7 Landing Page Examples That You Never Knew Existed

Is finding specific landing page examples proving difficult?

Your business or blog needs a landing page to grow your email list but you are not sure how to get started.

I still remember many years ago when I wanted to create my very first landing page.

There weren’t a lot of options available on the market at the time like landing page builders.

Lucky for me I learned sufficient html to be able to figure my way through the process.

Does this sound familiar?

You spotted a pretty landing page somewhere online and you are wondering how to get one like that to match your business or brand.

The fact that you are not technically gifted does not help so it can take you weeks to figure it out.

If only there was a way to create a new landing page for your business within 24 hours without the need to learn to code that would really help.

In this post, you will learn where to find the best landing page templates and how you can get one customized to suit your business requirements.

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What is a Landing Page?

Did you know that all web pages are not created equal? There are many people who are still confused about what is a landing page.

A landing page is a web page that is designed to accomplish a specific purpose or goal.

Some examples of goals include to sell something, join your email list, watch a video, encourage social sharing and much, much more.

Landing pages tend to focus on a single goal when compared to other types of web pages.

If a landing page is not achieving the intended goal then it would need to be tweaked until it does.

Other names for a landing page include:

  1. Squeeze page
  2. Lead capture page
  3. Opt-in page
  4. Lead magnet page
  5. Free offer page

As you can see the list can be endless when it comes to naming a landing page.

So, what are the key elements that make a landing page different from any other page?

Well, let’s spend some time looking at the anatomy of a high converting landing page in more detail.

The Anatomy of a Landing Page

If there is one thing you need to remember when creating a landing page is the fact that less is more.

In other words, the less things you have on a landing page is the more it has a chance of achieving its goal.

The most popular kind of landing page that is used by a small business is a squeeze page or opt-in page.

It is mainly used to offer a freebie or lead magnet in order to grow your email list.

Here’s an example of a landing page I created over 3 years ago. What do you notice about it?

FB Mktg landing page example

In case you are wondering if that is everything on the page the answer is yes.

What is the goal of this landing page? Can you guess?

The main goal is to get the user to sign up for the mini eCourse. There isn’t anything else for them to do.

Yes, they can decide not to sign up but there are only two options available to them.

There are 6 key elements of this landing page and these are:

  1. Who
  2. What
  3. When
  4. Where
  5. Why
  6. How


It is for anyone interested in learning more about Facebook marketing and they need to have an email address to get access to the course.


This is a Facebook marketing mini eCourse that is only available online.


The ‘When’ element can refer to when the person can get access to the course or when it will take place.


So, the course will be delivered to them right in their inbox over the course of a few days.


Is there a reason why they should sign up? Well, they will get to learn something they don’t already know about Facebook marketing to improve their knowledge.


In order to access it they need to enter their name and email so that they can have it conveniently delivered to them via email.

The next time you decide to create a landing page be sure that you can answer all these 6 questions for the benefit of your prospect.

Landing Page vs Regular Web Page

For some it might be still a little bit confusing as to the real difference between a landing page vs a regular web page.

The best way to help in this scenario is to do a side by side comparison between the two.

Do you remember playing a game called spot the difference where you have to see what was different between two images?

Well, let me try and give you a similar game to play. Lol!!

3 Key Secrets landing page example

In the screenshot above is another landing page that is similar to the previous one and I decided to add a few extra elements.

For your convenience, here is a screenshot of the Facebook marketing landing page again.

FB Mktg landing page

How many choices does the prospect have on each page? The ‘3 key secrets’ page is giving them 15 options.

However, the Facebook marketing page only has two options.

Did you spot the difference? Which one will yield better results and why?

Types of Landing Pages

As I mentioned previously there are several different types of landing pages that exist.

So far, I have focused on the squeeze or lead magnet type of landing page but there are even more examples for you to see.

Sign Up Landing Page

There are a ton of companies that offer software as a service (Saas) and one example of this is an email service provider.

Many of them allow you to use their service for free but with limited options.

A great example of this is ConvertKit, here is their sign up landing page.

ConvertKit sign up landing page

On this page there aren’t many options available except to sign up or to leave.

Sales Landing Page

If you are a digital business and you sell products or services online then having a sales landing page is something you need to consider.

Here are two popular examples of sales landing pages.

This first example is one from the Pixistock website where they have a Content calendar bundle for sale.

Content Calendar bundle - Pixistock

In this example, you will see a Canva workbook template for sale on the Styled Stock Society website.

Workbook Canva templates - Styled Stock

In both examples the visitor to the website is guided to make a choice to get a sweet deal with attractive discounts.

Thank You Landing Page

As a small business owner it is important to say thank you to your subscriber for signing up to your free offer.

Setting this up should be pretty easy as it should have a similar look and feel to the lead magnet page with instructions on how to access the freebie.

FB Mktg landing page - thank you

You are probably thinking that shouldn’t be necessary to do for your subscribers but it is better to give them a wonderful experience rather than leaving them hanging.

Webinar Landing Page

Another type of landing page is one for a webinar. Although it is similar to a lead magnet it works really well to deliver high value training.

Here’s an example of one to help newbies to start a blog the right way.

Start your profitable blog - Webinar landing page

As you can see the visitor is not given a lot of options. They can either sign up or leave.

Waitlist Landing Page

Doing a course launch 2-4 times a year means that you need to have a landing page available for potential customers or members to express their interest.

This kind of web page is called a waitlist landing page and you can see an example of this below.

B-School Waitlist landing page

Again you can see here the visitor to the web page has very few options. If they don’t sign up they may not know when B-School will open again.

Landing Page Examples

If you are like me and you are not a graphic designer coming up with ideas to create attractive landing pages is really hard.

This is why looking at a few examples of landing pages can really help you to take an existing idea and make it your own.

So, where can you go to find the best landing page examples anyway?

A major secret to finding these examples is by using the landing page builders that have existing templates on their platforms.

Here are the top 11 places where you can find landing page examples.

  1. MailMunch
  2. Thrive Themes
  3. Elementor
  4. MailerLite
  5. LeadPages
  6. OptimizePress
  7. Funnel Gorgeous
  8. Unbounce
  9. Instapage
  10. ClickFunnels
  11. CartFlows

Let’s take a brief look at 7 of them in turn so that you can get a quick idea as to the quality of their landing pages in advance.

1. MailMunch

Although they have a free option to get access to their premium templates you will need to pay $13.99 a month to get access to all their pages.

MailMunch landing templates

2. Thrive Themes

The folks at Thrive Themes are known for creating landing pages that get high click-through rates.

They don’t have a free option so be prepared to pay handsomely for their pages. You can purchase a single license for $67 a year.

Thrive Architect video sales page example

3. Elementor

Elementor is one of those landing page builders that offer amazing value for money because they have a free and paid option.

Their paid option only sets you back $49 a year and it comes with all their pro features, kitchen sink included.

Elementor landing page templates

4. MailerLite

In a similar way to Elementor, there is a free option available with MailerLite.

There are over 200 pages available for you to choose from for your business requirements.

MailerLite landing page templates

5. LeadPages

For a more premium-feeling landing page, you can check out the ones on offer at LeadPages.

Their prices start at $25 a month to use their platform. There is no need to have an existing website to use this service.

Leadpages landing page gallery

6. OptimizePress

If there is one company that has been around for many years it is OptimizePress.

I first came across their WordPress plugin 8-10 years ago and they have been growing from strength to strength since that time.

They offer a variety of landing page examples that you can use for almost any type of landing page for your business needs.

Their package plans start at $99 a year to use in a single site.

Here’s a peep into the quality of their offering in the screenshot below.

OptimizePress landing page templates

7. Funnel Gorgeous

These ladies are fairly new in the male-dominated, landing page marketplace.

Although they don’t have their own platform yet their landing pages are truly gorgeous.

They currently have templates available for ClickFunnels, Kajabi and Elementor.

Funnel Gorgeous landing page templates

There are so many options to choose from so it would be difficult to make a final decision.

woman jotting down notes from a laptop


There is a lot of design and psychology that goes into creating the perfect landing page.

For this reason I will encourage you to model your landing page after one that has been tried and tested.

Of course, it would be even better to outsource this task to someone with experience as you can spend weeks creating one.

If you are looking to hire someone in your business to do all the things and you are unsure where to start feel free to book some time in my calendar here.

Over to you, have you ever created a landing page for your blog or business?

What has been your experience? Let me know in the comments.


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