25 Best Chrome Extensions to Boost Productivity

The 20+ Must-Have Chrome Extensions That’ll Boost Your Productivity This Week

Are you suffering from overwhelm? Not enough time in the day? These Chrome extensions for productivity will clear your back log in double-quick time.

Recently I was struggling with a dilemma where I needed to move over 1,000 records from Google Sheets to Trello.

While this may initially sound like a simple copy and paste job it wasn’t at all.

You see some of the data needed to go into the description section on Trello.

If you ever used Trello you will know that to place data into the description box will require the user to click on each individual card and enter the data.

Imagine having to do this over 300 times. How long do you think it will take?

It will easily take a few days and I will end up with a sore wrist, neck and back.

Anyway, I found a cool piece of software that gets this done in minutes instead of hours or days and I was ecstatic.

In this post, you will learn about the best Chrome extensions that will shave hours of work off your day so you can get back to doing the things you love.

workingwoman sitting on her desk

Are Chrome Extensions Safe?

For the most part, Chrome extensions are above board but it is important that you as a user take the necessary steps to protect your data.

Here are 5 things that you can do to take cautious steps to ensure that each extension you install is not malicious.

  • Check the website of the provider
  • Take a look at the reviews
  • Read the description carefully
  • Pay attention to the terms and conditions
  • Google the extension name + ‘scam’ or ‘reviews’

Check the website provider

Always have a look at the provider’s website before you decide to download the extension. In some instances, they don’t have a website.

Just because everyone else is using it does not make it safe. So, always double-check to be sure.

Take a look at the reviews

The most reputable plugins that have a great track record will have 4 and even 5 star reviews.

Think about if you found a piece of software that enhanced your life wouldn’t you tell everyone about it?

I know I did.

Read the description carefully

Any Chrome extension that is worth their salt will be careful to give a good write up about what is on offer.

Take the time to read the description and if anything does not sit right with you then check other options.

woman sitting on the floor holding a cup

Pay attention to the terms and conditions

Another area that you should really spend time reading is the terms and conditions for using the plugin.

I have over 20 Chrome extensions on my browser and I must say that I did not read all of the terms on every one of them.

Sometimes you have to trust your gut or ask other people in your business circles or friends for their feedback.

Google extension name + ‘scam’ or ‘review’

A big red flag that may pop up is when you do a Google search for the Chrome extension name plus ‘scam’ or ‘review’.

If the extension is over 10 years old and you find some dirt on them then you may want to dig deeper.

Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

The best Chrome extensions for productivity are the ones that save you time, money or your sanity. Lol!!

As a small business owner you have to wear all the hats and when you are just starting out or turning your hobby into a business your budget can be tight.

This list of Chrome extensions are carefully hand picked to help you get tasks done faster or cheaper.

Some of them can even give you an advantageous position by giving a special insight.

Now that you have a fair idea about the pros and cons of using Chrome extensions let’s look at the ones that will keep you productive.

  1. Invisible Hand
  2. Facebook Pixel Helper
  3. Clickfunnels Page Editor
  4. Google Discussions
  5. Video Downloader Plus
  6. GoFullPage
  7. Imageye
  8. Sound Booster
  9. Pinterest Save Button
  10. Hubspot Sales
  11. Newsfeed Eradicator
  12. OneTab
  13. TabSnooze
  14. Nimbus Screenshot
  15. Pocket
  16. Video Speed Controller
  17. LastPass
  18. BuiltWith
  19. Streak
  20. Guru
  21. Group Leads
  22. Speedtest
  23. Soapbox
  24. HelloHostess
  25. Checker Plus for Google Calendar

1. Invisible Hand

For all the penny pinchers or anyone who like to save money the Invisible Hand Chrome extension is a dream come true.

If you are on Amazon looking at an item that you plan to buy and you have Invisble Hand installed it will let you know where you can get that item cheaper.

Invisible Hand Chrome extension
image from Invisible hand

2. Pixel Helper

If you own a website and at some time in the future you would like to get a deeper insight into the people who visit your blog then this Chrome extension is for you.

Once installed you can wait 180 days and head over to the Facebook Business Suite to get an in-depth view of your website analytics.

It will also help you to create Lookalike audiences from your existing data.

3. ClickFunnels Page Editor

This Chrome extension is amazing and saves you a lot of time if you build funnels.

Essentially, it is run by FunnelFixit and they offer a service that allows you to get any landing page you want to imitate copied into ClickFunnels.

Even if the landing page is not a ClickFunnels page. The typical turnaround time is 48 hours.

4. Google Discussions

I am only recommending this one if you promise to be very careful with it because it has not been updated since 2016.

The Google Discussions Chrome extension allows you to find forums and message boards very easily when you have it installed.

You will not believe it but there are 10,000 users of this extension currently which is amazing.

5. Video Downloader Plus

If you are big into videos and you need a way to download videos that you find online then this Chrome extension is for you.

It allows you to download almost any video from any website and even downloads multiple videos simultaneously.

Say goodbye to those annoying Youtube adverts and gain the freedom you need to get your favourite videos into a playlist right on your computer.

6. GoFullPage

Have you ever came across a page that was amazing but there were so many different elements that it was difficult to capture the page?

Well the GoFullPage Chrome extension actually gives you the flexibility to take a screenshot or screen capture of the full page even if it is 17 pages long.

The resulting file will be either a jpg or a pdf.

7. Imageye

Let me know if you can relate to this. You are searching Google images for an accurate image of a company logo or other item for an illustration.

Each time you think that you found the perfect image it is either pixelated or tiny.

With Imageye you can become a Google image master because it allows you to find your perfect image by size and type (jpg, png. etc.).

Once found you can download it right from the Imageye extension.

woman's desk with her laptop and coffee

8. Sound Booster

If you watch movies on YouTube or online using your browser you may notice that sometimes the volume is not loud enough.

This is especially true if you want to place your laptop a good distance away from you because you are watching with a friend or family member.

The good news is that thanks to the Sound Booster Chrome extension you can get an extra increase in volume.

9. Pinterest Save Button

Whenever you find a great recipe online like how to make the best pizza dough and you want to save it to your recipe board on Pinterest.

Then this cool Chrome extension is great to help you save the recipe quickly and easily.

Pinterest Save Button Chrome Extension

I have actually tried that pizza dough recipe and modified it and it just works so it is worth saving.

Sam, the recipe owner even replies to comments and questions.

10. Hubspot Sales

If you are using the Hubspot CRM together with Gmail then you will be happy to know that there is an extension just for you.

The Hubspot Sales Chrome extension allows you to track and log your emails sent from Gmail to Hubspot without leaving your inbox.

You can even search your database and embark on a call campaign right from within Gmail.

11. News Feed Eradicator

So this Chrome extension is hilarious it can save you time when you are on Facebook and Twitter by eradicating your entire newsfeed.

It is such a great idea for those of us who log into Facebook to do some research or respond to a comment and then realised 2 hours later that we got lost. Lol!!

News feed eradicator Chrome extension

If your plan was to visit a specific group you can do so without seeing the newsfeed on Facebook.

I am not sure how interesting Twitter would be without a newsfeed since they don’t really have groups.

12. One Tab

I have heard of One Tab on several occasions and I can see how it can save energy and anxiety for many people.

Having more than 5 tabs open causes me a bit of apprehension already. So, if you are the type to have 20 tabs open at one then this one is for you.

When you click on the One Tab extension it turns all your open tabs into a neat list.

13. Tab Snooze

If using One Tab still does not do the trick for you then you will be happy to hear about Tab Snooze.

It literally puts your open tab to sleep for a future date when you have the bandwidth and time to look at the article, video or to do list.

The sleeping tab wakes up gently at your specified time so that you can catch up on where you left off.

woman in her desk writing a note

14. Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder is similar to Loom and Awesome Screenshot but it is a more sophisticated version.

It allows you to capture a screenshot or video of your screen. You have the added benefit of capturing the onscreen audio.

One additional feature is the ability to use their drawing tools which will be great for teachers.

15. Pocket

This Chrome extension allows you to save articles and video for later and sync it on other devices as well.

Think of a time when you came across a great article and you didn’t have time to read it entirely.

With the Pocket Chrome extension you can save it for later and read it on your phone or tablet when you have more time.

16. Video Speed Controller

If you are short on time but you need to watch a video from start to finish one great way to get this done is by speeding up the video.

Thanks to the Video Speed Controller you can speedup, slow down or even rewind any HTML 5 video by using shortcuts.

Now you can get your online training completed much faster.

17. LastPass

Do you have close to 1 million passwords like me? If yes, then you will find this Chrome extension an absolute life saver.

The LastPass Chrome extension is great for saving passwords in a secure vault so that you can easily access your logins on the fly.

Another great thing is that it allows you to securely share passwords with freelancers or contractors.

Your clients can also share their passwords with you safely and securely as well.

18. BuiltWith

If you love technology like me and sometimes you are curious what platform a website is built on then the BuiltWith Chrome extension is perfect for you.

Not only will it tell you what platform a website is running on but also what other technologies are at play for marketing, analytics and other features.

No more guessing or searching when you find awesome technology that you want to use.

19. Streak

Are you are looking for a budget-friendly CRM to use together with Gmail? Then the Streak Chrome extension is a perfect fit.

It will convert your Gmail inbox into a comprehensive CRM so that you can easily track your leads at the drop of a hat.

The coolest feature about Streak is that it allows you to automatically capture contacts and emails right from your pipeline.

20. Guru

An excellent Chrome extension that I wish I had from 18 years working in the corporate world for fortune 500 companies.

Whenever you are speaking to a client in a large organisation with over 5,000 employees and you need to track down the answer having a knowledge management solution is a must.

I cannot tell you the number of times I needed to send off an email or pick up the phone to ask a question.

open magazine with eye glasses on it

21. Group Leads

Probably one of the most time-saving Chrome extensions for Facebook group owners.

Imagine being able to capture the email addresses of your group members and add them to your email service provider automatically.

Well, this is what Group Leads does for you and eliminates the need to get this done manually.

22. Speed Test

When you live in the middle of nowhere like I do and you are super thankful to have broadband providers.

There are times when the broadband is so slow that you want to check your upload and download speeds on the fly.

The Speed Test Chrome extension helps you to conduct a speed test of your current service provider as well as a ping.

23. Soapbox

If there is one Chrome extension for productivity that just blew my mind it is Soapbox.

Think of it like Loom but with a more creative flair and sophisticated features for the more discerning marketer.

Here’s what you can do with Soapbox;

  • Create and share unlimited videos
  • Copy and paste your video into an email
  • Customize your player colour
  • Select when you want to transition between sharing your screen, your face, or both in a split-screen view.
  • Include a link at the end of your video
  • Trim the beginning and end of your videos for a clean start and finish
  • Edit your videos even after they’ve been shared
  • Create a custom video thumbnail
  • Export your Soapbox videos to a Wistia account for access to video marketing tools and in-depth analytics

I don’t know about you but this one is a clear winner in my productivity books.

24. HelloHostess

As the owner or admin of a Facebook group you will know how time consuming it is to run one of those.

Daily tasks can include vetting new members, adding them to the group, checking for trolls, vetting posts, creating engaging posts, keeping the members happy and so much more.

The HelloHostess Chrome extension helps Facebook group owners and admins to automatically welcome new members to the group.

While this only manages one of the many tasks, together with the Group Leads extension it is a step in the right direction.

25. Checker Plus for Google Calendar

If you use Google Calendar to book appointments then you will love this next Chrome extension.

Checker Plus for Google Calendar is by far one of the best for productivity because it allows you to receive notifications without logging in Google Calendar.

You also get the ability to set up new appointments on the fly and even add webpages to your calendar for later.

a photo of a woman in a side view holding a coffee


As you probably already know time is our most precious resource on the planet.

Which means anything that saves you time is a win-win solution.

Of course, saving money can also be an added benefit especially when you find a solution like Soapbox which can save you both time and money.

If you dislike the adverts on YouTube that keep interrupting your viewing and listening pleasure then Video Downloader Plus can give you that peace of mind.

Hubspot Sales and LastPass are also some of the best Chrome extensions for productivity on the big list.

I just saw another awesome extension called Todoist for Chrome so feel free to take a look at this one as well.

Over to you which Chrome extensions do you use daily to remain productive and/or save money?

Let me know in the comments.


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The Big List of Time Saving Chrome Extensions to Save Time and Money

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