9 Reasons Why You Need Affordable SEO Packages For Your Blog

Have you ever considered investing in affordable SEO packages for your blog?  Is it in your blog planner for the next 3 years?

Many bloggers know that it is important for their blog to rank well in the search engines if they want to make money online.

Yet many continue to struggle day after day, week after week with trying to come up with the best blog post ideas.

In fact, many bloggers don’t know that the best blog post ideas that they find online are not SEO friendly.

Some bloggers struggle for 1, 2, 3 or even 5 years before they realize that what their blog needs is a solid SEO plan.

In this post, I am going to get into some detail about what is an affordable SEO package, why you need it and how you can get started today.

What is an Affordable SEO Package?

First, let’s look at what an SEO package is before we delve into what makes it affordable for you and your blog.

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimisation.  The broad definition of SEO is according to Wikipedia, “the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or webpage in the search engine unpaid results – often referred to as natural, organic or earned results”.

In layman terms, it just means that an SEO expert will look at a webpage or planned web page and suggests optimisation hacks to get that page to rank better and often in the search engine results.

Now that you have a better idea of SEO then we can look at what can be included in an SEO package.

Cheap SEO Service

A typical SEO package will normally include items that will assist a website or webpage increase its current rankings.

In order to help you understand this, a little better let’s look at the example of your neighbour’s 12-year-old daughter and her lemonade stand.

We decided to call her Rachel and she wants to sell edible cookie dough online nationally.  So let’s assume she already has a blog with 10 pages with 5 blog posts.

Rachel is not happy with the organic results she is getting from the Google search engines so she needs to see her current situation.

The SEO package will include an SEO audit as we would need to see what needs improving in order to suggest changes.

Any SEO package will also include on-page SEO strategy as well as off-page elements because this is part of the optimisation process.

Cheapest SEO Packages – On Page Strategy

When it comes to an on-page strategy here are some items that can be included as standard.

  1. Keyword research
  2. Clickable Title
  3. H1 tags
  4. H2 tags
  5. Meta description
  6. Internal Linking
  7. Head keywords
  8. Long tail keywords
  9. Cornerstone content

Keyword Research

The backbone of any on-page strategy is the keyword or keyword phrase.  If the keywords are not correct everything else crumbles.

Clickable Title

Every page and/or blog post of a website needs to have a title that explains what that page or post is all about.  There isn’t another way to know this unless it is spelt out.

It offers the website visitor a way to navigate throughout the website when a title is included.  It should be clickable or conversion focused to increase the click-through rate compared to the competition.

H1 Tags

Every title should be surrounded by H1 tags which indicate to the search engines that this is a very important word.

Google uses spiders and an algorithm to index pages and websites.  As these are normally not human it uses tags to identify what items on the page are important.

H2 Tags

These are the subheadings that signal the start of a new paragraph. They normally use secondary or long tail keywords to assist with ranking.

Subheadings also signal to the spiders and Google algorithm that this is what the paragraph is about so they are important.

Meta Description

This is the main description that would appear in the SERP letting the user know, in summary, what the site is about.

To get the click, the description would need to be conversion focused and compelling.  In other words, it should not be boring.

Internal Linking

One key factor that helps a webpage to increase in rankings is the votes or links from internal pages.

It is important to have a well planned and strategic internal linking structure to get the most out of on-page SEO.

Head Keywords

Depending on your overall SEO strategy it is important to include what is known as head keywords in your content.

In Rachel’s example, her head keyword would be ‘cookie dough’ and even ‘edible cookie dough’.  This brings me nicely to the long tail keywords.

Longtail Keywords

Looking at cookie dough in the keyword research it is a tough keyword to rank for as it is quite competitive.

It would benefit Rachel to look at long tail keywords like ‘edible cookie dough shop’ and ‘edible cookie dough delivery’.  These are really focused on user intent.

Cornerstone Content

When building out a website or blog the cornerstone content represents the main keywords or money generating content.

In other words, blogs build a community or authority based on a topic.  That topic is considered cornerstone content.

SEO Packages for Small Business – Off page strategy

While a large percentage of a website ranking rating heavily depends on on-page SEO there will be a need for off-page SEO.

In simple terms, off-page SEO is just votes from other websites indicating to the search engines that this blog is good.

These votes are normally in the form of backlinks.  These backlinks can be ‘follow’ or ‘no-follow’.

Every backlink to your site will have a weighting because all backlinks are not created equal.

Each webpage has two main ratings which are the domain authority (DA) and the page authority (PA).

The higher these ratings the better it will be for bringing your site into favour with the search engines.

Fresh Content

Another key element that assists with search engine rankings is the freshness rating.  This rating is somewhat invisible at times to the human eye.

Essentially, Google expects businesses to have at least 20% fresh content on its website at any time during the year.

This freshness rating can be easily achieved by publishing a new blog post every week to your blog.

When you have a blog that is over 1,000 posts then you would have a new challenge.

You will need to ‘freshen up’ those old blog posts by either re-writing them or repurposing them.

The good news is if these old blog posts are already optimised they will still continue to receive organic traffic for a lifetime.

It is a great opportunity to rewrite old content that was not already optimised with a view to increasing your blog’s freshness factor.

Why Use Affordable SEO Plans

If you never thought about using affordable SEO packages for your blog before here are 9 reasons why you will need to do so.

  1. Save time as a blogger
  2. Reduce the number of SEO blunders
  3. Increase your blog traffic exponentially
  4. No need for you to learn the technicalities of SEO
  5. Free you up to achieve blogging goals
  6. Always have blog post ideas ready to go
  7. Cost savings on SEO training
  8. Build authority in your niche quickly
  9. Make you look like a pro blogger in no time

As you can see the advantages of investing in affordable SEO packages has several benefits to you as a blogger.

For one low monthly price, you can get access to the advice from an SEO expert plus you also steal their knowledge and work for fresh SEO content.

No need to invest in expensive SEO software and training just get the keyword package delivered to you by email.

Digital Marketing Pricing Packages

Looking at all these items it is safe to say that affordable SEO packages come in all shapes and sizes.

An enterprise-class organisation needs to rank for 1,000s of keywords. So they will not be able to benefit from a package that has 5 keywords.

A stay at home mom looking to start a blog from home would require a small SEO package that will suit her budget.

In fact, seeing that keyword research is the backbone of SEO it will make sense for a mom blogger to start with a keyword research service.

Once she is ranking for those initial keywords she can then focus on more competitive keywords as she grows and scales her blog.

It is also important to include some element of Social Media Marketing in affordable SEO packages to help with ranking.

Affordable SEO Packages – Monthly Plan

To get the best results from your SEO strategy it is important to subscribe to a monthly plan because SEO is never complete.

The monthly subscription will start from as low as $27/month and go up from there depending on your blog’s requirements.

At $27/month you can expect to receive some keyword research and other media suggestions.

The good news about affordable SEO packages is that they help you to rank your blog one keyword at a time then once you are ranking that traffic is for life.

The Ultimate Keyword Research Service

Basic affordable SEO packages come with a keyword research service.  As a subscriber, you will receive a primary keyword which is niche focused.

You will also receive secondary or long tail keywords to included as subheadings or sprinkled throughout your blog post.

A summary of what you need to include in that blog post to get the desired ranking on the first page can also be included.

Other items that can be included are other suggested media like video, infographics and/or comparison charts.

Finally, to put the cherry on the top your package can also include a stock photo that is niche specific for the given keywords.

Would you like to start profiting from blogging now as opposed to 5 or 10 years time?  Would you like to make your blogging life easier?

Click Here To Grab Your $27 Package to Get Started – Limited Spots Available >>

Why Use Affordable SEO Plans?

  1. As a blogger, you are wearing several hats which means you are writing, marketing, guest blogging and even researching future topics.
  2. This means you have so much on your plate and it would make more sense to outsource the stuff that someone else can do better than you in less time.
  3. An affordable SEO plan will save you so much time with the added bonus of getting you a higher return on your investment.
  4. Free up your time so that you can spend it with family and friends or even other bloggers.  It is important to grow your blogging network.

What’s Included In This Affordable SEO Package?

Are you unsure that this package is suitable for your requirements?  Maybe you need to understand what’s included for that low price of $27 a month.

You’ll receive 1 x keyword pack every 2 weeks and here is what is included in each pack.

  1. A primary keyword (niche specific)
  2. 5-7 secondary keywords
  3. A summary of what your blog post should be written about
  4. Top 30 Instagram hashtags for your content
  5. Video suggestions
  6. Further suggestions for other media like screenshots, charts, graphs
  7. Access to Pin image templates
  8. Done for you keyword analytics

Get started today to stay ahead of other bloggers in your niche.  There are only very few spaces available so they will fill up fast.

Click Here To Grab Your Spot For $27 a Month – Only a Few Spots Left >>


Many bloggers run around frantically every month trying to find the most popular blog topic that they can write for their readers.

For those that have a clear strategy, it may take them hours every day or every week conducting keyword research to find the next golden keyword or keyphrase.

I know many bloggers who either dislike or are uncomfortable with SEO and they would love a shortcut to the SEO game.

A keyword research service helps you to get the precise strategy you need to getting ranked in the Google search engines.

Enter your name and email address to access the free video.   It shows you how you can use these keyword research services to give you the edge that you need to win at the SEO game.

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  1. I agree with this post.
    I am actually NOW learning about SEO and obviously, I am not going to spend thousands of dollars on it, at least not while I am starting. Maybe in the future 😉

  2. SEO is so important if you want to have a successful website! Thank you for providing so much useful information in this post – I will be saving it for later!

  3. I’m not going to lie. I still can’t wrap my head around it/ I need a class/ a teacher and caregiver. The internet so big yet restricting. I appreciate this. I need to go on a hunt for the right package.

    • Yes Diana, get started as soon as you can because SEO does take a while to see the results of your efforts.

  4. I only really use YOAST for the moment, but have been debating investing in some reasonable paid services. It looks like you have a lot of great points here and good points to think about.

    • Yes Jessi, I do have a Mom blogger keyword research package available so let me know if you are interested.

    • Joan, there is so much to learn when it comes to SEO and you will never stop learning. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Jessica, you will only be in the dark for a certain amount of time. You will eventually get it. No need to become an expert though.

  5. SEO is so important for a successful website but everything seems soooooooo hard to understand!! I am saving your post for reading again and again and again so that finally I can understand something! Why is it sooooo hard???!!

    • Moon, SEO is a technical field so you either love it or hate it. Is your goal to really understand all of it or just to gain higher rankings? The best way to learn SEO is by testing everything. If you don’t want to do that then leverage someone else’s skill.

    • Laura, I believe SEO is a mindset thing. The moment that you get significant results from SEO and you understand how easy it was to get those results, you will come to realise that it is a lot easier than you think. Most people struggle with keywords that’s why I offer this service.

  6. YES!!! This is so true – I actually just hired someone to transfer my SEO from my old website to my new one so I don’t drop in Google rankings.

    • Ooh, la la Jessica, you are very brave to try and transfer your SEO. The risk of getting it wrong is very high.

  7. Such a great post. I have considered spending more time on this but I haven’t had a chance. This post was very informative.

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  10. I have justrecently realized how important this optimization is for my blog. I just hoped I knew about this ever sincee I started! Thanks for all the tips and the available packages that we can avail!

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