42 Blog Income Report Studies From $78.62 to $233,476

Have you ever wanted a detailed blog income report study that is 100% applicable to your specific niche?

If you have been a blogger for more than 12 months you may have noticed the many blog income reports riddled across social media by fellow bloggers.

You are sometimes probably wishing that it was you deep down inside who arrived at the end of that journey or goal.

If the report is one that is 6-figures a month or even a year you would be just happy with enough to keep you and your household afloat.

The truth is many bloggers across several niches continue to struggle to generate an acceptable income for themselves and their families.

It is possible to generate an income from blogging if you keep working towards your long term goals with consistency.

In this post, I will give a breakdown of the many income reports that I have come across so far by niche.  I’ll give an indication of what kind of coaching brought them to that goal.

Disclaimer: Please note that this post may contain affiliate links which means that if you buy one of my recommended products I get paid a commission for sharing the link.  I only recommend products that I have tried myself and have experienced success.

What Is A Blog Income Report?

Just in case you are new to blogging and you have no idea what I am talking about here are the deets.

A blog income report is an article or post written by a blogger giving their earnings over the last period (month or year) to include earning/revenue and expenditure.

The good thing about a blog income report is that it gives transparency as to what exactly is bringing in the revenue for the blogger on their own blog.

This offers great benefits to the reader because they can know what to expect in terms of expenses in order to experience success.

Many times it is easy to assume that blogging does not have a lot of expenses and that you can start a blog in one of the most profitable blog niches for less than $10.

Of course, this is not true as you would need to spend money on things that are important in order to experience success.

Typical Blog Expenses

I know that I covered this before in a previous post but if you did not see it then here is a list of things that you can expect to pay for as a blogger.

There are generally two different kinds of expenses when it comes to blogging.  The first would be the cost of setting up and running the blog, aka the technology.

The next part is the marketing of your blog.  You would need to spend time and energy to get the word out about your blog.

Standard Blog Expenses




Domain Name



Web Hosting



WordPress Theme



Email Marketing



Landing Pages


Thrive Leads


$510 in year one


Blog Expenses For Marketing





Social Media Marketing



Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

Visual Media Planning




Visual Search







Google, Yahoo, Bing








Blog Coaching

One of the best ways to fast track the growth of your blog is to invest in some coaching from someone who did it before.

Those bloggers who publish monthly income reports in the six-figure range always mention the mistakes that they made on the journey.

There is so much that can go wrong when it comes to running a blog that it would make sense to learn from someone else’s mistakes.

Although investing in a blog coach does not totally eliminate all possible errors it can certainly help to guide you on that path.

Similar to expenses there are several different categories when it comes to coaching. The reason for this is that there are several aspects to blogging.

Starting a Blog

The process of starting a blog is pretty standard across all niches and there are a number of free resources available to help you get there.

Writing a Blog Post

When it comes to writing your first set of blog posts can be scary because you may not know what to write and how to optimise it.

There are a number of resources available to help you with this process but it all depends on if you have mapped out your niche and avatar properly.

Growing An Email List

One of the best things you can do for your blog is to start growing your email list right away.

Depending on your budget there are both free and paid email marketing platforms available for you to choose from.

The art of writing welcome emails as well as nurturing sequences inside of a funnel is a completely different story.

There are a number of experts in this area who can help you get there. I know that writing an email sequence is not for everyone.

Here is a great email marketing resource to get you on your way.

Marketing Using Pinterest

Since 2014 the world of blogging took a leap forward with the introduction of Pinterest.

This is because Pinterest has made it super easy for new bloggers to increase their blog traffic with visitors from their platform.

If you are brand new to Pinterest you can take a look at my post on Pinterest tips to get 100,000 page views.

Implementing Pinterest SEO is super important to help you get the results that you need for your blog.

For a beginner-friendly Pinterest course, you can check on this one here.  If you are past that stage and need a more comprehensive course that will give you advanced strategies you can take a look at this one.

Blog Income Report By Niche

I have a set of blog income reports broken down by niche across 8 niches.  These niches include:

  1. Health
  2. Food
  3. Fashion + Beauty
  4. Mom Blogs
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Travel
  7. Personal Finance
  8. Marketing + Biz + Blogging

It was extremely difficult to find up to date income reports for some of the niche blogs like fashion + beauty possibly because most of their income is on Youtube or Instagram.

Health blogs also posed a few challenges in terms of finding blogs with pure health only focus that produced income reports.

1. Health

In the health and wellness category I have the following blogs:

The first income report is from Well and Wealthy who produced an income of $300.00 in April 2018.  The income was generated using affiliate programs.

They did not give much detail about which blog coaching course helped them to achieve this goal.

Hot Beauty Health is one of those blogs that fall into two niches which are beauty and health.  Diana, a full-time blogger, reported an income of $6,024 in March of 2018

The income was generated from 3 main sources including affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and display ads.

They said that there were two main courses that help them to reach these significant income goals.  The courses were Pinterest Traffic Avalanche and Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

Organize Yourself Skinny is next on the list in the health niche with a blog income report of $9,260 which was generated in April 2016.

This income came from affiliate marketing, digital products and digital ads.  They also seem to suggest that their success came from a course called Food Blogger Pro.

Fit Mom Journey is the last one I have in the health blogging niche and their income from September 2018 is $7,299.00

Affiliate marketing and ad revenue were responsible for this four-figure income stream.  They do recommend the Pinning Perfect Course helped with their success.

If you are a more visual person like me then here is a viewable format of this same report for the health bloggers.

2. Food

In the food blogging niche, I managed to find 5 bloggers that gave their food blog income reports.

Here is a quick breakdown of these five reports.

The Bewitchin Kitchen reported an income of $4,437.38 in June 2017.  The revenue sources mainly consisted of sponsored posts and ads.

They gave credit to Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing as well as another course called Closing Strong for their success.

Jessica Gavin is another food blogger that generated an income of 5,097.90 in March of 2017.   Most of the income came from affiliate sales and sponsored posts.

The Endless Meal is next on the list with an income report of  6,484.07 in October 2017.  Sponsored posts and Ads make up the majority of this income.

Rose Atwater is a food blogger focused on baking.  She reported a blogging income of $9,416.98 in December of 2016.

Ads, affiliate income and sponsored posts make up the bulk of that revenue.  There isn’t any information on the coaching she received to attain this goal.

Finally, the popular Pinch of Yum in the last blog in the food niche that I have where the income report is $72,819.74 for November 2016

Sponsored posts, online courses, Ads and affiliate marketing make up the core of this 5-figure blog income report.

Below is a handy visual of these five bloggers along with their necessary information.

3. Beauty + Fashion

I did mention this earlier but as a reminder, I did have difficulties finding blog income reports for beauty and fashion bloggers.

It could be that their revenue generation happens via a YouTube channel and Instagram so they are less likely to have it available.

Let’s take a look at the ones that I obtained so far during my research.

The Chic Pursuit reported a blog income of $4,284  for October 2018.  This revenue was generated mainly via affiliate marketing and Ads.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche seem to be the main reason for their success so far.

Mostly Morgan is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blog that reported an income of $2,000 in November 2016.

The majority of this revenue came from a combination of sponsored posts, Ads and affiliate marketing.

I was intrigued to find this one but The Modest Man is the final one that I have in the fashion and beauty category.   Their income for Q3 of 2018 was $25,885.

Their products, Ads and affiliate marketing make up the bulk of this revenue for the blog.

4. Mom Blog Income Reports

This study will be incomplete without mom blogs.  We all need mommy blogs to keep things in balance.

Luckily I did find a sufficient amount of reports in the mom blog niche to make the comparison even.

Here is the list of those reports for your convenience.

This Mama Blogs had an income of $1,937.65 in November 2018.  The main two sources of that income were Ads and affiliate marketing.

Blog coaching was their source of success and they gave Making Pinterest Possible and Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing as their key sources.

Frugal Mom Guide reported an income of $78.62 in August 2018.  This was made up of Ads and affiliate marketing.

Italian Polish Momma generated $1,019.94 in July 2018 which consisted of Ads and affiliate marketing as well.

Interestingly there were three blog coaching courses that contributed to their success.  These were Tribes for Traffic, Traffic Transformation and The Core Affiliate Strategy.  

Mamas On Money is next on the list and they shared an income report of $10,000 for May 2018.  

They had a great mix of revenue streams which included Ads, sponsored posts, website flipping, products and services.

Joyful Messes produced a report where she made her first $1,000 but it does not give a specific date.  

The bulk of the revenue consisted of sponsored posts and affiliate marketing.  She does give credit to a couple of courses for her success these were Pinteresting strategies and Make Money Blogging.

Finally, Easy Baby Life had an income report of $4,310 in April 2017.  This revenue came from affiliate marketing and Ads.

Here is a visual representation of these 6 bloggers’ income reports.

5. Lifestyle Blogs Income

Lifestyle bloggers are next in our study of blog income reports.  All the ones I found reported income in the year 2018.

Let’s take a look at the shortlist of these 5 bloggers.

With a blog name like Chasing A Better Life, you would expect them to be generating a liveable income.

Their income for June 2018 was $4,273.93 which came mainly from Ads.  They do credit Billionaire Blog Club aka Dare to Conquer for their success.

The Thought Journal did not leave you wondering for too long as they shared an income report of $1,257.89 for April 2018.

Ads and affiliate marketing make up the majority of their blog income.  They have credited Pinterest Millionaire and Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing as the main sources of their success.

Love Family Health is the creme of this lot as Megan reported an income of $11,974 in August of 2018.  This revenue mainly came from the course Pinterest Ninja.

Megan does also offer Pinterest audits for those who need them.

Easy Economical Living is another Lifestyle blog that shares an income report of $1,045 for March 2018.

This revenue was generated via Etsy.  It is the only blog in my study that has Etsy listed as the source of income.

Fire and a Beer is the last lifestyle blog on my list and their income report is for July 2018 which totalled $1,843.10.

The income mainly came from affiliate marketing.  Below is a visual of all 5 of these blogs.

6. Travel Blog Income

I found three income reports for travel blogs. 

As you can imagine being a travel blogger could mean being a digital nomad.

The blog income for a digital nomad tends to be quite different compared to those of other bloggers.

Let’s look at my travel blog income report shortlist.

Travel Blog Breakthrough is the first one on my list and they have an October 2016 blog income report of  $3,269.00.  This income came from Ads, sponsored posts and affiliate marketing.

Practical Wanderlust is up next and their February 2018 income report was $4,305.96. This income source was Ads, freelancing, courses and affiliate marketing.

Eternal Expat is the last of the three and their income reported is for January 2018 and the total income was $2,501.25.

The main sources of their income were copywriting, affiliate marketing and freelancing.

Below is a visual of these three blog reports.

7. Personal Finance Blog Income

If there is one group of bloggers that should be making money bloggers that group has to be personal finance bloggers.

At least that is my opinion.  After all these bloggers show you how to save money, invest money and make money.

I have a shortlist of 8 personal finance bloggers who generated between $1,700 and $165,000 a month blogging in this niche.

Let’s take a look at who they are what they did and what they recommend.

Caroline Vencil is the first one on the list and her blog generated a whopping $25,871 in November 2018.

The main income sources for her were affiliate marketing, hosting and surveys.  

She does recommend Elite Blog Academy and Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing as the reason for her success.

Natalie Bacon was a big income earner that I found for the personal finance niche as she generated $165,000 for all of 2018.  The revenue is from her course.

She suggests that the Six Figure Blogger program is the key reason for her success.

Fin Savvy Panda is another popular name on the blogging front and they reported an income of $6,840.01 for December 2018.

The majority of this income was made via affiliate marketing.  Interestingly Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and Making Pinterest Possible are the two coaching programs that help with their success.

Believe In A Budget is up next with a May 2018 income report of $39,117.28.  The main sources of income are courses, affiliate marketing and products.

Busy Budgeter is a popular name in Blog Land.  They shared an income of $16,183.34 in July 2016.  They kept going and reported a figure of $86,438 in January 2017.

The majority of their income comes from Ads, affiliate marketing and their own products.

Rosemarie has been interviewed several times and she continues to attribute her success to the Elite Blog Academy program.

Smart Nancials reported an income for April 2017 of $1,726.  The revenue was generated using affiliate marketing and Ads.

They believe that the secret to their success has been great coaching from Pinteresting Strategies and Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

Money Done Right continues to blow things out of the water with their January 2018 blog income report of $12,456.

You are probably thinking that because they are both accountants that are expected. The revenue was generated using Ads and affiliate marketing. 

The Savvy Couple is the last in this series of personal finance blogs and their income report for June 2018 was $11,358 which is not far behind Money Done Right.

Their key revenue generators were Ads, sponsored posts and affiliate marketing.  The three keys to their success were Stupid Simple SEO, Flourish with Facebook Ads and Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

Here is a neat layout of all 8 personal finance bloggers.

8. Blogging + Business Income Reports

The last niche in this study is those that are in the general business niche that covers digital marketing, blogging and business.

I found several reports in this niche and managed to narrow my list down to 8 in total.

Let’s dive right in so that you can get to the end of this article.

HerPaperRoute is the first on this list and Chelsea has reported an income of $10,164 in May of 2018.

Her main sources of income were affiliate marketing, hosting, services and courses. If you would like to learn how Chelsea uses affiliate marketing to generate an income you can learn her secrets here.

Sarah Titus’ story of her success is super amazing and so is her income.  She reported an income of $233,476 in January of 2018.

Her main sources for that income were affiliate marketing and products.  Everyone knows Sarah for her amazing store of printables.

Melyssa Griffin also had amazing success and her income for March 2016 was $103,521.  She also had much higher success since that time.

Her main sources of income were affiliate marketing and her very own courses.

Breaking The One Percent had a massive income report in December 2018 of $104,097.

Ads and affiliate marketing are the main sources of their revenue.  Reading their success story gives anyone inspiration.

My At Home Hustle is up next with a November 2018 income report of $6,362.  The source of this revenue is renting websites.

Crowd Work News had an income report of $3,226.89 in November 2016.  Ads and affiliate marketing were the main revenue drivers.

Blog Ambitious reported an income of $1,338 in September 2018.  Ads and affiliate marketing were also their main source of income.

The last one in this series is Love My Blog and their income report for January 2017 was $14,139.

Four different areas contributed to this income including affiliate marketing, products, freelancing and flipping websites.

Below is a visual to help you see these 8 bloggers from a different angle.


I don’t know about you but I have learned so much after doing all that research and writing up this study.

The fact that I learned about other blog coaching programs out there that worked for other bloggers is an added bonus.

It was also good to see at a glance the most popular methods of income generation across blogs from similar as well as different niches.

An added benefit was the timeframe was over a two year period so the earning potential remains consistent.  In most cases, they needed blog traffic to achieve these goals.

In most cases I left off the traffic report for each blog but as I have left in access to the reports you can pop on over and take a peek for yourself.

What has been your own experience when it comes to making money blogging? Do you believe it is possible for you?

Blog Income Report Study - 800x1500


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    • Hi Gretchen, I have no idea how you found this study so fast.? Thanks for the kind compliment and for inspiring the rest of us to stay on our blogging journey.

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    • Heather, many people share it as a way to keep themselves accountable. If you notice the vast majority of bloggers only do it for a short time.

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    • Dalene, it is true that it takes work. The important thing is to focus on those income-producing opportunities and set achievable goals.

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    • Joanna, it could be that there are more income reports from travel bloggers out there I just need a way to find them.

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    • Monidipa, you are so spot on, if no one shared their income reports we would not have any way of knowing the income potential of blogging.

  11. I am a brand new blogger, but earning an income from my blog is something I definitely want to be able to do! Once I get more comfortable with writing and the photography end of things (i.e. learn how to use my camera), my next task is to learn about turning it into a business from the beginning!

    • Dani, you have a lot of fun photos on your blog already so keep going in that direction and welcome to Blog Land.

  12. This study is super in depth. I love that you can see that there are possibilities no matter what the niche.

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    • Sigrid, it so true that you can receive lots of rewards from blogging if you are prepared to put in the work.

  14. It’s interesting to see these all gathered up in a list. I’ve looked at blog income reports individually here and there, but having them grouped together by niche really gives it a different perspective. Thank you for taking the time to do the research and curate the info in one spot 🙂

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