71.7 Million Reach Received: An Honest Tailwind App Review

Are you still struggling to get sufficient reach of your pins on Pinterest? Are you wondering if a Tailwind App review can help?

There continue to be so many changes on Pinterest every month. Even every week that it is virtually impossible to keep up with the change.

The only thing I can guarantee to you with Pinterest is that there will be change.  In fact, as far as I can tell their iOs app gets an update every week.

This may not sound like great news altogether. You need to remember that change does come with a set of disadvantages as well as advantages.

What I have realised over the last 12+ months on Pinterest is that in order to stay ahead of all the changes you need to be using the platform daily.

I do recall being in a handful of Pinterest groups on Facebook. People would be logging into their Pinterest accounts for the first time in 6 months and they would be lost as so much had changed.

The best way to keep up with Pinterest is to use a 3rd party scheduler to do the heavy lifting so that I can focus on the lighter stuff.

In this post, I will spend some time looking at the benefits of using a 3rd party scheduler to take advantage of all the quality traffic from Pinterest.

Disclosure: Please note that this post contains affiliate links which means that if you buy one of my recommended products I get paid a commission, at no extra cost to you, for sharing the link.  I only recommend products that I have tried myself and have experienced success.

What is Tailwind App?

The Tailwind App is a 3rd party scheduler that is approved by Pinterest (or a certified Pinterest Partner). It helps automate pinning content to Pinterest boards and group boards.

They also offer the ability to schedule posts for Instagram as well as a hashtag suggestion tool.

Tailwind recently introduced a facility to help with looping of pins to your own boards as well as group boards.

SmartLoop is the looping feature in Tailwind.  I have started using it and will offer my feedback later.

You do have the ability to try Tailwind out for 100 scheduled pins to see if it will work for you which can be very handy.

Tailwind also offers an iOs app as well which can come in handy in a number of ways to help you piggyback on popular topics.

There is also the ability to cross-post to Twitter and Facebook using Tailwind which I have not used the reason I will explain later.

Tailwind App Review Modules

To give you a good Tailwind app review I need to spend some time going over the modules that are available as standard.

Many Pinterest users only use certain aspects of Tailwind depending on what they are trying to achieve.

Insights - TailwindApp

Logging in brings you are automatically to the profile performance page which gives you a breakdown of the following:

  1. Total followers, pins and repins
  2. The average number of new followers, pins and repins over the last 7 days
  3. Daily follower growth
  4. Virality score
  5. Engagement score
  6. Engagement rate

You then have the option to click over to your Board Insights. There you get an in-depth analysis of the performance of all your boards (your own boards + group boards).

Even though you may not be the owner of the group boards you still get to see analytics on these boards.

The analysis that you get would include:

  1. Board name
  2. Total pins and followers on each board
  3. The growth of pins and followers on each board over the last 7 days
  4. Total number of repins by board type
  5. Virality score for each board
  6. Engagement score by board type

You do have the ability to see your own boards only, group boards only or all boards. These board insights are important because you can see at a glance your best performing and worst performing boards allowing you to take action.

Pin Inspector

The module called Pin Inspector allows you to see the total number of repins and comments that each pin receives.

This comes in handy as it gives you a birds-eye view of pin activity over the last month or two.  I have the ability to see the history of up to 5,000 pins.

The good thing is that you get to see not only your pin’s activity but that of other people’s pin.

One thing I have noticed is that it does not seem to show you the activity of every single one of my pins that was ever pinned on the Pinterest platform.

I know this for a fact because several of my pins that went viral does not show up in the Pin Inspector.

Website Insights

Another module that is available is called Website Insights and this can easily be set up using Google Analytics.

Website Insights - TailwindApp

It basically shows you all your organic activity over the last 7 days from your website to Pinterest.

The analytics that is available include:

  1. Total pin activity over the last 7 days 
  2. The daily average on pins
  3. Total number of pinners pinning those pins
  4. Potential impressions
  5. Trending images over the last 7 days

There is another tab labelled “Latest Pins” that shows you the newest pins to the oldest that has been pinned from your website or via another method.

You will also be able to see an associated Word Cloud based on what has been pinned recently.

Word Cloud - TailwindApp

Referral Traffic

In this section, there is one final module based on the package plan I am using and it is called referral traffic.

It gives you the total number of visits, visitors and page views that your website received over the last 7 days from Pinterest.


The next big section is the Publisher where on the scheduling modules can be found in Tailwind.

Publisher - TailwindApp

In this Tailwind App review, I will cover each one briefly as many of them are self-explanatory.


This is where every pin that you push to Tailwind via the Chrome plugin from Pinterest or your own website can be found.

They normally just sit there unless you delete them as it is handy to have them available to add to tribes or group boards.

Scheduled Pins

Here you will be able to see all the pins that you scheduled for the day, week or month at a glance.

If you need to make changes to these pins you will be able to do so right from the scheduled pins module.


The SmartLoop module is found in this section. As the name suggests this is where you will be able to set up your pins for looping to your boards or group boards.

SmartLoop is a feature that is purchased separately using the add-on functions in PowerUps.

To give you a flavour of the SmartLoop feature here is a screenshot below as it will help you better understand how it works.

SmartLoop - TailwindApp

Each loop can be labelled and focused on specific boards and pins.  I have a blogging loop, a social media loop and an Entrepreneur loop.

The Entrepreneur loop is the best performing so far of the three.  As you can see I have 221 published pins with 27 repins.

I don’t loop to group boards just yet as I need to get great results from the looping to my own boards first.

Published Pins

This is a great place to take a look at those pins that have been published to see how they are performing.

You get to see the activity on your pins as well as other people’s pins.  The available data is repinning and comments.

Your Schedule

Up next is a module named “your schedule” which allows you the ability to decide how many pins you will like to pin a day (automatically).

From here you get visibility of the SmartLoop slots as well as the schedule for regular pinning.

Your Schedule - Tailwind App

What I like about this is that it is so easy to increase or decrease your schedule without too much hassle.

You also get good visibility as to the exact times your pins perform best compared to other times of the day.

Board Lists

The final module that relates to Pinterest in the Publisher app of Tailwind is the Board Lists module.

As the name implies it gives you the ability to create and store your board lists by niche, seasonality, interest or whatever you decide.

Just give your board list a name and start adding the boards based on the list.  You can have your own boards or group boards on the list.  You can even decide to have a mix of both.

This is helpful because it allows you to schedule your pins across several different boards for a whole week or month which is a huge time saver.

Tailwind Tribes

No Tailwind App review would be complete without taking a look at Tailwind Tribes.  In a nutshell, it is a place where contributors or bloggers get together and collaborate virtually.

A tribe is focused on a set of topics allowing everyone to share pins that are relevant to their niche.

These tribes are very similar to Pinterest group boards except that many times I find that tribes are more responsive to my content compared to group boards.

I have lost count at this point but I am part of between 60-80 Tailwind Tribes.  Some of them are more active than others.  Here is a small sample of my tribe list.

List of tribes - Tailwind App

The green bars represent how active I am in that tribe.  The numbers in green and grey are the number of pins I shared with the tribe compared to the number I repinned.

Here is a screenshot of the detail of activity in the tribe called “Action-Taking Business Owners”.  As you can see I have received a good amount of re-shares and repins resulting in a reach of 92,100.

Tribe performance - Tailwind App

Tailwind Tribes Menu

I really like the fact that Tailwind Tribes now has a menu that includes not only the ability to find a tribe but also Insights.

These insights give you a really granular breakdown about what is happening in each of the tribes you collaborate in.

Tailwind Tribes Menu

When I click over to this item on the menu the first thing I see is my overall tribe performance since I joined the membership.

71 Million Tailwind Reach Received

How much would you be willing to pay to get a reach of 71 million on any social media platform? 

These are my personal results, but Tailwind also publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind Members every year.

You can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members. Check out the typical results for Pinterest here.

It will cost you a lot yet still right here you can see that I received millions of eyeballs on my content for less than $500 (over the membership lifetime).

I would need to sell everything I own to get 1 million views on Facebook for example but this is not the case with Pinterest when using Tailwind.

Tailwind Tribes is a purchased separately using the PowerUps feature.

Reach Received By Tribe

Another cool feature in the Insights module is that Tailwind gives you an exact breakdown of your top-performing tribes.

This is so crucial as it removes the guesswork as to which tribe is performing well and where you should spend time as a marketer.

Reach received by tribe

This is a list of my top 8 performing tribes and you can see the pins submitted, re-shares received, virality and total reach.

One of these 8 tribes you may notice has a higher virality rate compared to the other 7.  I will share the name of this tribe in a little while.

How much are you willing to pay Pinterest, Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram to give you this level of detail on your content?

Find a Tribe

If you are new to the Tailwind then you are probably wondering how to go about finding a good tribe.

The purpose of this Tailwind app review is to give you the edge over other new users.

Just click over to the “Find a Tribe” button in Tailwind Tribes.  When you get there you need to know in advance what content is best for you to share with your audience.

You also need to know which audience will be most likely to share your own content.  As I already mentioned this is a collaborative effort.

Find a tribe - Tailwind Tribes

This is a screenshot of what you will see when you get there.  As you can see there are 12 main categories so just choose one.

You can also search in the top bar if you are looking for something very specific but you are not sure which category it will be in.

Marketing category - Tailwind Tribes

If for example, I clicked on marketing this is what I would see in the resulting page.  I can then choose from one of these sub-categories to find a corresponding tribe.

I chose the female entrepreneur sub-category and these are the results that I got.

Female entrepreneurs - Tailwind Tribes

As you can see it shows me a list of tribes that I can join or where I am already a member. Some are easy to join by clicking the ‘join now’ button.

The activity levels show you in advance how active that tribe is compared to other tribes in the Tailwind community.

You also see how many members are part of each tribe.  You have the ability to preview each tribe before you join so that you can see the rules.

The blue ‘request to join’ button indicates that your account needs to be manually approved you.

They will need to conduct some further vetting of your account before you are allowed to join their tribe.

Top 10 Tailwind Tribes

If you are a blogger looking to take a shortcut and join the top 10 Tailwind Tribes that will actually give you results. Here is my shortlist after receiving 71 million in reach.

  1. All Things Blogging
  2. Blogger Lifestyle
  3. Business of Blogging
  4. Blogging & Social Media Pins [Run By ClarityAvenue]
  5. Blog Traffic Boosters
  6. Blogging Resources
  7. Bloggers & Creative Infopreneurs Tribe
  8. Striving Bloggers
  9. Blogging + Income Tips
  10. Blogging & Entrepreneurship | Blogging Butterfly
  11. Mom to Mompreneur

I decided to include an extra one for all you Mommy Bloggers out there.  The vast majority of these links give you the ability to join each tribe straight away no need to wait to be vetted. Yippee!

If you are not already a member of Tailwind then you get the added bonus of getting a trial that allows you to schedule 100 pins when you join.


So, what do you think about this Tailwind App review? I still remember the first week I discovered the amazing features of Pinterest. 

It is different from any other marketing platform because it encourages an atmosphere of collaboration.

So many small businesses find it hard to get their heads around Pinterest and Tailwind because they are used to a self-serving world.

Tailwind allows you to join a community of eager peers waiting to share your content.

Yes, there are some users who don’t use Tailwind Tribes at all but there are many that do use it.

I recently conducted an experiment and discovered something when I shared my new blog post in Tailwind Tribes.

I was able to get visibility much quicker compared to sharing it in Pinterest group boards.

In fact, check out this screenshot of the number of re-shares I received in one week in two of my tribes.

a photo of re-share pins from Tailwind tribe
a photo of re-share pins from Tailwind tribe

Let me ask you a question.  Where else can you go to get this kind of genuine collaborative effort in the marketing arena?

Get started with the Tailwind App today, take the free trial and join the tribes that will give you the results that you need for your blog or business.

Get 71.7 Million in Reach


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  1. I found this post really helpful! Pinterest for blog growth is something I’m still struggling with and I learned a lot by reading this.

    • Amber, there will come a time when you know that the time is right to take that step. Feel free to stop by again and read this post when you need it.

  2. I have been so on the fence with Tailwind. It seems to be so helpful, but I was a huge boardbooster fan so it is hard to go over to a different platform. I do think I am going to give it more of a try though.

    • Jessi, like you I used BoardBooster as well. I actually was using both applications at the same time so when BB was removed I just continued with Tailwind. Sure give it a try and see how it goes.

  3. I appreciate your honest feedback. I know a lot of people really like tailwind app so I’ve been more curious about it. I might need to give it a try.

    • Tara, the best thing to do is take a shortcut by joining the best tribes during your 30-day trial and see what results you will get then you’ll know if to continue after the initial trial period.

  4. I still haven’t started using Tailwind, but I’m trying hard to understand how it works. Hope your article will help me understand the basic information needed to start my journey with this particular app. 🙂

    • Natalia, just look at Tailwind as an extension of Pinterest that helps you to automate the pinning process in a collaborative way.

  5. Looks interesting. I just want to try this app! Basically, you have a great review on it and thanks for that.

  6. I was one of those people who looked at Pinterest after 6 months and said “what in the world is going on.” I’ll have to check it out again and maybe with your advice I can do more with it.

  7. Ever since I become more active to my travel blog social media. I am always curious to know how my stats are. It is nice to find an tool app like Trail wind that works for Instagram and Pinterest. I will surely check this app and have it try.

  8. Like many other readers, Pinterest is on my to do list. I keep procrastinating though. Truth be told, I’m afraid! But it sounds like Tailwind will be a good option for lightening the work when I finally get it together.

    • Viv, we are all fearful at some point in our lives so it is normal. We also grow that moment we step outside of our comfort zones.

  9. I think this is a perfect article to catch up. It is not bad to get a little help. Definitely will help newbies and old players.

  10. Thank you for this. So many helpful tips here. I need to get more active with my pinterest, ive been meaning to. It definitely does help with social media presence.

  11. Hi Alvern,
    Thanks for tweeting my post. That’s how I came here and, your blog is so meaty.

    I have been on Pinterest and I’m seeing some really nice results. I have also seen many tailwind reviews so thanks for making yours more complete.

    Happy holidays

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