How to Add a Logo to Your Video In Minutes [3 Simple Ways]

As video marketing becomes more and more popular you’re probably wondering how to keep your content on brand and add a logo to your video.

What’s interesting is that it depends on where you are editing and publishing the video.

When it comes to video marketing, you’ll soon realise that every social media platform has different video format requirements.

Another consideration is, what you will be using to create your video.

Let me know if you can relate to any of these concerns.

Instagram has 4 different areas for videos with each requiring specific dimensions so adding a logo can be tedious.

Facebook has two main video types (pre-recorded +live) but adding a logo to live video can be a challenge.

LinkedIn and Twitter have challenges very similar to Facebook.

YouTube requires so much optimisation that it would be great to have logos set up as a default.

If only there was a way to overcome all these challenges and brand all video content on social media without another level of complexity.

In this post, you’ll learn how to add a logo to your videos for each social media platform with the least amount of hassle possible.

a graphic designer working on her space

Why Branding is Important

In case you are new to the world of branding, it is important to address why branding is needed for your small business.

One of the key concepts that many entrepreneurs and small business owners get wrong is branding equals a logo.

In fact, there are multiple elements to your brand including:

  1. Messaging
  2. Elements
  3. Experience
  4. Promise


Brand messaging involves the words that you will use when you communicate with your audience as well as the words you’ll never use.


Your brand elements include your brand colours, logos, tagline, accessories and images that depict the emotion of the brand.


When it comes to experience it is focused on how your clients and audience feel when they interact with your brand.


A very important consideration is having a brand promise which dictates what you plan to deliver to your clients. Your brand promise is closely aligned with your vision and mission.

Branding is important because it helps your potential audience connect with you and get to know, like and trust you.

Wow!! Just when you thought that branding only focused on having a logo and a few key colours it is so much more.

5 Logo Types

Another key consideration is ensuring that you have a variety of logos that you can use across different platforms.

For example, the logo that you have on your website may be too big and cumbersome to be used as a watermark on videos.

This is why it is important to have between 5-7 logos of your brand that you can quickly use at short notice.

These logo variations include:

  1. A mascot
  2. Lettermark
  3. Wordmark
  4. Submark
  5. Emblem
  6. Black and white version
  7. Logo with tagline

Did you know that all these different types of logos existed?


This one is pretty obvious and in case you’re wondering, I don’t have one just yet because I cannot think of one that will represent my brand.

However, it is good to have one that will become recognisable over the years as your business grows in popularity.


If you have a long brand name like mine then it would make sense to have a logo with the 2-3 letters that represent your brand name.

In case you didn’t know my current brand name is Success Unscrambled so I have a logo with “SU” that I can use on videos.


Having a wordmark logo is essential to help people know the name of your brand.

However, if your brand name is long like mine it gets difficult to create a wordmark logo but there are graphic designers who can help.


A submark logo is not one that is used frequently but it is great to use them as icons on your landing pages.

I have one but I rarely ever use it.


This logotype is very popular for government bodies and educational institutions. One brand that has an emblem is Starbucks.

So, essentially it is like having an image or images together with your brand fonts.

Black and White Version

Whichever version of your logo you use frequently, it would make sense to have a black and white version as well.

Because sometimes you’ll need to use your logo for someone else’s event and it clashes with their landing page. So, a grey or black and white version solves that problem.

Logo with Tagline

The final version is having your tagline seamlessly integrated with your logo. This is vital when you are new to the business world and your brand name doesn’t explain what you do.

This is especially true if you have a brand name like mine that is too broad so the tagline just narrows the focus.

At the end of the day, your logo will help with brand recognition and grow brand awareness.

woman using her MacBook on  wooden desk

Add Your Logo to Videos

Now that you have a firm idea of the importance of branding and how many logos you need.

Let’s spend some time looking at how exactly to add your logo to your videos.

Remember that you have the option to add a video to your video thumbnails or on the video itself or both.

I’ll go through each social media platform starting with the most complicated.


As you already know there are 4-5 places where you can create videos across the Instagram platform.

These include Stories, Reels, IGTV, the Feed and when you go Live.

I am of the opinion that you really don’t need to add a logo to your Story videos.

However, if you really need to do it, you can use the same software that I’ll be recommending for IGTV, Reels and Feed posts.

While using Canva to add a logo to your video may seem like a good idea, it has been my experience that videos edited in Canva get bloated really quickly.

The best software that I’ve used so far is Filmora.


Filmora is a video editor and a subsidiary of Wondershare group.

They are a popular platform and have been in the video editing business for many years.

When you first log into Filmora to create a project, you are given the option to choose the size of the video.

Filmora video editor

After choosing your desired size or dimensions, upload your video and your logo file in PNG format to Filmora.

Remember that your video is an image icon that appears as a logo overlay on the top track, above the video.

Having your logo in a png file format means that it has a transparent background, this will help it to blend in with the video in the background.

Add them to the timeline as shown in the screenshot below, there’s a logo track and a separate video track.

The logo track is on top of your video. For the best experience, import your own logo image file of your png logo in its original size.

Resize the logo position to fit the lower thirds of the video.

Filmora video editor

Place the logo exactly where you want it to appear using the quick preview.

Ensure that the logo image is the same length of the timeline as the video itself by just dragging it to the end.

Your logo will be the length of the video, this means that the logo shows for the duration of the video or whole video.

If you prefer, you can have the logo appear at the video intro or the end of your video.

When you are happy with the set up you can export the video clip by clicking on the export button.

Some advanced features that are available in Filmora are the ability to add background music, sound effects, add a text track and add other media files like a B-roll.

As you can see the whole process takes seconds and it is a piece of cake.

Mobile version

There’s a version of Filmora available for smartphones called FilmoraGo.

You can use it from your mobile phone to access the videos and images from your camera roll.

It helps you to produce high-quality videos along with basic watermark options.

Great for editing videos for TikTok, Instagram Stories and Reels.


If you want to make your video more engaging and you want to add subtitles, using software like Clipscribe will help.

There is even a tutorial by the creator where he explains how to get it done here.

Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook – Pre-recorded

If you are uploading videos to other social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Using Filmora and Clipscribe will work just fine in both scenarios.

The key decision you need to make to get it right is choosing the right size of video for each platform.

Clipscribe is excellent as it has a guide to show you all the options segmented by the social media platform.

different sizes of target layout

Once you get the output right then everything else will be fine.

Facebook, Periscope, YouTube, LinkedIn – Going Live

One of the scariest ways to create video is by going live on the platform.

The biggest fear that most people have after going live is that nobody is watching your show.

While it is difficult to natively add your logo to a video on these platforms there is a way to get it done using a 3rd-party tool called StreamYard.


If you ever had the opportunity to go live using the native Facebook app, you would have noticed that it can be quite a complex experience.

Also, going live on any of these social media platforms have a number of limitations.

That’s why using a tool like StreamYard offers an abundance of opportunities to go live in one location and restream that content everywhere.

There is even a free plan available if you want to give it a try.

StreamYard Pricing Plan

Their basic plan is only $25 a month and it allows you to add your logo to the video.

In terms of streaming destinations, they offer Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Periscope which is essentially Twitter.


YouTube – Pre-recorded

The final option is uploading a default, watermark logo to your YouTube channel so that it appears on all your YouTube video.

It means that you don’t even need to worry about adding your logo to every individual video before adding it to YouTube.

To get this done, simply head over to your YouTube channel and click on “customize channel” in the top right corner.

Youtube channel

Inside the channel customization section, click on branding and scroll down to “video watermark”.

Youtube channel customization

In the video watermark section, you’ll need to decide the duration of your logo.

You’ll have the option to have your logo appear throughout the entire video, at the end or at a custom start time.

Youtube video watermark

My preferred option would be throughout the entire video, however, the choice is yours.

What’s great about this default YouTube setting is that it can be applied to an existing video as well.

a graphic designer with her tools


Let’s face it creating a video can be a nerve-wracking experience so remembering to add your logo to a video is essential.

While most social media platforms don’t make it easy at least you can use tools like Filmora, Clipscribe and StreamYard to assist.

To help you on your video creation journey here are a few more resources that you might find useful.

  1. Set a default description in YouTube
  2. Use movie clips in your YouTube videos
  3. Post multiple videos on Instagram
  4. Grab 50+ Instagram poll ideas
  5. Adding subtitles to your IG videos

In my experience, it is the little things that count and help to make your video marketing journey more enjoyable.

Over to you, what has been your experience adding a logo to your video?


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