The Only Thing that Immediately Increased my Blog Traffic

If your website traffic is abysmal and your SEO efforts are slow you may want to consider an advanced Pinterest course.

At least 85% of bloggers make less than $35,000 a year consistently and the main reason for this is insufficient website traffic or no tribe.

Let me know if you’re experiencing this pain.

You have been blogging for more than 2-3 years and using Pinterest for more than 1 year.

As time marches on, you wonder if you have chosen the correct blog niche because things are going at a snail’s pace.

One big goal of yours was to qualify for Mediavine in 12 months but this doesn’t seem like it will happen anytime soon.

You’ve taken several blogging courses along the way but none seem to be the silver bullet that will crack the blog traffic code.

It would be great if you can master Pinterest to get a bigger source of traffic while you wait for SEO to kick in.

In this post, you will learn about a number of advanced Pinterest courses that are available and which one would suit your needs best.

Disclosure: Please note that this post may contain affiliate links which means that if you buy one of my recommended products I get paid a commission for sharing the link at no additional cost to you.  I only recommend products that I have tried myself and have experienced success.

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What Makes an Advanced Pinterest Course Different?

In order to understand the value of an advanced Pinterest course we first need to see what is covered in a basic course.

Here are the main features you can expect to see in a basic Pinterest course.

  1. Creating or converting to a Pinterest business account
  2. Setting up rich pins
  3. Claiming your domain
  4. Pinterest boards best practice
  5. Profile optimisation
  6. Overall Pinterest SEO
  7. The perfect Pinterest pin
  8. Best images to use
  9. Doing keywords right

What many bloggers don’t realise is the fact that a lot of strategies exists behind a Pinterest business account.

Just creating a post and pinning a pretty pin will not bring overnight success because a lot more occurs behind the scenes.

Now that you have a fair idea of what is covered in a basic Pinterest course let’s take a look at advanced strategies.

Key Features of an Advanced Pinterest Course

At this point, you are probably thinking that there could not be a whole lot more covered in the advanced course.

Well, the truth is that it really depends on your overall business goals. You see many different kinds of conversions exist.

Someone with an eCommerce site requires a different action from a person with a standard blog.

Here is a list of module tutorials that you can expect from an advanced Pinterest course.

  1. Landing pages
  2. Email marketing
  3. Freebies + Funnels
  4. Google + Pinterest SEO
  5. Blog monetisation
  6. Tailwind strategy
  7. Manual vs automated pinning
  8. Seasonal vs evergreen content
  9. Granular anatomy of a Pinterest pin
  10. Promoted pins
  11. Advanced keyword research

As you can see, the advanced Pinterest course is very focused on what happens after a prospect leaves the platform.

In other words, Pinterest shows your pins more if you have a favourable bounce rate.

After someone clicks on your pin do they consume your content or do they quickly hit the back button?

Why Look at Google SEO in a Pinterest Course?

If you are wondering why a Pinterest course is even thinking of covering aspects of Google SEO let me explain.

Have you ever noticed results from Pinterest when you search for something using Google?

Let me show you a real-life example so you will know that I am not just making this up.

I did a search for ‘pretty nursery curtains’ and here are the results below.

pretty nursery curtains - 1

Have you ever noticed that before? Are you wondering what you need to do to get your Pinterest pin to show up in the results?

When I click on that result in Google here is what I get.

nursery curtain profile from Pinterest

It leads to a Pinterest board owned by Rebecca McKown. The title of the board is Nursery curtains.

Why Look at Your Tailwind Strategy?

If you are currently using Tailwind to help you automate your Pinterest pinning then this might interest you.

Have you ever wondered if you are using Tailwind Tribes optimally?

How do you know if the Tribes you are on are the best for your pinning strategy?

Did you ever use the Board Insights report on Tailwind to determine which group boards are performing the best for you each quarter?

What about the Tribes insights report, have you ever used it to improve your pinning strategy?

You probably never thought about these questions before but the good news is that you can find these answer from an Advanced Pinterest course.

I am only telling you all of this not to scare you but to make you aware of the depth of Pinterest as a platform.

Here is a quick look at my Tailwind Tribes Insights can you tell which ones are giving me a great return on my investment?

Tailwind Tribes Insights

After taking an advanced course you will be better able to tell which tribes to keep using for your current strategy.

Why Look at Funnels and Freebies?

Earlier I mentioned that Pinterest is very concerned about their user’s experience after they click on a pin.

Just like Google’s user intent and user experience Pinterest cares that their users get a great experience so that they keep using Pinterest.

A good way that your website or blog can help in this area is to offer unrivalled value.

This can be achieved if you have the following features on your website or blog.

  1. Over-deliver on your solution, offer a freebie in the form of a cheat sheet or checklist
  2. Ensure that your page or post is easy to navigate
  3. Slow websites are painful for mobile users
  4. Give them the opportunity to solve a related problem, give them a high-value, low-cost offer
  5. Make the post so valuable that they can’t help but share it with their friends

Yes, it may seem like a lot to ask from a simple blog post.

Getting 1,000s of page views is great but if people are not reading, engaging or enjoying your content then the whole exercise is pointless.

The Best Advanced Pinterest Course for You

There seem to be several advanced Pinterest courses on the market with some of them as high as $700.00 and even $99.00 a month.

You may be wondering what is covered in each of these courses compared to what you need for your blog’s success.

Let’s spend some time looking at each of these courses in more detail to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Here is a list of 6 advanced Pinterest courses

  1. Pin Practical Masterclass
  2. Pin Depth Advanced
  3. Adventures in SEO
  4. Blog Simple Framework (Dare to Conquer)
  5. Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets
  6. Pin Practical Promotions

A few other popular courses have been excluded from the list because I had an unpleasant experience with them.

woman using her phone while sitting in front of her laptop

1. Pin Practical Masterclass

This is a course done by Monica Froese who has a Master’s degree in business.

During her corporate career, she ran multi-million dollar marketing campaigns for clients like Microsoft and HP.

One thing Monica knows is the in’s and out’s of marketing and how to get a good return on your investment.

Her course covers a lot of detail like Tailwind strategy, the anatomy of a Pinterest pin, creating fabulous images, funnels and freebies.

Her speciality is teaching you how to get more email subscribers from Pinterest.

I learned a lot from taking her course and implementing everything she teaches. Enrol in her course here.

2. Pin Depth Advanced

This is a course by Kayla Butler from Ivory Mix. She is a graduate of business and interior design.

She also has 14 years experience in the area of design and seeing that Pinterest is a visual platform her ability to teach you will be invaluable.

What is unique about Kayla’s package is that you get several courses plus over 4,500 images for less than $150 a year.

Her courses include Pinterest marketing, Instagram marketing, phone photography, branding and a whole lot more.

I joined her membership and I have no regrets at all as she teaches you the latest as well as gives you 100s of fresh stock images every month.

Since enrolling in her course and using her images I can already see an increase in Pinterest performance when compared to the previous period.

Results since Ivory Mix

You also get social media captions and social media templates so join the membership here.

3. Adventures in SEO (AIS)

This is a course delivered by Lena Gott and she was a qualified CPA before becoming a blogger.

Her passion for financial literacy can be seen in her ability to analyse Pinterest and Google analytics in unbelievable detail.

Just one look at the pin images she creates and you know that she is on to something special.

I really liked her keyword research content as well as her module on click-worthy pins. She also runs Mediavine challenges every year for members.

Since taking her course my focused blog post has increase blog traffic by 946.41%. That is 10 times compared to the previous year.

Results since taking AIS

She even has a free trial version of AIS which you can access here.

4. Blog Simple Framework

This course is delivered by Paul Scrivens and I have not found a simple way to describe him or his teaching style.

If you are looking for a no-nonsense approach to a business mentor where you can get access to him regularly then Paul is your guy.

Personally, I am more a visual person when it comes to online education but the majority of Paul’s course are text with a few videos sprinkled into the mix.

His Pinterest keyword modules are just worth the price of the course as he has done a lot of research on analysis on the Pinterest platform.

He also teaches Pinterest and SEO as well as building your tribe and brand. A number of other exciting courses are on the way in his masterclass group.

5. Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets

Anastasia Gutnikova is the tutor on this Pinterest course. She is a lovely person who is keen to deliver results for your blog.

Her knowledge and understanding of Pinterest just blew me away because she takes the Pinterest game to a whole new level.

What I like about Anastasia is the fact that she is constantly updating the course just as fast as Pinterest changes their Algorithm.

In the image below you will notice that she covers video pins as well as eCommerce pins which is not covered in other Pinterest courses.

Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets - course curriculum

6. Pin Practical Promotions

This is another course by Monica Froese but this time the course very focused on Pinterest ads.

If you are wondering why you would pay for advertising on Pinterest then let me explain.

Let’s say that you are running a time-dependent campaign like a course launch or an event and you need traffic now as opposed to later.

Then you would want to consider using Pinterest ads to get eyeballs on your pins right now.

Pinterest Ads is a great way to build an email list or test your sales funnels fast. Her course is available here.

a laptop next to a pink candle


Well, with so many options available to upgrade your Pinterest game all that is left for you to do is to choose an advanced Pinterest course.

Ensure that the one you choose matches your business needs.

At this point, you are probably wondering how you know which one of them matches you exactly.

A big hint is for you to look at the niches that these course creators are blogging in.

Are they similar to yours? If yes, then chances are that their course is a good fit for you.

Also, consider your learning style and the kind of support that you need to become successful.

You can get great access to Lena via her Facebook group and Paul via email and Slack in their courses.

If you are not happy with your results on Pinterest it is important to do annual reviews in the form of a social media audit.

Over to you, what has been your experience with courses focused on Pinterest?

Is there any advanced Pinterest course that you can attribute to your success?


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38 thoughts on “The Only Thing that Immediately Increased my Blog Traffic”

  1. I have tried NUMEROUS times to set up rich pins and have been unable to. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong but it’s so sad. I would love to gain more traffic from Pinterest.

    • Krysten, that is very interesting and disappointing all at the same time. Let me see what I can do for you.

  2. Right now I am still figuring out the basics of Pinterest. But later on, I will be looking to get more in-depth knowledge. I will be referring to your list then. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I have been using Pinterest and Tailwind for some time now. I have actually been looking for an advanced Pinterest course for the past 48 hours. Funny thing is only one of them is mentioned in your list (Ivory Mix). I just about signed up for one last night for $200 because it had so many “rave reviews” but something wasn’t sitting well with me. I later dug deeper and found out that the rave reviews were affiliate links that had something to gain from it. When I found the few real reviews, it was a very basic lackluster course that I would not have learned anything that I’m not already doing.
    Hopefully I will have something up and running by the end of the week. Thanks for helping out!

    • Marie,

      It is very interesting to hear about the reviews that you read about that specific course and I am very glad that I was able to help out.

  4. I’m fairly new to blogging so I’m just starting to scratch the surface of Pinterest. Now I know I’m going to need an advanced course sometime in the future. Thanks for the tips!

  5. I think a lot of bloggers fail to consider the value that they will receive from some of these high-quality courses. Instead, they scramble to try free course after free course, trying so hard to keep their costs low but never really getting the information that they need to break free from their current plateau. There are a couple on this list that I haven’t heard of before, so I’ll have to check them out! Thank you!

    • Britt, you ‘hit the nail on the head’. Free courses can only cover the basics which can only cause your blog to just remain on a plateau for a long time. I was listening to a coach recently who encourages all female entrepreneurs to make a serious investment in their blog and business to really start experiencing worthy results.

  6. This is something I definitely am navigating my way through and trying to figure out. Thanks for sharing this info.

  7. i have grown my pinterest from 10k to 68k monthly viewers. But I still dont have sufficient traffic. I put up at least 4 new pins daily. Maybe in some time, the engagement rate would increase.

    • Shruti, the engagement rate will depend a lot on your pin images. I am not sure how long you have been using Pinterest but do bear in mind that it can take 4 months for your pins to really take off on the Pinterest platform. Have a look at these Pinterest SEO tips to help you get your head around how Pinterest works.

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