9 Places to Find Hot Niche Markets That Gives You Expert Status

You just clicked the publish button on your new post…

However, now you feel anxious again because you need to research hot niche markets to write about in a matter of days.

Your brain is racing faster than a 2-year-old can go from cutie pie to temper tantrums with screaming in the supermarket aisle.

I received a bid of $1,200.00, to streamline the chaos called social media from software engineers who said that they can do it.

What do you think happened?

As bloggers and entrepreneurs, our dream is to solve problems for millions of people.

Finding solutions to challenges is our purpose so why hasn’t anyone developed a system to get this done faster?

In this post, you will learn 9 secrets to unlock access to those hot niche ideas that you need every single month.

woman seating on coach flipping a notebook on her lap

Niche Blog vs General Blogging

Depending on your current situation you may have either a blog that is focused on a specific niche or a general lifestyle blog.

While both blogging types are good they differ in terms of the long term intent.

A general lifestyle blog will have a few different ways to monetise the blog compared to a niche blog.

Lifestyle blogs are not very narrowly focused and cater to a variety of interests like food, beauty, travel, home decor and crafts.

This means that the potential to grow a focused list of followers or a tribe on a specific topic can be difficult.

A good example of this is offering freebies or printables to cater to a wide interest range.

Even launching a course with an audience of a niche blog would have a better chance of success compared to a lifestyle blog.

What is a Hot Niche Market

In a recent post, I went through the process about how to pick a blog niche in 2 days.

I don’t want to confuse you as my reader.

So I thought it would be best to clarify the difference between finding hot niche markets compared to picking a standard blog niche.

When someone is thinking of starting a blog it would make sense for them to pick a niche based on their skills, talents, education and other important factors.

After establishing that foundation as a blogger, looking out for hot ideas in your niche is always important.

These hot niche ideas can be compared to adding the jam on a layered cake or even the frosting.

The cake is your overall blog niche focus.

While the jam, frosting, sprinkles and icing are the topics that make your blog different from similar blogs in your niche.

In fact, the stuff that your granny used to decorate cakes 50-100 years ago is very outdated. Unless you are going for a retro cake.

Hot niche ideas will help you to connect more easily to potential readers and followers in the current economy.

Most Searched Blog Topics - img

Get the Most Searched Blog Topics List, even if you...

Finding Hot Niche Markets [an Easy Step by Step Guide]

Let’s spend some time looking at ways to find and verify hot niche markets using cool and available platforms.

One thing that I have learned over the years is to go and hang out where people are already engaging to conduct market research.

Here are 9 places where people are already hanging out.

  1. World’s biggest eCommerce search engine
  2. Planners favourite hideout
  3. Gen X and Boomers Platform
  4. Do People Still Use This
  5. If It’s Happening You’ll See It
  6. Visualgrams Anyone
  7. Everyone and their cat has one
  8. Do You Have a Question
  9. Anything Goes Platform

As you can already see none of the places on this list is surprisingly new or secretive in any way.

1. World’s Biggest eCommerce Search Engine

Nearly everyone and their dog are aware of the benefits of shopping on Amazon.

What many people don’t know is that Amazon can be a treasure trove for finding hot niche markets.

Simply head over to the movers and shakers list here to see what is becoming popular.

Let’s specifically look at what’s happening in the beauty niche.

Movers and Shakers in Beauty niche from Amazon best selling

In the first 8 results, you see two different items that seem to be gaining popularity, electric toothbrushes and jelly lipsticks.

Movers and Shakers in Beauty niche from Amazon best selling

In the next 8 results, toothpaste seems to be more popular than all the other items.

Let’s get further verification using Google Trends. This step will help you to make an informed decision.

Jelly lipstick analytics over 5 years

After a little bit of risk assessment, you can see that jelly lipstick is not trending upwards.

Electric toothbrush analytics over 5 years

However, the excitement for electric toothbrushes seems to be gaining momentum.

Here is a side by side comparison between the jelly lipstick and the electric toothbrush.

electric toothbrush vs jelly lipstick analytics

If you are in the beauty niche then it would make sense for you to understand why interest in electric toothbrushes has increased over time.

Most Searched Blog Topics - img

Get the Most Searched Blog Topics List, even if you...

2. Planners Favourite Hideout

Up next we have Pinterest as a platform where we can find out what is on the top of mind for planners.

Head over to the home feed here and just click on the search bar.

You will see something that looks like this image below.

screenshot of popular on Pinterest on March 2020

Notice the two related topics which are budgeting finances and money-saving tips.

These are pretty standard so let’s look at two other topics. Instagram story ideas and Timothee Chalamet.

Instagram story ideas over 5 years analytics

Over the last 5 years, Instagram story ideas have been trending and it seems to be heading for a spike over the last 6 months.

I never heard of Timothee Chalamet but let’s take a look anyway.

Timothee chalamet over 5 years analytics

Okay, I have to admit that I was not expecting to see this kind of results on the Google trends for this name.

Instagram story ideas vs Timothee chalamet analytics

I decided to compare Timothee Chalamet with Instagram story ideas and the results are baffling.

If this is your niche then feel free to do more research to learn why this actor is gaining so much in popularity.

3. Gen X and Boomers Platform

Have you ever wondered how to find out what is popular or trending on Facebook?

It can seem quite daunting because there use to be a trending topics section which they removed in 2018.

So, where does that leave us? The most active areas on Facebook tend to be public and private groups.

If you head over to ‘Explore’ and then click on groups you can then see the most active groups that you can join.

The other name is the ‘Discover’ section of groups. Categories, ‘suggested for you’ or ‘popular near you’ are great ways to find groups.

Groups that have more than 100 posts a day are the best ones to join in your overall niche.

I found two groups in the food niche that had over 100 posts a day. The verification process was completed using Google Trends.

Here is what resulted.

baking for beginners vs air fryer recipes analytics

The term ‘air fryer recipes’ has been gaining in popularity over the last 5 years.

Most Searched Blog Topics - img

Get the Most Searched Blog Topics List, even if you...

4. Do People Still Use This

Another great place to find out about hot niche ideas is using forums. Real people with real challenges use forums to get help.

The popularity of forums continues to amaze me.

The technology or media used is quite outdated however people still find them useful.

Here is a forum for people who like to make loaves of bread called ‘The Fresh Loaf’.

The fresh loaf - sourdough and starters - a forum screenshot

Mr Money Mustache has over 33,000 members and the community continues to remain very active.

forum screenshot from Mr Money Mustache - DIY thread

When bloggers say that they run out of ideas I find it hard to believe since there is so much to write about.

5. If It’s Happening You’ll See It

A very easy platform to use for your research is Twitter. Of course, the main caveat is that you need to know your hashtags.

Here’s a great hack that you can use for Twitter. Sign up for a free account of Hootsuite and conduct some social listening.

As the name suggests, social listening involves a bit of eavesdropping on other peoples tweets.

Here is an example of three streams on Hootsuite that I just set up to track the phrases and hashtags associated with sourdough, Timothee Chalamet and the electric toothbrush.

Twitter posts

You can learn so much about what’s happening right now on a specific topic related to your niche thanks to social media.

6. Visualgrams Anyone

The Instagram platform is very similar to Twitter because you can search using Hashtags.

Of course, the major difference between Twitter and Instagram is the images, stories and IGTV.

The media on the Instagram platform is a lot richer compared to Twitter.

So, apart from hashtags, you need to see the feeds to appreciate what’s trending.

Clicking on the explore button on desktop or mobile shows you what’s trending on Instagram

In my experience, I find the best way to see what’s happening in your niche is to search using hashtags.

Here are the results when I searched the hashtag #sourdough.

Sourdough hashtag on Instagram

I also did a search for the hashtag #electrictoothbrush and here is what I found.

Electric Toothbrush hashtag on Instagram

Forgive me for being so naive but why is the electric toothbrush getting a lot more engagement compared to sourdough bread? Am I missing something?

Most Searched Blog Topics - img

Get the Most Searched Blog Topics List, even if you...

7. Everyone and Their Cat Has One

Seeing what is getting engagement on other people’s blogs is another great way to identify the hot niche markets.

I gave this hack a while ago in a previous post. Simply head over to Feedly and set up a feed.

It helps you to easily see what is gaining traction in terms of hot topics to write about.

Here is an example of what you can find trending across blogs by niche.

Trending in Blogs from Feedly

You can easily see what is getting the most engagement compared to what is not.

8. Do You Have a Burning Question

I have to confess that I have a love-hate relationship with Quora. Depending on your niche use it sparingly.

The last time I answered a question was 5 months ago but I still continue to get views on my profile.

Here are my stats for the last 3 months, not bad seeing that I have not touched it in a while.

A bar graph of Quora engagement over 3 months

So, what about finding what’s trending on a specific topic? Well, you can search by topic.

Check out these questions around the topic of the humble electric toothbrush.

a screenshot of Electric toothbrush questions from Quora

In case you are wondering about its value, my answer is a definite yes. However, you may want to take a break on a regular basis.

9. Anything Goes Platform

The final platform, for now, is Tumblr which I consider a little bit strange compared to all the other recommendations.

I’ll be honest and say that this platform is a little bit eclectic and difficult to get your head around.

The ‘trending’ or ‘explore’ tab is where you can see all the popular posts.

Here is what it looks like, see below.

Trending on Tumblr - March 2020

You know that a post is popular by looking at the number of notes it received.

I did a search for the electric toothbrush and the results were not all above board but I did get a lot of results.

laptop keyboard next to a pink pouch


After investing $1,200 with a software company in India we eventually had to go through online court to resolve issues.

Essentially, the software did not work and I was back to doing everything manually.

The ability to find hot niche markets is very possible if you know where to look.

I have given 9 options which are a lot to help you to find what you need to write your next pipping hot article.

Remember is to verify your results or suspicions using Google trends.

When the topic has an upward trend then that is normally a great sign. However, always use the compare tool to pick your best option.

The next time someone says to you that all the topics are taken and the market is saturated simply smile and review this article to find new hot niche ideas.

Over to you, what has been your experience finding hot niche markets?

Most Searched Blog Topics - img

Get the Most Searched Blog Topics List, even if you...


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  1. I will keep these in mind! I try to always blog about what is popular at the moment. Or I’ll just blog about my life, because I try not to get obsessive about posting what is “in” at the moment.

  2. This was such an interesting read. I’m always intrigued to know what I should think of next as a niche website, and this has been super helpful.

  3. This was a very detailed analysis but very intriguing. Haven’t really explored niche blogging but right now following my hobby. But I will definitely refer this in future.

    • Tara, that’s awesome! I hope it all works out for you. I enjoy your recipes, they are authentic and has a ‘less is more’ approach to them.

  4. I was so confused by your list at first–and then I got it, lol. That was very creative and perfectly descriptive. I take advantage of the majority of these, but haven’t used them as well as you. I am inspired!
    Also, I am sorry about your $1,200 fiasco. I hope that the online court process had a good result.

  5. This was so helpful. I am really focusing on my niche this year and trying to narrow it down a bit. I loved this article!

    • Sophia, I’m so glad you loved the article. I wish you all the best with your blogging goals this year.

  6. I got the most common niche travel and trying to offer something detailed so people can stop by and get all tips they need. I read that its better to have one or two niche than post everything. Honestly I would love to post all xD Beauty, travel , lifestyle , parenting but decided for travel where I feel most comfortable.

    • Cindy, yes getting bored is definitely something I don’t want to experience as a blogger.

  7. These are all good things to think about. I will definitely pin this post and take a look at it later to do some research on niches out there. Personally, I love what I do. Although as a parenting / lifestyle blogger I can see it could be harder to get a following. Then it’s more about who I am as a personality and not necessarily what I am writing about.

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