71 Authentic Blog Topics Cool People Love to Read

Are you wishing that you can get your hands on the most searched blog topics that are specific to your niche?

Is it one of the blogging tasks that you would like to outsource either now or in the future?

Let me know if this sounds familiar or even very close to home.

You absolutely enjoy creating content for your blog on a regular basis to include the images.

However, one of the things you dislike is SEO or doing keyword research to come up with new topics every week or day.

The moment you get a chance or budget you would hand this task off for someone else to do it.

I can assure you that there are many bloggers like you out there who struggle with SEO or doing topic and keyword research.

Doing SEO and topic research is a service that I offer to my clients. If you don’t have the budget yet then read on.

In this post, you will learn about the most searched blog topics across 9 different niches to give you a head start.

woman sitting on a coach reading a magazine

What Qualifies As the Most Searched Blog Topics?

There are quite a number of articles written about the most searched blog topics that are not quite accurate.

Many of them give you a list of the most search high-level niches but they fail to address specific niche topics.

I don’t want to lose you altogether so let me go into more detail right here.

Some of the most popular blog niches include mom blogs, beauty blogs, personal finance blogs and even food blogs.

Each of those blogs then covers broad topics or categories. For example, a mom blog may have information about potty training.

While a food blog may cover diets like keto or vegan. Some food blogs only focus on desserts or salads.

In other words, a niche blog has content across several topics.

So, to qualify as a blog topic with lots of searches it needs to be a piece of content within a specific niche.

Most Searched Blog Topics - img

Get the Most Searched Blog Topics List, even if you...

Pinterest Topics or Categories

To help you understand the idea of topics better let’s look at the available topics on Pinterest.

Although Pinterest may not be the best example of topics for blogs, it can still point you in the right direction.

If you head on over to pinterest.com/categories/ you will see a grid that looks like this one.

Pinterest categories

If you click-through on any of those categories you will then be taken to a topics view.

I clicked-through to art and this is what I see in the results.

Art topics on Pinterest

Here are the results for the topics under sewing.

Sewing topics on Pinterest

In case you are wondering what are the top 100 trending topics on Pinterest for 2020 then feel free to check out Pinterest 100 here.

Each time I look at the report I am always surprised to learn what wild and wonderful things are gaining popularity.

If you are one of my regular readers you know that I like to use Google Trends for a number of reasons.

Using it to find the most searched blog topics should be something that you do as well.

Here is a snapshot letting you know what was trending in the US during the year 2019.

The niches shown include food, music, travel, entertainment, weddings and the popular ‘what is’ category.

Google Trends 2019 - US

I am actually quite surprised to see shepherd’s pie so high on the list under recipes.

Who would have thought that the humble shepherd’s pie can become so popular?

woman writing

Why Choosing the Most Searched Blog Topics is Important?

If you are new to blogging or you just cannot understand how things work in content marketing then keep reading.

Finding the most searched blog topics is important when it comes to getting readers to find your articles.

By this I mean, if no one is searching for it then chances are that no one will find it.

Of course, there are always exceptions to any rule.

You can write the longest article on a topic that is dear to your heart with the hope that people would read it.

However, the secret to getting your articles consumed and appreciated is by writing on topics that your potential readers need to know.

For example, if you have a choice of writing on two different topics but topic A had 20 searches a month and topic B had 1,000 searches a month which one would you choose?

Personally, I would go with topic B as the potential to get a return on my writing investment is higher.

What Are the Top 9 Blog Niches?

Before diving into specific topics I thought it would make sense to first give you a list of the top 9 blog niches.

Here they are in no particular order.

  1. Beauty
  2. DIY
  3. Personal Finance
  4. Health
  5. Fashion
  6. Mom
  7. Travel
  8. Food
  9. Lifestyle

As you can see there will be a wide range of topics simply because these 9 niches are very broad.

Because these niches can be quite broad I have chosen to list 10 most searched blog topics for each of these niches.

You will see a result from Ubersuggest listing the search volume as well as related keywords in some cases.

I really like doing this kind of research so this was quite a fun exercise for me to do and report back to you (not that you asked).🤣

Beauty Blog – 10 Most Searched Topics

I am not an expert in the beauty blogging niche and I don’t even have a beauty blog.

However here are 10 of the most searched blog topics in the beauty niche.

1. Milk Makeup

The first one on the list is milk makeup with 74,000 searches every month. I never even heard of this product in my life.

milk makeup - Ubersuggest

Here is a shortlist of related keywords to help you gain some traction.

Milk makeup related topics

I just had to double-check if the milk makeup blur stick was a concealer and it seems to be, whew! It sounded like a piece of technology for images.

2. Nail Polish Strip

Nail polish strip - Ubersuggest

I have to confess that if you are looking for beauty advice don’t come to me because I have no idea what these things are about.

Nail polish strip

As you can see there are a number of very specific related keywords that you can use to get conversions.

a photo of a woman whispering to another woman's ear

3. Sephora VIB Sale

When I first saw this search phrase I thought it was an error because VIB looked strange.

Sephora VIB sale - Ubersuggest

Anyway, Sephora VIB sale is in at number three with over 9,900 searches every month.

Sephora VIB sale

Again a great list of related keywords to help you customise your article to match the search.

Most Searched Blog Topics - img

Get the Most Searched Blog Topics List, even if you...

4. Sleep Styler

Sleep styler - Ubersuggest

Another totally expected keyword. Sleep styler is there at number 4 with 8,100 searches every month.

Sleep styler

Again a good number of related keywords that will help you to tweak your article to match the search.

5. Halo Laser

The good thing about doing this research is that I get to learn about what is happening in niches where I am unfamiliar with the terminology.

Halo laser - Ubersuggest

Halo laser is on the list at number 5 with 5,400 searches every month. It looks like a really important treatment for many people.

Halo laser

You have to admit that these related keywords are like gold dust for anyone writing on this topic.

6. Skinceuticals Retinol

Skinceuticals retinol - Ubersuggest

If you are familiar with this phrase then bless your heart. It is so surprising the kind of phrases that can be found.

At number 6 is Skinceuticals retinol at number 6 with over 3,600 searches a month.

Skinceuticals retinol

I would have never realised that all these different versions of retinol existed had it not been for these related keywords.

7. Best Glossier Products

Interestingly I never heard of Glossier so I had to go and look this one up. They offer a great range of skincare products.

best Glossier products - Ubersuggest

In order to get the related keywords, I needed to take a step backwards and look up Glossier products.

Glossier products

In case you have not noticed I am a geek at heart when it comes to keyword research and search engine optimisation.

8. Age-Defying Laser Tria

At number 8, we have age-defying laser tria with 1,000 searches per month.

Age defying laser tria - Ubersuggest

Here is a list of those important related keywords to help you understand the user intent of this search.

Age defying laser tria

It is so interesting to see the number of beauty products available to assist with slowing down the ageing process.

9. Preparation H Under Eyes

Speaking of beauty and ageing here is preparation h under eyes coming in at number 9 with 1,000 searches a month.

Preparation h under eyes - Ubersuggest

The list of related keywords are very good and they get a lot of searches every month. The search difficulty for most of them is also quite low.

Preparation h under eyes

I really like the fact that the related keywords in this example are closely related and can be easily added to the same article.

10. Nutrafol vs Viviscal

Finally, at number 10 for the beauty blog niche, we have Nutrafol vs Viviscal with 880 searches per month.

nutrafol vs viviscal - Ubersuggest

While it is a very focused keyphrase it is ideal for the buyer journey at the consideration phase which is very close to converting into a sale.

nutrafol vs viviscal

The related keywords are not really different from the original keyphrase which confirms the specificity of this search.

DIY Blogs – 10 Most Searched Topics

Here are some of the 10 most searched blog topics that can be found in the DIY niche.

DIY Topics - blurred

As you can see there are quite a number of areas to focus on and the searches are quite healthy.

Personal Finance Blogs – 10 Most Searched Topics

The personal finance niche can be a bit tricky as it may require some thinking outside the box.

Here is a list of 10 topics to get you started and your brain working in the right direction.

Personal Finance Topics - blurred

It can have a few overlaps with the DIY niche in some respects but the end goal is to save money and help people to learn about things to stop buying.

Health Blogs – 10 Most Searched Topics

The health niche can be very exciting since every year new diets and exercise routines pop up to match every lifestyle.

Here are 10 health topics for you to consider.

Health Topics - blurred

While some of these health topics can remain in existence for only a few years. Others will remain around for a very long time like the postpartum workout.

a photo of a denim pants, top, bag and sunglasses

Fashion Blogs – 10 Most Searched Topics

Depending on your approach, fashion blog topics can be too easy and overcrowded.

A lot of it can also be as seasonal as the clothes people wear. Here are 10 fashion topics to help you think outside the box.

Fashion Topics - blurred

It can be quite an eye-opener when you know what people are searching for every month.

Mom Blog – 10 Most Searched Topics

Because mothers carry their titles for life or at least a very long time before they become grandmothers then the range of topics can be broad.

These 10 most searched mom blog topics should give you a head start.

Mom Topics - blurred

I was quite surprised by the cool variety that I uncovered during my research of mom blog topics.

Travel Blogs – 10 Most Searched Topics

If there is one topic that I am quite familiar with it is travel. After visiting over 20 countries in my lifetime I absolutely enjoy it.

This list of 10 travel blog topics should set you up to do it well.

Travel Blog Topics - blurred

Travel topics can literally take you in any direction from the clothes to wear, places to visit, the food to eat and where to stay.

Food Blogs – 10 Most Searched Topics

What are you cooking for dinner? Ever wondered what recipes most people search for every month?

I hope this list of the 10 most searched blog topics in the food niche would not leave you starving.

Food Blog Topics - blurred

Did you see anything delicious? To get access to the full list, simply enter your name and email address so you can access the sheet.

Lifestyle Blogs – 10 Most Searched Topics

I have always seen the lifestyle niche as one of those that is easy to find blog topics as the focus is quite broad.

As you will see in the lifestyle topics list bloggers can write about anything that is popular.

Lifestyle Blog Topics - blurred
Most Searched Blog Topics - img

Get the Most Searched Blog Topics List, even if you...

From food to fashion and everything in between. The important thing to remember is check-out the demand before you start writing.

71+ most searched blog topics that get read the most


So, finding the most searched blog topics across several niches can be a fun exercise if that is your jam.

I hope you enjoyed reading the results just as much as I enjoyed producing them.

While it may not be an easy task to do, the rewards can be endless and beneficial for your business.

It can be as simple or as difficult as you want it to be. You can use Pinterest as your source of inspiration.

If you need to outsource this work on a regular basis and you need a keyword specialist, feel free to check out my SEO services here.

What has been your experience in finding those important search terms in your niche?


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