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I help creative entrepreneurs to attract more quality readers to their content using search engine optimisation (SEO)

As a small business you know that it is important to take advantage of SEO because it brings in the highest quality of prospects to your blog over the longterm but you just don’t have the time. This is where my services will be able to help

Keyword Research

Finding it difficult to implement SEO for your business? Why not leave it to the experts? Outsource your SEO tasks and free up your time to do the stuff you love

Investment starts at $497/month

Keyword Research

Who it’s for:
You know that Keyword Research is a very important part of SEO for getting the best quality prospects to your business but you only have so much time in the day.

What’s included:
1 x pack of keywords every week that can be used to create content like articles or blog posts (4 packs per month)

Each pack will contain 1 primary keyword together with 3-6 secondary keywords

You will also receive suggestions in terms of images, videos and other media that can be included

If you are monetising with affiliate marketing you will also receive 2-3 products that can be promoted with the article or blog post.

Pinterest Marketing

You have so much excitement about how good Pinterest traffic can be for your business but you don't have the time to get started. Ready to outsource this task to someone who can help?

Investment starts at $497/MONTH

Pinterest Marketing

Who it’s for:
The small business owner who is ready to take advantage of the Pinterest platform and flood their blog or website with a lot more readers.

What’s included:

An audit and clean up of your Pinterest business account

A daily and weekly pinning strategy to suit your niche and audience.

Using a 3rd party tool to schedule pins on a consistent basis

Expert feedback on ways to improve your pins, description and keywords

Content Marketing

Finally get consistent, quality content to your blog every week on autopilot using this unique done for you content generation service

Investment starts at $1297/month

Content Marketing

Who it’s for:
Any small business looking for a way to generate quality blog posts once a week with a view to remaining visible and attracting your ideal client to your business

What’s included:
This service includes 4 blog posts a month (1 x week).

Each blog posts will range from 1500-2000 words in length.

Keyword research will be conducted for each post.

The post will be uploaded directly to your WordPress blog in draft mode.

2-3 premium stock photos will be included with each post.

Read more kind words from clients

  • “Where do I start! Working with Alvern is a dream and I am so pleased we met. Alvern has provided high-level support to a client of ours that is launching her new course. Alvern is not only very professional but also very friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. Thank you so much Alvern, and I am looking forward to working with you going forward.”

    Charlotte Lester
  • The best way to describe Alvern in one word is… ‘figuroutable’. Ever since she started working with my team earlier this year and I saw the services she offered, I knew that there was something different. She has a determination to get results for our clients and as a result, she is always suggesting ways to improve their funnels, launches and email marketing. When it comes to marketing strategy she offers such a wealth of information as well as best of breed solutions and statistics that is nothing short of impressive. If you are looking for assistance with funnels, digital marketing strategy and program launching, Alvern should be your go-to person

    Jennie Lyon
  • “I was really struggling to understand LinkedIn. It was a beast of its own that I really never conquered and did not know the potential of it. Alvern reached out to me and told me that I can really soar by going on LinkedIn and using it to repurpose content.

    I needed her help, I needed her to handhold me and kind of introduce me to the difference between LinkedIn which was very unfamiliar territory and Facebook which I knew very well.

    Alvern walked me through everything I needed to know from a surface level of getting my LinkedIn to be optimised and she actually taught me so much just in 45 minutes that by the time I started to attract more people who were LinkedIn experts they were going to my profile and looking and saying, ‘It seems that you already understand what you’re doing’.

    I was like wow!! Forty-five minutes with her and I got so much value out of what she was teaching me that I would’ve had to pay these so-called LinkedIn experts thousands of dollars to get that little piece of information and she gave it to me for free.”

    Taren Marsaw
  • Pinterest can get overwhelming for new bloggers but Alvern makes it so much easier. The course will tell you everything you need to know about using Pinterest to ACTUALLY drive traffic to your website. One of her tactics helped me increase my pin impressions by almost 3k and I am yet to implement everything she has taught. Besides all of the content in the course, she is really passionate about what she is doing and would go an extra mile to help you in the blog land

    Chhavi Agarwal
  • “Alvern covers it all in her Pinterest Training. I went into the training hoping to just learn one thing that I didn’t know, but Alvern blew me away with her knowledge, expertise, and thoroughness. She covered everything from basic and brand new to Pinterest to those looking to start leveraging ads. If you’re looking for an all inclusive Pinterest training – this is it!”

    Lauren Cecora
  • “The Pinterest Marketing Course was just what I needed to jumpstart my Pinterest account. The platform has changed over the years and I had a lot to learn. Alvern eased the process through helpful modules on SEO and Tailwind. The additional resources and pinning strategies are necessary tools for effective results..!”

    Parven Kaur
  • Chhavi Agarwal
  • Lauren Cecora
  • Parven Kaur

How Does It Work?

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Complete the contact form outlining your requirements, your niche and when you would like to get started

2. Step Two

Book some time in my calendar to have a face to face discussion via Zoom and finalise the way forward

3. Step Three

Set up a contributor account in your WordPress site so that articles can be submitted in draft mode