13 Things Rich People Do That They Don’t Want You to Know

Have you ever wondered about the things rich people do that is very different from anyone else?

Would it be great to steal their secrets and quickly put them into action so that you can gain the time and freedom you always wanted?

It is possible to think that people are lucky because they are born into wealth so they have less to worry about.

Maybe you have a close relative or friend who is a millionaire or considered to be rich by your standards.

However, you are silently wishing to be in their shoes or to be as lucky as they have become.

Did you know that 65% of professional athletes who earn millions of dollars become poor within 5 years because of their money mindset?

The truth is you have the potential to become rich by learning a few key secrets that rich people don’t want you to know.

In this post, I will cover 13 of the amazing facts so that you too can start your journey to better financial and creative habits.

Why Take Advice From The Rich

Have you ever uttered the words, “I wish I was rich” or something similar or found yourself in a broke situation?

Ever wondered why some people are so wealthy compared to others in your city or town?

When was the last time you saw a rich person face to face? How did you know that they were rich?

Many of us fall into the trap of classifying people as rich or poor based on a number of assumptions.

Some of the best advice I have ever received is from a number of my mentors who also happen to be rich.

The advice I received has had such a profound impact on my life that I have changed for the better.

Let’s look at some of these eye-popping things rich people do that will not only switch gears in your mind but give you light bulb moments.

1. Adding Value to the Lives of Others

I can see you rolling your eyes at this one. Of course, rich people can add value to the lives of others because they have the money.

Well, that is not exactly true at all. Rich people get rich because of the value that they add to the lives of others.

Let me give you a good example so you can see what I mean. Every year, hundreds of people place a small down payment on a house or an apartment.

They rent it out creating their first cash flow income then go on to purchase their 2nd, 3rd and 4th home thus providing homes to people.

Are they adding value to the lives of others? Yes, they are and they are also creating wealth for themselves.

I recently saw a quote somewhere that said, “Rich people make plans for three generations and poor people make plans for Saturday night”.

What are your plans like for the next 12 months?

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2. Rich People Remain Wealthy by Their Thoughts

I am one of those people who absolutely dislike phrases like manifesting money or being open to the universe to attract money.

However, I must agree with rich people who say that we become what we believe or say.

One of the things rich people never say is “I can’t afford it” and here is the reason behind it.

If we constantly say things like, “I can’t afford it” then we are telling our unconscious mind to do nothing about our situation.

However, we activate our unconscious mind to solve a problem when we use a phrase like, “how can I afford it?”

In other words, “necessity is the mother of invention” so we should spend more time finding ways to create wealth.

Compared to giving our brain an excuse to be lazy.

3. Rich People Have an Entrepreneur Mindset

This one may come as an absolute surprise to you but how many rich people do you know that remain as employees all their lives?

The school system was designed to produce workers or staff members who will trade dollars for hours.

Therefore the behaviour of a typical student is that of someone who plans to work for a salary every month.

However, rich people are trained in entrepreneurship and investments so they are more interested in providing products or services.

In fact, they find ways to make that salary work for them like investing in real estate or a business.

Is it me or are the rich people producing gallons of coffee every day for the employees to drink?

Would you like to become an entrepreneur instead?

4. They Eat Failure for Breakfast

You may have noticed this but as a student and later as an employee you are thought to be afraid of failure.

In fact, you may have been told that mistakes are bad and that you should never make them.

The problem with this is that you learn from your mistakes so if you don’t make mistakes then your ability to learn is greatly reduced.

If you don’t believe me without naming any names here on this blog post make a list of 10 people who are leaders or entrepreneurs who have never made a mistake.

Are you finding it difficult to get a list of 5? So, if you are still wondering what rich people do differently. Remember that it is okay to fail and learn from your mistakes.

What is the worse thing that can happen to you when you fail?

5. Rich People Learn How to Fish

You may have heard this before but I will write it here again, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

Rich people learn to fish and they teach their children to do the same and their grandchildren and so on.

Now, fishing could be anything that generates an income without having to depend on a salary.

Here are a few things that you can do:

  1. Start a business
  2. Create a blog
  3. Invent a product
  4. Invest in real estate
  5. Buy a business
  6. Code some software
  7. Open a bakery
  8. Rent out a room

This is just a quick list to get the wheels in your mind turning so that you can go and do some research.

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Grab The Goal Setting Planner

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6. They Use Fear To Propel Them Forward

It is normal to be afraid to try something new and rich people know this and instead of running away they take calculated risk.

They learn from very young that it is okay to come out of your comfort zone and try new things.

In fact, they develop a tolerance for risk over time that will make many of us want to jump back into bed.

I remember the quote by Sheryl Sandberg, “what would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

Sometimes you need to take a step back and write a list of the real reasons why you are afraid to do something like making an investment.

My favourite go-to phrase is always, what is the worse that can happen?

7. Find Time To Make It Happen

This would have to be my favourite one because I often hear people complain that they don’t have time.

Over 10 years ago I decided to stop watching TV simply because I realised that it was and still is a time stealer for so many people.

If you have no idea what I am referring to then do this little exercise for a week. Track what you do every day for 7 days.

Once the exercise is complete take a look at what you wrote down and evaluate what you do every day or every week that is taking a lot of time.

Every single one of us has 24 hours each day and we have the freedom to choose what we do with our time.

The rich are aware of this and maybe it is the reason why they invest in so many programs and other forms of entertainment to service the needs or wants of others.

What will you do with your time over the next 7 days?

8. The Rich Are Taught About Money

This topic gives me goosebumps because I received the education about money about 10 years ago and I was annoyed.

The reason I was upset is that I wished that I had received this useful information about 30 years ago.

It is normal that no one will teach you about how money works unless you come from a rich background.

After reading books like The Richest Man in Babylon, Rich Dad Poor Dad and Serve No Master I was just shocked.

What was appalling to me is you are not taught about money in the school system and it is not added to the system on purpose.

It is almost a way to keep people in the dark and it is only taught to the rich. If you’re on the fence about what rich people invest in think about money education.

When was the last time you educated yourself about money?

9. They Don’t Spend Money on Doodads

Black Friday Sale, End of Summer Sale, End of Year Sale and End of Season Sale are a tricky way to make you spend money on Doodads.

There is this crazy disease called hoarding as well that is taking the country and the world by storm.

It is one thing to wait for a sale to buy something you need but it is a totally different story shopping for wants.

This mentality is totally the opposite of people who are rich. They learn to budget and save. They also don’t need to wear the most expensive clothes and shoes.

In fact, the last time I checked it is the rich people holding the sales so that the others can buy the stuff that they think they need.

When was the last time you shopped in the sales?

10. They Read Regularly

Billionaire Warren Buffet’s key tip for success is to read 500 pages a day. I know I covered this already in a previous post.

The good news is that reading does not have to be confined to books. Kindle, blogs and other media give us the opportunity to read online.

You are probably thinking that 500 pages a day are a lot. However, I have come to realise that it is something you need to develop over time.

In reality, it is all about perspective. If after 365 days of reading one book a day you have several aha moments for wealth creation then you will appreciate the benefits.

It is almost the same as someone paying you $1,000,000 to read 1 book a day for 365 days. The question is would you do it?

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11. They Make a Budget

Am I saying that budgeting can lead to wealth? Yes, it can. Living within your means and planning your spending is a sure way to accumulate wealth.

I have been trying to teach this to my children for a while but peer pressure has an amazing effect on teenagers and young adults.

In hindsight, I should have started the process a lot sooner but as the saying goes, “it is better late than never”.

Yes, my parents never thought me about these things but that does not mean that I should not learn them myself.

Chris Hogan, in his article Habits of the average millionaire, says that you cannot build a millionaire dollar net worth without a plan.

I really like the fact that he mentions that building wealth begins with budgeting basics. You know what is coming out of your account every month.

Did you start budgeting yet?

12. Keeping a to-do list

So, we only have an average of 70 years to live and during that time we spend 6-9 hours a day in bed.

Have you ever thought about the total number of productive hours you have in a given day?

By productive, I mean those hours when you are not eating, sleeping, cleaning or doing any chores.

At the end of almost everyday, I wonder where did the time go. I got so much done but I just thought that I could do so much more.

As I am writing this post, I am currently ‘multi-tasking’ because I am also doing the washing because over the next 10 days will be so very busy for me.

In his article, Habits of the Wealthy on Poor Man Blogger, John Engle, talks about keeping a to-do list. He says that 81% of the wealthy keep a to-do list.

It is safe to say that one of the things that rich people have is a to-do list. They probably also have a not-to-do list but let’s not speculate.

I can totally relate to this as I know what I need to get done every day in advance. Anyone, who knows me knows that I dislike last-minute rush.

Over the years I have learned that last-minute planning can be quite costly.

13. Surround Yourself With Successful People

Many years ago, while reading a book (I cannot remember which one) I had that aha moment when I saw this quote.

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”

Jim Rohn

You may find yourself in a situation without friends for some time if you put this into practice.

Why? Because your old friends would not understand the new you and may think that you have lost your mind altogether.

The good news is if you have 4-5 siblings then they don’t have a choice but to tolerate you for the time being.

Here is the scary exercise, write down a list of your 5 closest friends and decide if they are helping with your success or hindering you.

If your friends have bad spending habits, dislike reading, regularly leave things for the last minute.

Also, if they are always broke or dislike adding value to the lives of others it is probably time for you to rethink your friendship.

What does your current success circle look like?

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Grab The Goal Setting Planner

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So, just to recap this big list of the 13 things rich people do. Here it is again in summary.

  1. Add value to the lives of others
  2. Positive money thoughts
  3. Entrepreneur mindset
  4. Embrace failure
  5. Learn to fish
  6. Evaluate fear carefully
  7. Make time for advancement
  8. Educate themselves about money
  9. Avoid spending on Doodads
  10. Read regularly
  11. Make a budget
  12. Keep a to-do list
  13. Surround themselves with success

The one surprising thing about this list is that all the items are relatively inexpensive or simple to implement.

If you have not considered any or all of these before then now is a good time to start especially if you have a 50th birthday bucket list like me.


Many times I see people getting in the way of their own success including me and I wonder, why?

Habits are those things that propel us forward or keep us back. Thankfully, we all have the ability to change our habits.

Of course, adopting new habits into our life is not easy but it is doable. It really depends on the size of our motivation for success.

What about you what do your plans for the next 12 months look like? What if nothing changed in your life in the next five years will you feel fulfilled?

13 Things rich people do


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  1. What an amazing post! I guess I found my Monday’s motivation hahaha I can’t agree more! It’s really important to have the correct mindset and to approach life’s obstacles through a whole new perspective. Number 4 blew my mind.

    Candace Hampton

    • Candace, I’m so glad that this post inspired and motivated you. Thanks for the kind compliment.

  2. These are some great ways to think about how the rich handle money as opposed to how we often handle money. I definitely understand having a mindset of no ends up where we do nothing to improve our situation. We must always think we have the possibility. And definitely having an entrepreneurial mindset is important to attaining wealth.

  3. This is an amazing read with so much information. I think a to-do-list is great and I need to start that ASAP. You offered so great suggestions. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I really agree with this list about rich people.They don’t think the same way as regular people does and that made the difference.

  5. Entrepreneur mindset. So true. It’s not about saving your earnings but creating solutions to problems in the society. It’s entirely about making money — but making people’s lives better.

    • Sigrid, you are right. By improving the lives of others will inevitably generate an income.

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