6 Apps You Need to Get Instagram Hashtag Analytics

If you have been using Instagram for a while you will know the importance of getting visibility of your Instagram hashtag analytics.

So many people focus on follower growth that they tend to forget that there are other statistics to track for success.

Let me know if this sounds familiar.

You have been posting consistently week after week being careful not to overuse those hashtags that you found.

So far your account seems to be in growth mode because you are getting likes, comments and even saves.

Posting a specific kind of content gets a lot of engagement which is great but you still wonder if you can improve your reach.

The truth is that knowing precisely which hashtags work 100 per cent of the time is difficult to ascertain using Instagram Insights.

In the post, you will learn about the applications that are available to significantly remove the guesswork when it comes to hashtags.

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What Can Instagram Hashtag Analytics Do?

Before diving into the list of available applications let’s spend some time understanding the benefits of using them.

I know for me using these Instagram analytics tools will help me to gain more visibility about what’s happening on my account.

As you already know, Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags on an Instagram post in your feed and 10 hashtags per story.

What you don’t know is which of those 30 hashtags are giving you the best results.

The reason for this is because Instagram Insights only shows an overall report of where your impressions came from.

So, what can be done to get this level of detail about each individual post?

This is one reason why we need analytics tools outside Instagram to help us get more visibility.

Which Instagram Analytics to Track?

Hashtags are not the only things to track when it comes to Instagram. There are a number of other metrics to keep an eye on.

These analytics include:

  2. Posts
  3. Following
  6. Reach
  7. Impressions
  10. Saves

Of all the metrics listed above the hashtags will have a direct impact on reach and impressions.

If your content is good then when people see it they will take specific actions which include liking, saving, commenting, following and sharing.

There are some larger accounts that don’t use hashtags at all but they still get the reach and impressions from their followers.

The key thing to remember is that hashtags help index your content in the right category so that it could be found.

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Instagram Hashtag Analytics

Just before diving into this section on the applications that you can use I need to give you a stern warning.

Trusting every company or business with your Facebook/Instagram logins is not a great idea.

There have been reports of people’s accounts getting hacked because they used 3rd party applications for analytics or bots so be careful.

Here are a number of applications that can help you with Instagram visibility.

  1. Analisa
  2. RiteTag
  3. AgoraPulse
  4. Inssist
  5. SmartHash
  6. Flick

Let’s spend some time looking at each one, in turn, to see what benefits are on offer.

1. Analisa

Although there is a free version available you will soon understand the power of using the paid version of this application.

Analisa pricing

It does offer you basic analytics of any Instagram account without the need to give away your login details.

However, the draw back is these basic analytics only cover the most recent 12 posts on any Instagram account.

Analisa basic report

I think Analisa is such a great tool if you want to get a feel for what is happening on your account in terms of metrics.

Analisa caption and hashtag report

One added perk is that it also gives you the words you use most inside your captions.

2. RiteTag

The next tool on the list is RiteTag and although it is not as colourful as Analisa it does request for you to log into to your Facebook account to generate a hashtag report.

Instagram Account Coach

What I like about RiteTag is that it offers many other hashtag features like looking up banned hashtags.

Other features that help users with hashtags include a hashtag generator, hashtag sets and even hashtag comparison.

Instagram Hashtag Report - RiteTag

In the screenshot above you can see a simple example of the hashtag report generated from RiteTag.

3. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is the next hashtag analytics tool but in my opinion it is best for enterprise level or agency accounts.

The lowest price package comes in at $79 a month which is quite an investment for any small business.

AgoraPulse pricing

In terms of what it offers over and above any other social media schedulers, I am yet to decide since it doesn’t have link-in-bio, visual grid and the ability to do multimedia carousel posts.

AgoraPulse - hashtag report

The screenshot above shows you what you can expect from their hashtag report.

As you can see, the hashtags are stack ranked based on the interactions each one has received over time.

4. Inssist

This tool is fairly new to me but all the same, it seems quite impressive. Here is a screenshot of the basic analytics.

Inssist basic analytics - blur

One important observation is that I was able to grab this information from Inssist only after logging into my Instagram account.

You do have the ability to post directly from your desktop using this application and even send DMs.

Inssist desktop version

The desktop version is so cool and realistic as it just feels like I am using a larger version of my mobile phone so no need to learn something new.

Here is a peek at what their hashtag report looks like on face value.

Inssist hashtag report

The report shows you each hashtag used as well as all the associated likes, posts, comments and total engagement with each one.

5. Smarthash

Unlike the other four applications Smarthash is a phone only app so you do not have the ability to do a full analysis via the desktop.

What makes Smarthash unique is that it gives you the ability to split test your hashtags and it can analyse the effectiveness of your tags using a heatmap feature.

Smarthash heatmap feature

The more orange the hashtags the higher the probability that they were the most effective for your Instagram post.

6. Flick

A new addition to this list of hashtag apps is one called Flick.

They are by far the most comprehensive hashtag research platform currently available for IG marketers.

What I really like about Flick is the ability to research between 100-400 hashtags in the space of 1-2 hours depending on your niche.

There is even the ability to store hashtags by grouping them into collections.

One of the most annoying things about using hashtags is having the ability to track how many times you used specific hashtags.

The good news is that Flick can show you this using their comprehensive reporting features.

Flick hashtag analytics

Want to know which hashtags you ranked for in the last 30 days? You can access this as well using Flick.

How to Improve Your Hashtag Choices

Now that you have detailed visibility on the performance of your current hashtags you’re probably wondering how to improve them.

If you are like me then finding the perfect hashtags for your posts is probably a pain in the neck.

I discovered recently that doing hashtag research on Instagram without a strategic plan is a total waste of time.

This is true because it is nearly impossible to find low competition hashtags without the help of software.

Also, there are tons of hashtags that may be perfect for you to use but they are virtually hidden unless you plan to check every single post manually.

Recently, I wrote a detailed Instagram hashtag cheat sheet to help you to think ‘outside of the box’ when it comes to finding those elusive hashtags.

There’s also a social media group program available to help you develop and skyrocket your Instagram strategy.

phone mounted on a phone holder


As you can see the benefits of tracking the performance of your hashtags can be rewarding especially if you are not sure what it working for you.

The thought of finding 5-7 different groups of hashtags every month can be a bit scary seeing that is can take some time.

If your goal is to generate sales using Instagram DMs then this can easily be accomplished with 100 followers or less.

However, if your goal is to become one of those mega influencers I do understand how stressful it can be to get your first 10,000 followers.

Hopefully the applications listed here can help you to get closer to your long term goal.

Of course, if you want to find out how many people are clicking through to your offers then something like Linktree can help with those analytics.

Over to you what has been your experience in looking at Instagram hashtag analytics.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I have been having issues trying to find relevant hashtags for my niche and in learning more about Instagram as a whole. Thanks for sharing these apps, they are going to be so helpful for me!

  2. I have given up Instagram. It used to be fun but lately it just became a number’s game and no matter what you do, it’s impossible to grow organically.

    • Joanna, I’m so sorry to hear that you have given up. Did you try doing Instagram Stories?

  3. I personally believe that being able to take care of your internet presence becomes more difficult every day, you want for Instagram or other channels. This app is very useful, but I admit that I have used similar ones and struggle to understand how to use it.

    • Cristina, so sorry to hear about your struggles. Hopefully, you will be able to get over it with some help from YouTube videos.

  4. I’ll try these out. I never know what is going on over at Instagram. One minute something works, and the next it doesn’t.

    • Amber, you are right. Instagram does feel like that every now and again. Did you try doing Instagram Stories?

    • Tara, I am sure it will, you may need to do a little bit of split testing with your hashtags.

  5. This is very useful post to me as I am in the process of improving my Instagram followers and I will definitely use your tips and try to use them.Thank you very much for sharing!

  6. I’m using IG since 2014. Your article is very much insightful. Hashtags create great visibility for a campaign, and help you reach your target audience by using relevant hashtags that you know your audience is already following. When used to promote an event, the hashtag not only connects you with your followers, but your followers with each other.

  7. Definitely needed something like this. My Instagram is so confusing at the moment with follow/unfollows and lurkers. Thank you for sharing.

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