Find The Hottest Untapped Niche Markets Using This

So you want to start a blog and you need help finding untapped niche markets that are the most profitable blog niches available.

Everybody is talking about how they are making money blogging but you are not sure how to start a blog or even how to make money with a blog.

The truth is that it is possible to generate an income online using a blog and you have two options available when it comes to niche markets.

You can either enter a very crowded market and take your fair share of the pie by creating a micro-niche. 

The other option is to take advantage of the niche market ideas or untapped niche markets that very few people are capturing.

When it comes to carving out your own micro-niche or finding untapped niches it can be difficult.

In this blog post, I am going to look at what are hidden niches and micro-niches with low competition.

I will also look at why these are important and how you too can take advantage of your very own untapped product niches so that you too will be able to make money blogging.

Disclosure: Please note that this post may contain affiliate links which means that if you buy one of my recommended products I get paid a commission for sharing the link.  I only recommend products that I have tried myself and have experienced success.

What are Untapped Niche Markets?

In order to understand what untapped niche markets are, I first need to explain what is a niche and micro-niche. 

A niche is the larger marketplace like clothing and the sub-niche of that niche is fashion.

A micro-niche can be hoodies for photographers or hoodies for landscape photographers.  I was quite surprised but this is actually a micro-niche that exists and is thriving.   See screenshot below.

great niche ideas hoodies for photographers

So, what then is an untapped market? 

Well, an untapped market is where there are competitors but not a lot and the demand for the product or service is growing.

An untapped niche market can also be described as profitable niches with low competition which are great niche ideas.

The existing competition will continue to reap all the profits unless other businesses enter that market to address customer needs.

Why Profitable Niche Markets Are Important?

As I mentioned previously you can decide to start a blog in a virtually crowded market like weight loss which is fine. 

Hidden Niches Resource

In this crowded market, you can be successful by creating a micro-niche like the Keto Diet.

On the other hand, you can spend time finding those hot niche markets that are virtually untouched and create a brand around it. 

The important thing is to meet the needs of the customers.

Starting a blog in untapped market niches has a huge advantage because there is no need to come up with a new product yourself.  You can just be an affiliate of the existing products and/or services.

Ronald Segura in an article on GrowMap outlined 10 untapped profitable niches.  These are:

1. Teaching a new language
2. Renewable energy
3. Play a musical instrument
4. Relationship advice
5. Expensive hobbies
6. Virtual reality
7. Biodegradable consumables
8. Home automation
9. Artificial intelligence
10. Drones

As you can appreciate these can be quite lucrative if you are an expert in one of these areas.  You also have the option to team up with someone else who is the expert.

At this point, you are probably thinking that there is no way you will be able to monetise a blog as you are not skilled in any of these areas.

Hold that thought for just a while longer because there are other ways to find low competition niches that require fewer skills and/or expertise.

How to Find Untouched Niche Markets

The most difficult task of starting a blog that is focused on a hidden niche market is to pick a blog niche or more importantly knowing where to look.

There are many ways to find these most profitable blog niches that have very little competition but in high demand. Let’s spend some time looking at how to find them:

1. News
2. Trending searches
3. Magazines
4. Press releases
5. Niche-specific news
6. Acquisitions/Mergers
7. Company failure

I will take each one in turn and give you further details on how to find untapped affiliate niches using each method.

1. News

This method is self-explanatory and just involves you tuning into the news regularly and reading the newspapers online.

It can be difficult to keep up with every news channel looking for cues on an up and coming market since the news tends to cover larger social issues.

A good example of this would be something like when Harry Potter just came on the scene and fans were queuing up to get their hands on their copy of the book.

Another example is just before the new iPhone is released you can ride this trend and sell iPhone cases with your artwork on it for these new phones.

More and more people are looking to live in vans and travel the world for a long period.  You can take advantage of this trend by providing products and services for people living in vans or Rv’s.

You can spend some time looking at popular Twitter hashtags as well as Google trends to see what is happening in the world right now.  After a while, you will be able to notice a trend around a person or phrase.

Here is an example of what’s trending over the last 7 days in Google.

Google trends over 7 days - profitable niche markets

As you can see over the past 7 days the 5 trending topics are Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, World Cup, Football and American football.

Here we can see the interest over time for both Kim and Taylor.

Interest over time for Kim and Taylor

In the diagram, we see the interest for both Kim and Taylor broken down by the top 5 regions across the United States.

Top 5 regions for Taylor and Kim

Finally, the actual search phrases that people are using to search for information about Taylor Swift.  In other words, we get the exact context or reason for the searches.

You are probably wondering if you can perform niche specific searches on Google trends and the fact is that you can do these searches.

Let’s look at the term weight loss to see what comes back.

Google trends weight loss

So, for weight loss, we notice that people are searching specifically for people and their associated weight loss. 

One thing that stands out in related topics and related queries in “intermittent fasting”.

Intermittent fasting Google trends

Let’s search for intermittent fasting to see what comes up.

intermittent fasting results

There seems to be some activity around the topic of intermittent fasting.

4. Magazines

Another great way to find a profitable and low competition niche is by either going to a bookshop and scanning through magazines in your niche or subscribing to their online version.

Let’s spend some time looking at one magazine in the weight loss niche to see what are people talking about today when it comes to weight loss.

Popular in weight loss - profitable niches with low competition

The hot topics here are around estrogen and losing weight by drinking wine.  There is a possibility that you can focus on these two micro niches pending some more in-depth research.

aloe vera and exercise - weight loss

In this image, we can see even more micro-niche topics like aloe vera juice as it relates to weight loss. Eating right to get perfect abs and losing weight without the need to work out.

The dilemma you will face if you decide to adopt these is having a long-term focus as opposed to writing about bits and pieces. 

My advice to you is to hold off starting a blog about weight loss until we cover the rest of this post.

5. Press Releases + Niche-Specific News

I will cover these two together as the resource is the same.  If you go to the Google search engine and type in a term such as intermittent fasting then click over to news this is where you’ll find press releases and news.

You can set up an alert to come into your email every day so that you are kept aware of what’s happening in a general niche or micro-niche.

This is an example of a Google search for intermittent fasting.  As you can see there are over 24 million results for this term which is too broad for an untapped market.

Google search for intermittent fasting

You can still go to news to see if there is anything there that may catch your eye and lend itself to a micro-niche.

Here are the results of the search in the news section for intermittent fasting.  Let me show you how you can set up an alert in the next image.

Intermittent fasting in the news

You just need to set up this alert once and you will get a notification every day.  It will give you details as to what is happening in the intermittent fasting niche.

Google alert

6. Acquisitions/Merger + Company Failure

As the name suggests acquisitions/mergers can be a great opportunity for you to dive in and service a market that has been left without a product or service due to a merger or acquisition.

Normally, when a big company buys a smaller organisation the customers of the smaller organisation tend to suffer because in many cases the big company will not meet their needs.

You can subscribe to mergers and acquisitions magazines like this one to keep up with what is happening in the M&A market.

mergers and acquisitions the guardian

When a company fails or goes out of existence it is a great opportunity to call their old customers to find out how you can continue to supply their demands.

There are several reasons why companies go under. Many of the reasons involve bad money management, loss of contracts and slow to adopt new technology like Nokia.

It will be safe to approach these existing customer to see if you can service their most pressing need.

Finding Profitable Niches With Low Competition – Fast

At this point, you are probably thinking that this process of finding untapped blog niches or niche market ideas does involve a lot of work without knowing for certain about the demand and supply.

The truth is that there is a quick way of finding hot untapped niches every single day.  In fact, it is so fast that you can find it within minutes.

Using this method you will be able to go from idea to a full-blown blog with content in 7 days or less.  You will even have a product or products to sell to your hungry market.

If you don’t find the weight loss niche attractive or if you have interests in other niches then I want to show you how you can find amazing untouched niches using a piece of software.

The software will do the heavy lifting for you so that you can use one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world to find the corresponding affiliate product.

All you need to do is enter your name and email address below to gain access to the video. It will show you a resource to find untouched or untapped niche markets quicker.

Find Hot Untapped Niches Fast

Learn How to Find Untapped Niche Markets Fast

The Benefits

If you have been looking to find untapped blog niches with low competition for some time you probably face the following problems:

  1. Too big a list of generic niches
  2. Feeling overwhelmed with so much research
  3. Lack of time to sift through all the information
  4. No idea which products are profitable
  5. Unsure which products have low competition
  6. Undefined end-user/consumer problems

My proven system will show exactly:

  1. Which products are profitable today not last year
  2. You can see exactly what potential customers are saying about their challenges
  3. Remove the guesswork in finding hidden niches

Grab the opportunity to get access with many of your peers are hoping to find without the overwhelm and extra hassle.

All you need to do is enter your name and email address below to gain access to the video. It will show you a resource to find untouched or untapped niche markets in 24 hours or less.

Find Hot Untapped Niches Fast

Learn How to Find Untapped Niche Markets Fast


It is possible to find virtually untapped niche markets or profitable niche markets with a good amount of search volume and low competition.

This is important because it offers a lower barrier to entry when compared with fighting with bigger, well-established competitors in popular markets.

You now have two options to choose from. The first is taking the slow path of using Google trends and alerts to find those untapped markets.

The second faster option is using a tool combined with some awesome tips to find and capture those niches within a week.

It is really your choice in the end so choose wisely.

Find Hidden Blog Niches Fast


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    • Yes Dana, for the moment it can be difficult to see how one can incorporate virtual reality as a blogging niche but anything is possible.

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