20+ High Paying Affiliate Programs That’ll Pay You $10,000 A Month

High paying affiliate programs can be difficult to find. Are you like me and have been doing affiliate marketing for 2, 5, or 10 years?

If you have not experienced sufficient return on your investment then you will find this post interesting.

Here’s why there is a multitude of affiliate programs available in the marketplace but very few pay very well.  Also, very few will help you to retire in your 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s.

Don’t get me wrong affiliate marketing as a vehicle to get you banking revenue

It is achievable in double-quick time. So it is an amazing way to cash in on targeted traffic without doing too much content creation.

Hands up for anyone who wants to be an affiliate for 5-20 years and still living pay cheque-to-pay cheque?  Or better still who else does not want to become a millionaire or a 6-figure earner from affiliate marketing?

If you are thinking about becoming an affiliate marketer or continue on that journey with a view to becoming a 6-figure earner at a minimum then you need to read on.

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies

Before I go into any detail about high paying affiliate programs or high ticket affiliate programs let first explain the whole concept of affiliate marketing.

If you are brand new to this concept let me explain.  Affiliate marketing is the idea of marketing products and/or services to an audience on behalf of a vendor or seller.

In layperson’s terminology, it is the ability to learn as much as possible about a product or service that is not yours and selling it on to a targeted audience in exchange for a payment called a commission.

To give you an example, everyone knows Amazon as a place to buy lots of consumer goods and services. 

You can become an affiliate of Amazon and advertise their products and services on your website.

Once someone purchases a product or service using your affiliate link then Amazon will pay you a commission as a thank you for helping them make that sale.

The commission is normally not great at 4% but at least you didn’t have to do too much to convince that person to make a purchase.

Best Affiliate Programs To Make Money

Well, you will agree with me that a 4% commission is not a great place to start if your goal is to make $10,000 a month, is it?

Let’s do some maths if the average product purchased on Amazon is $35.00 then your commission will be $1.40 for each item sold.

Suppose you decide to focus on high priced items found on Amazon like a digital SLR camera which retails at $335.00? 

Now, that is a great move right, I mean the commission payment on a single camera is a $13.40.

You just need 100 people to buy cameras from your site every week and you will be 50% of the way to achieving your $10,000 a month.


How often do people buy cameras?  If you are an enthusiast maybe once every 2-4 years.  Others who are not enthusiast maybe once every 5-10 years.

There are many other affiliate marketing programs to make money like Rakuten, Share a Sale, VigLink, JVZoo, Clickbank, Pepperjam and many more.

You will be able to make money but do you want to just make money or do you prefer to make a living? 

Ask any super affiliate and they will tell you that there are better ways to earn commissions using high paying affiliate programs.


One of the best ways to get to $100,000/month in affiliate marketing income is by earning a recurring commission

It is beneficial to find recurring commission affiliate programs as they offer a recurring monthly commission payment.

It is not uncommon to find a web hosting company that offers a 50% commission or a 30% recurring commission per sale.

In order to become one of the highest paying affiliates, it is important to find affiliate-networks offering recurring commissions.

A managed WordPress hosting affiliate program offers a commission rate per referral.  Affiliates earn a commission per referral per month.

In online business, any top paying affiliate will tell you that they promote both high and low ticket affiliate programs they just ensure that the commission is recurring.

Super Affiliate Marketing

Who on earth is a super affiliate or a super affiliate marketer?  Well, many of them get involved in high paying affiliate programs because they want to make a living from their efforts.

Unlike a regular affiliate marketer, these super affiliates are the top income earners for every program they get their hands on.  They tend to make a minimum of 5 or 6 figures in commissions.

They run their business like an entire company as they have customers who they have a great relationship with and who would buy from them all the time.


I know I just about confused you there, by saying that these affiliates have customers. 

Well, you see although these affiliates may not own the products or services that they sell they do own a list of buyers.

They own an email list of 100,000+ potential buyers who would respond to an email they receive from the super affiliate.

Super affiliates are also only interested in products or services that they believe in, gives them recurring revenue or a high return on their investment.

Top 10 Affiliate Programs

You are probably are already aware of this but every niche has their list of top 10 affiliate programs.  It will be difficult for me to give you a list of the top 10 for every industry.

It will probably be simpler for me to give you a list of things to look for in an affiliate program. So here goes:

  1. Recurring revenue
  2. Several products or service as an upsell
  3. Great customer service
  4. Life transforming products or services
  5. High paying affiliate programs
  6. Seamless and efficient experience for the customer
  7. Great reviews

Is This Viable?

Okay at this point you are probably thinking that it is virtually impossible to find top 10 affiliate programs in your niche that meet all these criteria.

The truth is some of the best affiliate programs are only available via word of mouth.  Others can be found by doing a search on Google.

Some of them include Clickbank, Share a Sale, Rakuten and JVZoo.  You can also look at some of the JV partner networks to find some in the online marketing niche.

Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

A popular form of affiliate marketing is called pay per click affiliate marketing.   

The reason why it is popular is that every affiliate gets paid per click as opposed to getting paid for conversions.

Just in case you did not understand in layperson’s terms it means that anyone that clicks through to see the offer gets paid for that click.

The downside is that the payment is generally quite small at 0.05 per click.  It will take you 2,000 clicks to get paid $100.00 so it may not be worth the effort.

It is great if you want to have it as passive income for paying small bills.  However, if you want to earn a living it would be best to look at something more sustainable.

Some popular pay per click affiliate programs includes Awin, eBay Partner Network, Entireweb, Adsense and Rakuten.  If you want to earn a living your best bet will be to look at high paying affiliate programs.

Companies With Affiliate Programs

One of the best ways to find high paying affiliate programs is to look at companies with affiliate programs as they may have offers that have high payouts.

In other words, look for companies that match your work ethic and your values.  If there is something that is unethical about them then they may not be a good fit for you.

Look at the top companies in your niche and narrow down your list. See where the customers are giving raving reviews.  Immediately, I think of Zappos that company that delivers exceptional customer service.

It would be great to be an affiliate for Zappos.  Customers spend upwards of $10,000 every year on their goods and services.

Zappos Affiliate Program

Do you know what? You can apply to be an affiliate of Zappos, you just need to apply via their affiliate website.  They only accept applications from people in the US.

Think of any other company in your niche that you admire.  Go to Google and type in their name plus affiliate program to see what pops up.

PPC Affiliate Marketing vs PPC Affiliate Programs

If I have spent the last few paragraphs confusing your brain by using affiliate marketing and affiliate programs interchangeably I am going to clear that up now.

An affiliate program is some information that has been set up by the vendor outlining the terms and conditions for participation. 

Whereby affiliates can apply and get approved so that they can market the product or service.

Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, is what the affiliate does. They drive the targeted audience of that product or service to take action.

Pay Per Action

Here is a list of actions that are popular:

  1. Enter an email address
  2. Enter a zip code
  3. Click on an Advertisement
  4. Start a trial
  5. Make a purchase
  6. Make the first payment
  7. Sign up for a subscription

As an affiliate, you can get paid per click or any of the other 6 items on the list.  The action you took to get paid is called affiliate marketing.

PPC affiliate marketing is generally not ideal or does not fall into the category of high paying affiliate programs.

High Paying Affiliate Programs

So how are you ever going to make a living doing affiliate marketing?  Well, let’s spend some time looking at some of the best high paying affiliate programs.

In order to qualify as a high paying affiliate program, it needs to be paying out a minimum of $100 or more. Two programs that come to mind are JVZoo and JV Notify Pro.

Many of the $1,000,000 product launches use these two platforms to announce major product launches.  Some of them require you to have a sizeable email list to be considered as an affiliate.

The Big List of High Ticket Affiliate Programs

You can also find a list of more affiliate programs with big payouts here.  If you don’t have an established email list of subscribers there are other options available to you.

If you have an interest in becoming a digital nomad, living the laptop lifestyle or even becoming a travel blogger then take a look at this video here.  This program can pay you $10,000 a month.

The other product-based programs include Regal Assets, BeRush, Max Bounty and Hammacher Schlemmer.  They all offer high paying affiliate programs.

Here is a list of 19 other top-earning affiliate programs across a number of niches.

The cookie duration refers to the length of time the person who clicked on your link is tagged with your affiliate reference number.

1. Big Commerce

 As the name suggests, Big Commerce is an eCommerce platform offering online marketers the ability to set up a comprehensive store in no time at all.

If your audience consists of potential online shop owners then this is a great platform to market to them. 

They pay between $60 and $1,500 per sale and this comes with a 90-day cookie. Which makes it a big commission affiliate program.

2. Thinkific

Is it possible that you thought of creating your very own online course?  If so, then you probably heard of Teachable, Podia, Thinkific and Kartra.

Thinkific offers a comprehensive course platform solution that not only allows you to host your very own course but also offer a subscription.

The good news is that if you were to market this solution to your audience you have the potential of making up to $675 per sale and they even have a 90-day cookie.

3. Kinsta

It is not a very popular brand and you probably have not heard of Kinsta before so let me explain.  It is a hosting platform for WordPress websites.  They offer managed WordPress hosting similar to WPEngine.

Of course, it is important for you to let your audience know why you would recommend Kinsta hosting over and above any other solution.

Their payout ranges from $50 to $500 per sale and their cookie length is 60 days.

4. Six-Figure Mentors (SFM)

I came across this program last year and it is amazing what you can find in a single training program.

They offer quite a comprehensive training unlike any other that I have seen anywhere else. 

For the end-user, it does require a lot of fees to join their premium packages so it is a high priced affiliate product.

As an affiliate, you can expect to be paid up to $8,000 per sale and this is real I have seen a breakdown of the commission structure first hand.

The cookie duration is a lifetime.  Many existing members have been involved in the SFM membership for several years.

It can be classified as the top paying affiliate program on this list of high paying affiliate programs.

5. Shopify

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last 5 years you probably came across the Shopify brand before.

They offer a very easy-to-use platform, to help you get your online store up and running in a very short period of time.

Affiliates can expect to earn up to $2,400 per sale and the cookie duration is 30 days making it a top paying affiliate marketing program.

6. SEMRush

Offering one of the best SEO tools in the industry with comprehensive reports and research features SEMRush is what serious online marketers use to get ahead of the competition.

It is certainly not a tool for beginners but it will definitely be suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.

Affiliates can expect to earn up to $160 per month per referral and their cookie duration is for 10 years.

SEMRush is one of the highest paying SEO affiliate programs.

7. Hubspot

Another popular marketing platform is Hubspot and although the currently offer two free tools on the market namely their CRM as well as their email marketing tool.

Outside of those they offer a comprehensive set of marketing, sales and service platform for online marketers.  They are known in the industry as experts in inbound marketing.

You get paid up to $1,000 per sale and cookie length is a generous 90 days making it a high payout affiliate program.

8. Capitalist Exploits

There are many solutions available in the finance and investments space. Capitalist Exploits is one such solution that is great for money managers.

It is used by many top investors globally and has helped its customers make up to 500% return on investment compared to the standard 2% to 4% annual returns.

They offer up to $1,750 per sale and even have a cushy 365-day cookie. So, Capitalist Exploits is a great investment affiliate program.

9. Beewits

I came across this one recently and it was quite an interesting experience.  Beewits is basically a project management platform specifically built for web design agencies.

If you have an audience of creatives trying to find a way to increase their productivity then you can market this to them with a view of helping them work smarter.

Affiliates can receive up to $200 per sale and their cookie duration is a lifetime which makes it one of the best-paid affiliate programs.

10. Siteground

As a blogger, you probably heard of Siteground on a number of occasions as bloggers tend to call them the hosting company designed for blogging.

What you may not know is that they do offer quite a lucrative program for their affiliates. 

I think that one of the reasons that it can be so rewarding is because of the excellent service offered by SiteGround to their customers.

As an affiliate, you can expect to make up to $125 per sale and their cookie is valid for 60 days. It is also one of those free affiliate programs that pay.

11. WPEngine

This web hosting company is known in the online known as one of the best in class for offering managed-hosting features for WordPress customers.

Many professional bloggers sing their praises because they offer the speed needed for sites with tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of page views per month.

Affiliates can expect to make up to $7,500 per sale and their cookie duration is 180 days.

WPEngine is one of those high ticket affiliate programs that reward affiliates really well and it is also one of the highest paying hosting affiliate programs.

It can also be classified as one of the highest paying affiliate programs right next to SFM.

12. StudioPress

This is the sister company of WPEngine and they offer a theme for WordPress that is quite popular among bloggers.

It is built on the Genesis framework which gives anyone building a site on WordPress.org the ability to join over 200,000 happy customers.

Anyone signing up to WPEngine gets free access to StudioPress and the Genesis framework.

As an affiliate, you can expect to make up to $350 per sale and the cookie duration is 60 days.

13. LiquidWeb

If you are looking for a superfast web host that offers world-class customer support then Liquid Web is the company that you need.

I have been their customer twice in the past and I was constantly blown aware at the speed at which they respond to and resolve their technical support tickets.

Affiliates can expect between $125 to $900 per sale and their cookie duration is 90 days.

14. MaxCDN

It is not every day you come across the term content delivery network or CDN is a blogger.

Just in case you never heard this term before it just simply means a network outside of your web host that is used to deliver content quicker based on the location of your website visitor.

If you are familiar with Cloudflare then MaxCDN is very similar to Cloudflare but they claim to offer superior features.

Affiliates get paid up to $4,800 per sale and their cookie lasts for 180 days making it a top residual income affiliate program.

15. SEO Power Suite

This company has been around for over 10 years as I remember being introduced to them back then.

They are a fierce competitor of SEMRush and they claim to offer more value for your hard-earned dollars in comparison.

As an affiliate, you can expect to earn up to $197 per sale and their cookie duration is 90 days.

16. Volusion

Just when you think you have a comprehensive view of the major eCommerce players on the market you find out about another one.

Volusion is totally new to me but that does not mean that they have not been around for some time. 

As a competitor of Shopify and Big Commerce, the Volusion website has a look and feel that is very similar to Podia.

According to their website, they already have over 180,000 customers on board.  I like the fact that one of the features that they offer on their premium offering is the deal of the day.

Affiliates can expect up to $2,000 per sale and I cannot seem to find the cookie duration for this specific program.

However, Volusion is one of the best paying affiliate marketing programs that I have seen in a long time.

17. 3DCart

In case you are highly allergic to eCommerce platforms, this is your chance to get some medication because 3DCart is the 4th one on this list.

It is a great way for you to pick and choose which one or two you will promote to your audience based on their payment terms, size of payment and conversion rates.

As an affiliate, you can earn up to $297 per sale and their cookie duration is 45 days.

18. Improvely

A great tool for anyone in the paid advertising space.  Improvely helps online marketers to accurately track conversions as well as click fraud.

It also integrates with popular paid advertising platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, AdRoll, Twitter Ads and Taboola.

As an affiliate, your earnings can be up to $1,400 per referral and the cookie duration is 30 days.

Improvely offers high commission affiliate products that can be used as a super affiliate program.

19. BigMarker

In the online world it common knowledge that webinars are the way to get better conversions on your products and services.

With so many platforms to choose from BigMarker is one of the contenders offering both automated and evergreen webinars and many modern features.

Webinar software and platforms are never cheap hence the reason why affiliates can get excited about this program.

Affiliates can get up to $152.00 per sale and the cookie duration for this merchant remains unknown.

High Paying Affiliate Programs That'll Pay You $10,000 A Month


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