The Best Smarterqueue Review For Marketers

Elena needs an honest Smarterqueue review by someone who has used many other social media tools.

You see, Elena has used several social media management tools in the past.

In fact, at any given time she uses 1-3 tools to get the results that she needs for her business.

However, this year she wants to get that one social media management software that can do all the things.

She’s just tired of jumping through all the hoops every week to track her social media channels.

Let me know if you are experiencing these challenges.

  1. You would like the ability to batch 30-90 days of content in a single day
  2. Scheduling several weeks of mixed content is important for you
  3. It’s impossible to find a single scheduler that does it all
  4. One of your biggest struggles is scheduling GIFs

If only there was a social media scheduler that has the ability to handle several media types across 5-7 platforms.

In this post, you’ll learn how you can become unbelievably productive using just one social media software.

browsing photo on a phone while sitting on the driver's seat

Social Media Statistics

I don’t know about you but it seems like social media is here to stay.

Every time Facebook or Instagram goes down for a day or a short while.

I keep hoping that now the rest of us can get on with our lives.

According to the latest figures from Smart Insights, there are now 4.62 billion people using social media.

The average time spent on social media daily is 2 hours and 27 minutes.

TikTok continues to be the fastest-growing social media platform with a growth rate of 105% in 2 years.

However, Facebook and Instagram continue to be in 1st and 2nd place according to Sprout Social.

Did you know that Facebook Messenger is on track to hit 3 billion users by the end of this year?

When it comes to engagement Instagram get 6 times more engagement compared to Facebook.

Over 44% of people shop for products on Instagram every week.

Let’s not forget LinkedIn whose ad revenue recently exceeded $1 billion.

When compared to LinkedIn, Twitter’s ad revenue rose to $1.284 billion in Q3 last year.

Despite the shopping success on Instagram, shoppers on Pinterest have 85% larger shopping carts compared to any other platform.

Retargeting ads are what most marketers use in their Facebook and Instagram strategies.

With all these exciting social media statistics let’s look at how you too can gain eyeballs on your content.

Smarterqueue Review

I recently found out about Smarterqueue so I decided to take it for a spin to see if it’s any good.

For this free trial, I connected 5 social profiles. It would help if you have an existing social media presence.

Founded in 2016 by Claude Schneider, Smarterqueue can easily be considered as one of the newer kids on the block.

Their website receives close to 500,000 visits every month and their rating on G2 is 4.6 out of 5.

So, there must be something good that the team at Smarterqueue are doing right.

In case you are still wondering, Smarterqueue is a social media management tool that caters to many social media profiles.

Let’s look at the features and pricing in more detail.

Smarterqueue Pricing

There are 4 different pricing plans available.

These include Solo, Business, Agency and Custom.

Smarterqueue Pricing plan

You’ll notice that the first feature that’s unique about Smarterqueue when it comes to pricing is that you can customise your own plan.

This is such a huge selling point because you can design the plan to match your business.

Other paid schedulers force you to fit into their plans.

In some circumstances, you have to pay double the price just for one extra social media account with other software.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a free plan available to use.

Content Curation

Have you ever wanted the ability to share amazing content from other people on social media?

Well, now you can with the help of Smarterqueue’s content curation portal.

After signing up and logging in to Smarterqueue simply click on “Find Content” at the top navigation bar.

Scroll down that page and on the left side, you’ll see some handy content ideas.

Smarterqueue content ideas

When you open up those folders you’ll see lists of curated social channels ready to go.

Smarterqueue curated channels

I clicked on CNN breaking news and boom! I get a bunch of viral posts that I can easily reshare to my Twitter account.

Smarterqueue generate viral posts

If you think this is exciting then wait to see what else you can do.

User Analysis

Smarterqueue has a really cool feature that allows you to analyse a specific account.

You can look at their hashtags, posting times and other cool statistics.

Simply click on the “Analyse this Twitter User” and you’ll get an amazing report.

Here’s the overview report.

Smarterqueue user analysis

As you can see from the report they are using SocialFlow to publish their content and the retweets per post are about 300.

They are also posting 100% link posts.

Let’s look at their engagement report below.

Smarterqueue engagement analytics

Notice how their posts with an image get more engagement.

Advanced analytics are only available on the agency plan.

Will Smith’s Facebook Page

Let’s run an analysis on Will Smith’s Facebook page.

I want you to notice the ratio between link posts vs images and videos.

Will Smith's Facebook Page  Smarterqueue's overview

63 per cent of his posts are videos and 34% are image posts. It’s crazy that we think that posting links are the most important.

Now, let’s look at the engagement analysis.

Smarterqueue's engagement by content metric

Do you notice how many hashtags were used on the vast majority of his posts? None.

To take advantage of this feature inside Smarterqueue you’ll need to use the integration.

Content Categories

One of the most difficult feats to accomplish on social media is developing content pillars or varying your content.

Smarterqueue helps you do this in a cinch with categories.

Smarterqueue's content categoies

They’ll give you 6 predefined categories but you can rename them or customised them for your brand.

You can even have a category specifically for other people’s content (OPC).

It’ll help you be less promotional on social media and more community-focused.

Posting Plan

Once you have your categories created be sure to map out your posting plan.

You’ll need to have your social accounts already connected for Smarterqueue to detect the best posting times.

Smarterqueue's posting plan

At a glance, you’ll be able to see what content types will be going out on which days of the week.

Your followers will receive a nice mix of content.

It’s a good idea to map out your brand words so that the content scheduled is aligned with your brand.

Filling Your Queue

There are so many clever ways to fill your queue inside Smarterqueue.

If you are a blogger you can simply import your blog posts via an RSS feed.

Once your posts are on the platform you can modify the caption, add hashtags, and add media like images and GIFs.

You can also create variations of each post so that you can reshare it several times a year.

Smarterqueue's queue

After clicking “share full post” in the find content tab, you’ll be prompted to choose a category.

Once you have access to the edit screen it gets really exciting.

Smarterqueue's editing caption

Notice that you have the option to add a text variation (blue button) on the right-hand side.

Do this a few times and before you know it your queue is filled with content.

Your link will automatically be replaced by a link.

content calendar

You can view your queue as a list, weekly on a monthly visual calendar.

Other sources of content include RSS feeds from other people’s blogs as well as Feedly.

Evergreen Content

One of the most amazing features of Smarterqueue is the ability to recycle your posts.

Yes, there are rules in Twitter where you are not allowed to republish the same post multiple times.

However, there are a few clever ways to still recycle your Twitter social media posts.

As part of your social media strategy be sure to include evergreen posts so that you can take advantage of evergreen recycling.

You’ll need to decide which social media accounts would benefit from this feature.

For example, Instagram posts may not benefit from this automation.

You can create new posts or new content from scratch also.

The posting schedule is not set in stone as you can easily edit both your posting plan as well as existing posts.

Engagement on Steroids

One thing that Smarterqueue has that is unique is its “Engage” tab.

This feature allows you to search for popular content on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also engage with that content too.

As you are probably aware the secret to success on social media is engagement.

That’s why this feature on Smarterqueue is essential for you to get more visibility on your brand.

Simply head over to the engage tab and search for one of your Twitter lists.

Sort the content by most liked or most retweeted. You’ll get results similar to the screenshot below.

content marketing result

Notice that you have the choice to retweet the post, like it or share it with your audience.

Social Inbox

Like many other social media marketing tools, Smarterqueue also comes with a social inbox.

This gives you the ability to manage all your comments in one location.

If you run a vast social media operation managing several social media accounts you’ll need this feature.

Other powerful tools include the ability to bulk import social posts.

There’s also a mobile app to let you complete manual posting to Instagram.

Free Media Library

When it comes to images and GIFs Smarterqueue has got you covered.

You’ll get access to their media library as standard.

There are direct connections to Pixabay, Giphy and Unsplash. There’s also a direct integration with Canva.

pixabay photo library

I think that Smarterqueue is such an amazing social media management platform full of features.

There are a few downsides so let’s look at them.

Missing Social Media Features

Recently when I was re-introduced to Smarterqueue I was led to believe that you had the ability to research Instagram content.

However, after using the platform for a few days this is one feature that is missing.

It would be great to see the most popular content and which hashtags are being used by the competition on IG.

While they do have an Instagram grid as well as the ability to save frequently used hashtags.

What I really need is the ability to conduct hashtag research as well as looking at what’s popular on IG.

Also, Smarterqueue doesn’t offer planning or scheduling for Reels. There is the ability to schedule Stories.

Planning or scheduling TikTok posts are not available either.

Get the authentic smarterqueue review for marketers pin


There are so many social media schedulers on the market today.

While Smarterqueue is a fantastic piece of software for content creators to handle vast amounts of content management.

The challenge continues to be finding a scheduler that does it all including competitor research.

Some say that Metricool or Social Sprout has everything but I took a cursory look at these two and I’m not entirely sure.

I’ve been reviewing social media software for the last few years so I know what’s good.

You can check out the following reviews below.

  1. Later vs Planoly
  2. Plann vs Planoly
  3. Preview vs Planoly
  4. MeetEdgar review
  5. All about Tweetdeck
  6. Tailwind app review

If you’re still struggling to plan 90 days of content in one sitting then you’ll love this social media bundle.

It is my hope that one day there’ll be one social media tool to rule them all.

Over to you, which social media software is your favourite and why?


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