What No One Told You About Fibroid Surgery Recovery Time

Before having a myomectomy I wanted to find out about the fibroid surgery recovery time but I could not seem to find the answers anywhere.

As a result, I decided to give my experience with a view to assisting many other women who had the same question.

Today I will continue from the first 3 days of my hospital stay where I spoke about my fibroid removal surgery experience.

In this post, I will cover the last 3 days of my hospital stay following the uterine fibroid treatment.

Myomectomy Recovery – Day 4

Hello ladies. It’s day four. Well, today was a very interestingly tough day, for me, at least. The day started off with a visit from the physiotherapist.

Although, they normally don’t do physiotherapy visit for people who had a Myomectomy as their uterine fibroids treatment.

My Gynecologist specifically ordered me, probably because of my past history with my pelvic floor muscle challenges.

She came to me, went through a few things and then we had to do the climbing of stairs. Because she wanted to show me the technique of how to climb stairs when I get home because I have a lot of stairs in my house.

Anyway, today I climbed two flights of stairs and when I got up, I was like, “Okay, how do I get back down?”

Interestingly enough getting back down was harder than going up, which I thought would have been the other way around.

Anyway, it was very helpful and very useful. She also gave me a leaflet on pelvic floor exercises, something I will address in another podcast for those who are interested.

Myomectomy Recovery
Photo by Nicole De Khors


Next up was an echocardiogram. Yep, as soon as I got back to the room there was someone waiting for me to go to get an echo scan done.

I went and got that done, and then I also had to get a heart rate monitor installed, I guess, is the word, or attached to my body for 24-hour monitoring timeframe.

Finally, while I actually was there, after getting my heart monitor device installed, or attached to my body, I was waiting for the porter to bring me back to my room.

I was given my patient chart, which I thought was an interesting read all together. Of course, some of the things I would have no idea what’s happening in there, others I did.

Patient Notes

When I finally got back to my room, I took a few pictures before they took the chart away. If ever you get a chance to look at your patient chart, please do.

It gives you a better insight as to what the doctors probably don’t tell you in full detail, like the anaesthetic use, the exact start and end times of the procedure.

The amount of blood that you lost, the results of all your blood tests, lots, and lots of information inside of that patient chart.

Okay. Like I mentioned yesterday, I didn’t have any appetite today, although lunch, I believe, was lovely.

No Bowel Movement

Anyway, when I got back to my room before I even jump to lunch, I had my breakfast, and I had to address the issue of still no bowel movement.

A lot of people think that you should get a bowel movement a few days after, a few weeks later. My doctor, my consultant surgeon, wanted to get it going before I left the hospital.

I suggested, “Give me some prune juice,” because I prefer natural ways of doing things as opposed to using meds. So I decided to try the prune juice first.

Actually, while eating breakfast, as I mentioned, everyone in the hospital here apparently gets blood thinners injection.

So I got that done while having my breakfast like I had every other day. That made me feel a little bit upset and before I knew it, I had an unexpected increase in my body temperature.

Photo by Sarah Pflug


So I was given Paracetamol to bring it down. I’m sorry for the sniffles, but somehow I have runny nose today. So it seems like it’s backward instead of forwards, but anyway.

They checked again this evening, and it’s high again, so I don’t know what’s going on, but it looks like I’m not going home tomorrow like I originally thought.

Anyway, that aside, I struggled with the prune juice, and the water all day long. Just when I think I’m there, unfortunately, at 6 o’clock it just wasn’t happening for me.

The good thing today is, I sat out from my bed for six hours in the afternoon, which, as I said, was amazing.

I got a late lunch because I had a late breakfast because of all the procedures and stuff I had to get done in the morning. I sat out, did a bit of walking about. Even with all of that it just doesn’t work.


So, unfortunately, at the end of the day, I had to be given a suppository that I’m supposed to keep in for 20 minutes. I only lasted three minutes and finally got a little bit of a bowel movement.

Probably tomorrow will have to get it again, but when you don’t get a bowel movement ladies, just don’t stress about it, life’s too short. What else happened today? I’m just looking through my notes. I think that, just about, covers everything.

I guess, the highlights of today was my son brought me a bit of Banoffee pie. A huge chunk. I took one look at it and told him, “No.”

So, I took one spoon of it and had that with the ice cream that I was having for my dinner with my salad.

I just didn’t want to end up getting sick again, as attractive as it looked on the plate. He went home, actually, another friend got it for me and he had to bring it for me.

I just still don’t have any appetite, feel a bit dehydrated today. It was quite warm today actually. I’m so sorry for the sniffles. But, yeah, that more-or-less covers my day-to-day, my victories, my ah-ha moments.

Heart Rate Monitor App

Oh, yeah, I probably should mention that I downloaded a heart rate monitor app. If you have a Fitbit or a device on your wrist, you can use that, but I just had to because my cardiologist is worried, even my surgeon is worried about my heart rate.

So we’ll see how that goes, another reason why I’m still in the hospital. Anyway, maybe that won’t happen to you when you’re having your myomectomy as your uterine fibroids treatment, so don’t worry about it too much.

But, anyway, that’s all for now ladies. I hope it’s of some use to someone today who would need to go and have that procedure done and they’re just wondering what it was like when you’re in the hospital.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your evening, or day, enjoy the rest of your week. Bye for now.

stethoscope and a blue scrub suit
Photo by Sarah Pflug

Myomectomy Recovery Time – Day 5

Hello ladies. It’s the dreaded day five. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up of what happened on day five.

So as you already know, I had surgery five days ago roughly in the evening, afternoon, evening sort of time.

I’ve been giving an insight for those of you thinking of or would be going through Myomectomy as your uterine fibroids treatment sometime in the future and you just want to know what actually happens when you get to the hospital.

Obviously, everyone’s different, but just give you a broad overview as to what happens, a very high level when you get admitted to the hospital and after the surgery happens.

Now, it’s day five and you’ve probably gotten accustomed to the routine by now. I probably was awakened long before that, but I had to actually get out of my bed.

Still No Appetite

Breakfast came into the room. As you know, I don’t really have any appetite. I don’t know why, but I finally found something that I could eat, probably, 50% of, as opposed to anything else on the menu.

They were offering eggs, mushrooms, and tomatoes for breakfast together with a croissant.

That was my breakfast for the last few days because I did try within roughly 12 hours after surgery, I did try some porridge together with, trying to remember, it was with two slices of McCambridge bread, I think is what you call that.

It’s all multigrain, multi-seeded bread. It was just terrible. It could have been just the timing and everything, so I have not ordered that breakfast ever since then.

I just had two or three spoonfuls and that was it. They were all going crazy. You have to eat again because you lost a lot of energy and all that sort of stuff.

3 bowls of salad and one bowl of a pumpkin soup
by Michelle Krozser


Anyway, so I had breakfast and, as you can imagine, for the last four days or so, the nurse came in to give me the blood thinners called Clexane, I think, is what this called.

That goes right into either your tummy, your leg, or your arm depending on where you want to get it.

My sniffles are gone. If you remember yesterday I had a bit of sniffle, it’s no longer there. My body is just all over the place in this hospital. I did get my heart rate monitor removed today.

I’m still waiting to hear any feedback or results from either the heart rate monitor, or the echocardiogram, or both. Because, as I mentioned yesterday, my heart rate is unusually high.

In terms of what else happened today, not much happened in the morning time. I sat from breakfast, I had all my three meals, sitting on a chair instead of doing it bed, as I did for the very first couple of days.

I did have, interestingly, curry for lunch. I like curry, but the curry wasn’t that great. But I ate quite a lot of it, added a bit of salt and just dove in.

That was good. I’m eating more and more, although I don’t really have an appetite. I’m not really forcing myself to eat and most days I have ice cream twice a day, as they give you dessert as well.

They have a two or three-course meal to start, the main course and dessert for dinner and for lunch. Then for breakfast the usual, either a hot breakfast, or continental, or whatever it is.


Anyway, interestingly today I, obviously, was asked … The key things they’re waiting on to discharge me from the hospital is a consistent bowel movement.

I had a bit of bowel movement yesterday after they gave me the suppository and today they literally gave me a laxative to drink.

That got to work and I managed to have a really big bowel movement. They just rolled back this evening and wanted to give me more.

I’m thinking like, “I’ve got nothing left. The tank is empty. What more do you want from me?” She said she’d give it to me in the morning. I’m not too sure why I need to have so much laxative, but anyway.

Walking Around

Today was my first day I did an actual walk around. So today was the very first time I was able to walk around the unit.

Well, I guess it’s called the floor, technically, when I think about it. It’s the second floor in the hospital.

So, I was able to do a walk sort of in the shape of a square. According to my calculations about 200 meters. It was comfortable enough. I didn’t overdo it, or anything like that.

I lapped around one time and then a second time. So just I’d say, that we read all over the internet that we need to walk et cetera.

So, I’ve got walking to do, it was my first time actually walking. I should have done it yesterday, but I was waiting for the company from one of my relatives.

So I actually went and did the laps twice as opposed to walking with a nurse to make it even more interesting.

hospital shower
Photo by Matthew Henry

My First Shower After Surgery

I’m just trying to make sure there’s nothing else I forget. Today was the first day I was able to actually have … Well, I can’t even call it a proper shower, but a full shower.

I literally went into the shower room, there was no sort of bath in bed carryon. I actually went into the shower.

I was a bit worried because I had forgotten to ask a nurse if my dressing was waterproof, but I went in any way because I didn’t want her to say, “No.”

They could easily just change a dressing, no big deal. I had a shower and I felt really good. But it was, all together, a not so bad day.

Still in hospital, unfortunately, just want to be able to go home, but anyway, it is what it is. I’ll just keep on keeping on.

I’m hoping, I’m going home tomorrow, but maybe it won’t be tomorrow, it might be the day after. But it’s good to be able to let you guys know what it’s like.

A little bit of in-depth information, letting you know what to expect, what not to expect, what my experience is like.

Trouble Sleeping

Obviously, everyone is different, but hopefully, you’ll be more or less the same. The hospital I am in the nurses come in probably every hour, every two hours, which can be, excuse me, a bit annoying, in terms of sleep.

I forgot to mention about sleep. I still haven’t had a good, full night sleep. It’s always every night a twisting and turning scenario.

I guess, I just probably need to be in a room that’s 100% dark. Right when there’s a light permanently on in my room, but it just is. It’s an emergency light, you can’t just switch it off, off. So I’ll have to just put up with it.

A couple hours sleep every night, but the nurses actually don’t come in at night unless you buzz them.

It’s not about the nursing bothering me, it’s just, it’s terrible in terms of, maybe, the bed is uncomfortable. I just can’t find a good sleeping position.

No Place Like Home

I can turn on my side. I know, in the first few days I telling you guys, “I just wanted to turn on my side.” I can turn on my side now, but I just can’t sleep.

So if you’re going to the hospital to expect sleep. If you can sleep anywhere, that’s one of the conditions, then you would probably be better off than me. I just need to sleep in a room that’s 100% dark.

Obviously, the bed is comfortable, so as much as I repeat, this is a typical hospital bed. Yes, I hope this helps, at least, one person to relieve any sort of fear or anxiety that you may have going into hospital for your Myomectomy as your uterine fibroids treatment.

But, bear in mind, it could be a really straightforward process if you have a good surgeon, which I saw today, again, probably for the last time during my visit here.

She’s done her bit, so get a good surgeon, get a good hospital, and good coverage, good medical insurance coverage.

The rest, as they say, is really up to you to mould and shape as you go. Alright. Thanks ever so much for listening ladies enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of your week. Bye for now.

holding a white pill and a glass of water
Photo by Jan of Jeshoots

Fibroid Tumor Removal – Day 6

Hello ladies. It’s day six. I just want to give you guys a brief update of what happened today.

It all started off quite normally. Got up, had my breakfast, got my Clexane injection for thinning the blood, as well as my painkillers.

The nurse, who is in charge of my Myomectomy (uterine fibroids treatment), was still checking a few things.

Just before lunch she came back and said, “If it would be okay for me to get discharged today?” Which I was so excited about, so she said I’d be getting discharged probably around two or three, between two and 3 o’clock.

She just needs to do all the paperwork. My echocardiogram and heart rate monitor results were back and she says we can clear all of that and give me a chance to go home. So I was so excited, and I actually started packing up to go.

A Few Takeaway Points

I just wanted to give a few takeaway points that I noticed about my body. So far, in terms of how it was before the surgery and how it is after.

One of the things I notice is a bit of incontinence, so an inability to hold my urine for any amount of time.

Once my brain sends a message to my bladder and says it’s time to go, I literally have to run, and I know I can’t run, so I have to wear protection because it’s just a big level of leakage all the way to the bathroom.

Obviously, there’s also the pain. I basically can’t walk as freely as I used to. What else has changed?

I still don’t really have my appetite back. I’m really not back to normal in regards to eating, not eating as much food either.

Just something for you to be aware of, just in case you’re wondering how is your body going to be different the first week after your Myomectomy or uterine fibroids treatment surgery.

Unable to Lift Things

I’m just trying to think if there was anything else. Obviously, lifting that’s really important actually, forgot about that.

Inability to lift things as you used to, bend over as you used to, and most importantly standing for long periods of time, or even doing, just getting stuff done.

You get tired pretty quickly and you have to slow down or just stop. Those are just some important points to note, just in case you’re wondering, “How will I feel after the surgery?”

Obviously, it’s going to take more time for me to get back to normal. I just can’t wait to get back to normal.

In the meantime, I just thought I’d let you guys know what’s going down and what it feels like from a real person.

I’m giving you it blow by blow, day after day, how it’s happening and I guess the next time I’ll be talking to you guys, I’ll be talking about the stuff that happens before the surgery.

So you know what happened when I attended the doctor, with the surgeon. When I actually checked in.

I didn’t actually talk about that, as yet. Then probably give you an update two weeks on to let you know how things are progressing. Anything.

If I have any sort of ah-ha moments or something that works that helped me heal faster, or that will help make me progress more towards normalcy, I will pop in and let you guys know.


It does take quite some time to recover from a fibroid surgery.  There can also be many things in the mix depending on your health background.

You need to be mentally prepared for everything and avoid getting frustrated as a myomectomy is not necessarily a walk in the park.

I was not really mentally ready as I had no idea what to expect.  I really hope that my experience gave you some insight into the surgery experience.

Fibroid Surgery Recovery Time


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