project.

    If you are like me you may have experienced this before and you suddenly realised that you have nothing to say 24 hours before the post is due.

    Depending on your niche you may experience this challenge every few weeks, every couple of months or at least once a year.

    What do you do when you find yourself face to face with the possibility of failure? How would your readers feel?

    Can you do anything to overcome the challenge and to prevent it from ever happening again?  Okay, it is not as bad as a broken bone but it can certainly cause panic attacks.

    After all, you have committed to this blogging gig but now you have no idea what to write that will add value to the lives of your reader.

    Many bloggers struggle with this dilemma.  What’s worse than not having anything to write is not writing on a topic of interest that will drive traffic.

    In this post, I have created a list of 200+ lifestyle blog post ideas. This is very beneficial for bloggers in the lifestyle niche.

    What Is A Lifestyle Blog

    A lifestyle blog is just a blog that incorporates lifestyle articles.  In other words, blog posts about life in general.

    I have reason to believe that bloggers in the lifestyle niche have an easier task compared to bloggers in other niches.

    This is because in the lifestyle niche you can write about almost anything that comes to mind.  In fact, there is very little that is excluded from the lifestyle niche.

    It is, therefore, easier to come up with a list of lifestyle blog post ideas that can fill up your content calendar for a whole year. 

    The other top 9 niches that exist include:

    1. Marketing
    2. Mommy/Parenting
    3. Travel
    4. Personal Finance
    5. Food
    6. Beauty
    7. Fashion
    8. Health
    9. DIY

    As you can see from the list above a lifestyle blogger can write about things in these other 9 niches quite easily.

    The difference is that lifestyle bloggers will normally not go into great depth or spend as much time on these other topics.

    photo by Matthew Henry

    Lifestyle Articles

    To help you overcome your panic attack or challenge about what to write next I have taken some time to come up with a list of ideas.

    This list of over 200 lifestyle blog ideas will help you to look like a professional blogger in no time.

    Yes, it will involve you doing some research in some instances but at least the hardest part of what to write next is there for you to use.

    Here is that list of lifestyle blog ideas.

    1. How to manage work-life balance
    2. The best blogging advice you ever received
    3. The worst advice you received as a teenager
    4. What to buy for a boy that has everything
    5. What to buy for a girl that has everything
    6. Great housewarming gift ideas
    7. Cute gift ideas for a baby shower
    8. The best mobile apps for bloggers
    9. The most efficient apps for entrepreneurs
    10. The best tropical vacation spots for a location-independent family
    11. The top 5 destinations with 1st class wifi for bloggers
    12. Your 10 worst blogging mistakes
    13. 5 quick Pinterest marketing tips
    14. How Tailwind changed your blog for good
    15. 10 work from home jobs generating over $2,000 a month
    16. 5 quick healthy snacks for the work from home mom
    17. How to ace meal planning in 10 steps
    18. 10 must have tools that bloggers cannot live without
    19. 5 reasons to start a blog today
    20. 7 Ski resorts that are family friendly for the busy blogger

    21. 5 must have podcasting tools for the savvy podcaster
    22. 10 DIY gifts that say I love you to that special someone
    23. Your 20 minute make up routine that gives stunning results
    24. 7 DIY ideas to have the perfect summer for kids
    25. 5 reasons why you should not start a blog
    26. 10 ways to fall in love with blogging and still make money
    27. 11 tools you need to write, publish and market your first book
    28. How to avoid writer’s block every single time
    29. The secret to writing 1,000 words every day as a blogger
    30. How to take gorgeous DIY photos for your blog
    31. How to create a content plan for 365 days in one hour
    32. The secret to saving $500 every month on a single income
    33. 11 DIY secrets to making your home look stunning every single time
    34. Secrets to becoming a digital nomad in 12 months or less
    35. How to have a fabulous holiday on an ultra-low budget
    36. 7 secrets to packing super light for a 2-week holiday
    37. The 5 books that saved you 10 hours every week
    38. How to feed a family of 7 on less than 7 dollars a day
    39. How one family paid off $100,000 in debt in 12 months
    40. Your 5 favourite blogs in a niche and why
    41. The 5 gadgets that savvy bloggers use to generate 6-figure incomes
    42. The number one secret of Tailwind that nobody is telling you
    43. 5 places to get grants as a startup
    44. Mason jar projects that create adorable gifts
    45. The 5 fastest growing niches in blogging
    46. How to help your teenager to read more books on success
    47. 10 x 3 ingredient recipes that you can make this week
    48. How to comfortably live in a van as a nomad
    49. How to successfully travel around the world in 12 months on a low budget
    50. 7 amazing DIY home remedies to recover from common ailments

    photo by Christian Mackie

    Next 51 – 100

    51. How to use essential oils to improve your self-care routine
    52. 7 secrets about candles that no one is telling you
    53. The best DIY home office tricks to increase efficiency
    54. How to optimise the time you have to increase results
    55. The good, bad and ugly of time management that you need to know
    56. Your favourite tools for blogging
    57. Your favourite tools for social media management
    58. The single trick that you use to increase your blog growth
    59. 10 things on your blogging bucket list and why
    60. 10 places you need to go in the next 3 years and why
    61. The best family vacation in your state, county or country
    62. All about your trip to the North Pole
    63. 7 reasons why everyone needs to visit Alaska
    64. Your experience zip lining
    65. Your trip to the middle east
    66. The best way to travel on the Transylvanian railway
    67. 10 best places to visit in India
    68. What you pack in your gym bag and why
    69. The top essentials items in your handbag for successful day
    70. 10 things that you cannot live without
    71. 7 ways to become a minimalist
    72. 10 benefits of frugal living for families
    73. Everything you need to know about building an underground bunker
    74. 7 reasons you should consider living off the grid
    75. How to successfully live off the grid in a country
    76. 7 ways to declutter your entire home in 21 days or less
    77. 11 must-have items to help you declutter your kitchen/bedroom
    78. How to develop a routine to help you save time with meal planning
    77. 10 things you need to pack in your hospital bag
    78. 7 things you learned after having your first baby
    79. How to use lighting in your home to improve well being
    80. How to use mirrors in your home to make it look more spacious
    81. The one thing that everyone needs to use to improve storage in small spaces
    82. What to do to help you improve your morning routine
    83. 3 exercises that 6-figure bloggers use to remain healthy
    84. The good, bad and ugly about the Keto diet
    85. The good, bad and ugly about the Paleo diet
    86. How to easily transition over to a Keto diet
    87. How to easily transition over to a Paleo diet
    88. The truth about lifestyle blogging that every new blogger needs to know
    89. The best, healthy breakfast that is simple to prepare that your children will love
    90. The one thing you need to check before purchasing your next foundation
    91. Top 10 DIY party ideas
    92. Why SEO is important for bloggers
    93. How to make delicious vegan sushi from scratch every time
    94. The 5 appliances that will save hours off your cooking time
    95. How to successfully enable Pinterest rich pins on a WordPress blog
    96. The top 10 motivational videos of all time
    97. Why you need a planner as a blogger and how to choose one
    98. How to get your kids excited about household chores
    99. How to create a capsule wardrobe for you and your entire family
    100. The best website for finding cheap accommodation in Europe

    photo by Math at 55mm

    Next 101-150

    101. The best websites for finding cheap flights to Southeast Asia
    102. The 3 secret and natural ingredients that enhance the flavour of your dishes
    103. How to get your child to eat everything in their lunchbox every day
    104. 5 things that are being done the wrong way generation after generation
    105. The best travel advice for digital nomads
    106. Awesome packing essentials for backpackers
    107. Not ready for cloth diapers? Use this instead.
    108. The best things to pack to stay under 50lbs in weight
    109. How to live on $20 a week as a single person
    110. 11 energy saving tips to keep electricity under budget
    111. 7 ways to keep your lips moisturised for 8 hours
    112. 5 secrets to looking good for fashion shoots every time
    113. Review a blogging course you did
    114. Do a review of a Pinterest course
    115. 7 tips for getting the most out of DIY food photography
    116. How to collaborate with other bloggers in your niche
    117. Your results from collaborating with other bloggers
    118. 7 Chrome extensions to improve blogging success
    119. The best resources for lifestyle bloggers
    120. 5 SEO tools that are essential to blogging success
    121. How to make $100 a day as a lifestyle blogger
    122. The best skincare routine for women in their 40s, 50s and 60s
    123. The best skincare routine for teenagers
    124. The best careers for extreme introverts
    125. Awesome crockpot meals for busy bloggers
    126. How to use a curling wand to get the show-stopping hair
    127. Best outfits for first dates
    128. The truth about deodorant with aluminium
    129. The best natural deodorant for the body conscious
    130. The ultimate storage device that can be used in every room
    131. How to get the DIY antique look for under $100
    132. The truth about bottled water that everyone needs to know
    133. How to get ultimate flat lay photos that make you stand out
    134. 7 best places to get free stock photos for any niche
    135. The ultimate, gorgeous stock photo membership that’s worth every penny
    136. What to do about your child that is still scared of the dark
    137. How to get your teenager to read ‘boring’ books
    138. How to save on the cost of storing your photos for the long-term
    139. The best mindset for bloggers
    140. How to get more done in less time when it comes to marketing
    141. Save hours of work as a blogger using this one thing
    142. How to create your own online course
    143. 10 tips to launch your course successfully
    144. 5 places to have an amazing weekend away
    145. Talk about who you would switch places for a day and why
    146. The best vegetables to use in your food and why
    147. 10 places you need to add to your bucket list and why
    148. 10 things to do before you die
    149. 10 least visited places in the world
    150. How to save energy even on snowy days in the mountains

    blog post ideas for beginners
    photo by Shotstash

    151-203 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

    151. 7 things to do to get the most out of Summer
    152. 11 ideas for 4th of July celebrations
    153. How to prepare your home and family for an emergency
    154. Leave your 9 to 5 in less than a year doing this
    155. Create stunning images for your marketing using these tools
    156. How to start your DIY shop using Etsy or Shopify
    157. How to start your own online boutique
    158. How to be more productive as a stay at home mom
    159. 5 life hacks for bloggers
    160. life hacks for women
    161. life hacks for men
    162. Best movies for couples
    163. Best movies for teens
    164. Best movies for kids
    165. Make a glossary of popular terms for your audience
    166. Why Mac is better than PC for bloggers
    167. 7 tips for a more comfortable home office
    168. How to become a brand influencer
    169. 11 awesome ideas to prolong the life of old photos
    170. How to save $2,000 on your wedding
    171. 7 best places to have a low budget wedding
    172. 3 advantages to choosing elopement
    173. How to cater to picky wedding guests
    174. How to get kids off their devices and into the garden frequently
    175. 11 best lamps to make your house a beautiful home
    176. The best healthy great tasting alternative to juice
    177. How to help your young adults to settle into college
    178. Easily get your kids to make money for their college fund using this
    179. Make a list of cheaper alternatives to expensive brands
    180. Set up a home office for under $500
    181. 5 ways to generate traffic to your blog
    182. Best Instagram hashtags
    183. Top Facebook groups for lifestyle bloggers
    184. List your goals for your blogging journey
    185. 10 cheapest places to live in the world for solopreneurs
    186. The best cities for work-life balance as a blogger
    187. Top 10 gadgets that every family needs for country living
    188. Top 5 gadgets that every blogger needs to travel to Asia
    189. The safest place in the world for a family holiday
    190. The cheapest place in the world to live a digital nomad family
    191. The best places to find the cutest outfits for kids
    192. Awesome outfits for Mompreneurs at ridiculously low prices
    193. 10 reasons to travel around Europe
    194. 7 reasons why every family should visit Iceland
    195. The cutest lunchboxes for kids
    196. How to streamline your blogging tasks for success
    197. 7 things you need to stop doing for your blog to grow
    198. How to get more eyeballs on your post after clicking publish
    199. The best phone cases for intense outdoor activity
    200. Ultimate daily blog checklist
    201. Why your blog needs an email list
    202. How to create a landing page
    203. How to start selling ebooks on your blog

    photo by Michelle Krozser

    What To Do With These Lifestyle Blog Ideas

    As you can see many of these lifestyle blog ideas are quite practical as you may not need to do any research.

    Others will require you to find 3-5 sources of information, read them and write a summary of what you have learned to share with others.

    It is important that you don’t just write for the sake of writing but that you spend some time thinking about the reader.

    With every blog post, it is important to add value to the lives of your reader.  Enabling them to improve on areas of their life.

    Spend some time looking at what others have written on the same or similar topic.  Then ask yourself how you can do it better.

    Many times you can do a challenge at home for yourself and report on your findings.  An example of this is saving time or money.

    Give the reader a reason to share your post with others.  It is also important for you to market your post effectively so that you can reach a wider audience.

    Need more lifestyle blog post ideas?  Grab an additional 3,803 ideas for your blog right here by clicking on the link below.

    3,803 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas That Drive Traffic


    You should not need to experience writer’s block again as a lifestyle blogger now that you have this resource.

    Spend some time thinking of what you already know and write about those first.  You can then venture into the lesser known topics when you have more time.

    The beauty of these ideas is that you can easily double this list to 400 ideas by adding your own slant or twist on things.

    Try as much as possible to write an evergreen post.  In other words, one that will not become dated in a short amount of time.

    Feel free to come back every time you feel stuck again so that you can get inspiration.  Over to you what challenges do you experience when it comes to blogging?

    Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas - 800x1500


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    Ever found yourself stuck for the next lifestyle blog post idea?  Ever wished that you had an abundance of lifestyle articles that you can use to populate your blog for the next 365 days?  Well, I have great news for you. Here are over 200 lifestyle blog post ideas that are exciting, practical and intriguing that you can use to not only write your next blog post but drive amazing traffic to your blog.  Grab your first batch to get started. #lifestyleblog #bloggingideas #bloggingtips


    1. Thanks so much for sharing, like most bloggers I struggle to get traffic to my site and without traffic, my blog mean nothing much so I will follow your tips and see what I can improve.

    2. That’s so true that lifestyle blogs have lots of traffic! Mine is about passion, so I find it difficult to attract so many people even if some of the articles/interviews are good! Need to check out some of these blog post ideas! 🙂

    3. Wow! I’ve never seen such a large list! What great blog post ideas! I would love to get more traffic so I think I’d love to try a few of these blog posts out! Thanks so much!

    4. What an amazing comprehensive posts on lifestyle blogs! I definitely run a lifestyle blog and mine is more on personal style, travel, beauty, home, and digital technology. I’ve been on my blog for about 7 years now. I love the list you have compiled. It’s wonderful!

      • Cara, happy 7 year anniversary of your blogging journey. So glad that you loved the list of lifestyle blog post ideas.

    5. There are so many great post ideas here. So many times you can find yourself in a writing rut – so this is super helpful!

    6. Im a food blogger and I never run short of recipes. On the contrary, I want 48-hr days to cook more and share more recipes. And my blog is already 8 years old. I guess food is different. Thank you for your great ideas, though. Pinned!

    7. I have driven traffic to my website without doing these tips for the last few years. I did try some of these but the results for me was not positive but I do love the way it went I first tried them although I can no longer use them.

    8. Wow! You are amazing for including all of these blog post ideas. I try to do DIY projects but I didn’t realize with lifestyle you can focus on everything on your blog including DIY.

      • Kay, yes lifestyle blogs are really general blogs focusing on people’s lifestyle so you can basically write about anything.

    9. As a lifestyle blogger who’s just starting out, this list is incredibly resourceful! I will definitely be bookmarking this for future reference!! Sometimes I hit a wall & never quite know what to write about next. Now I can just refer to this list to get some ideas!


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