7 Incredible Podcast Name Ideas to Skyrocket Your Show

Are you thinking of starting a podcast? Looking for some amazing podcast name ideas?

The journey of becoming a podcaster is filled with questions and challenges.

Starting a podcast is still quite new when compared to blogging.

At every turn you see people like you publishing episodes weekly.

You frequently binge-listen to podcasts daily to get inspired.

However, you haven’t managed to find a creative name for your podcast.

Let me know if you can relate to these.

  1. You know roughly what your show is about
  2. You’ve got a list of podcast guests already lined up
  3. The best name for your podcast needs to be exciting
  4. There’s a fear that you might run out of topics
  5. You’re unable to create the podcast graphic until you name your show

If only there was a way to quickly choose a good name in the next few weeks so that you can launch your podcast.

In this post, you’ll learn a few clever hacks to successfully name your podcast and record your 1st episode quickly.

woman voice recording

Podcasting Revenue Statistics

There’s so much hype around starting a podcast because it is such a versatile piece of content to consume.

Also, because there are so many people generating an income from podcasting alone.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 highest earning podcast shows for a minute.

highest earning podcast chart
Highest earning podcasts worldwide in 2019 – Statista

So, according to the folks at Statista, the highest-earning podcast show back in 2019 was The Joe Rogan Experience.

With total revenue of $30 million annually that is not something to dismiss readily at all.

What I find amusing is that the podcast show in 5th place is The Bill Simmons Podcast.

His podcast show brings in a cool 7 million dollars in revenue annually.

Are you wondering why I find it amusing?

Well, look at the descriptive names of the shows and you’ll understand why.

Understanding Your Audience

One of the secrets to getting a clever name for your podcast right is understanding your audience.

While you may think that talking about wild blueberries on every show is exciting your listeners may not feel the same way.

If you have an existing audience on your social media accounts or elsewhere it’s a good idea to survey them.

However, if you don’t have an existing audience, here are some questions for you.

  1. What problem is your show trying to solve?
  2. Who are the people with this problem?
  3. Will your show solve 3 levels of pain?
  4. What kind of transformation can your listeners expect?
  5. Do your potential listeners experience other associated problems?
  6. How can you make your show more shareable?
  7. What’s the expected length of each episode?

These questions help you to dig a little deeper into the life of your audience.

For example, if you are doing a property podcast about buying your first house.

You’ll be able to talk about all the associated challenges like finding remote work, buying a low-cost vehicle, saving for a mortgage, low maintenance gardens, etc.

Another example is my podcast focuses on digital marketing but I create episodes on mindset, time management, motivation and productivity.

I cover those topics because they are related to digital marketing.

Write Your Intro

When I first started my podcast back in 2017, I had no idea what I was doing.

I knew that I wanted to talk about digital marketing but I was unsure about the audience.

It wasn’t until earlier this year that I got really clear on my ideal listener.

The reason it became clear is that I had the opportunity to work with my ideal client.

Several months after working with her it all came together for me.

Once it became clear I wrote the intro for my podcast show.

After writing the intro paragraph it helped me to come up with a list of names for my podcast.

I invite you to try this because it gives you so much clarity when you know why your show exists.

Here’s a template that you can use (leave the podcast name blank for now).

Welcome to the ___________ podcast, where [name of listener] can learn [what will they learn] so that they can [what will they accomplish after listening to your podcast] and finally achieve the [what’s the final dream].

Let me give you an example below.

Welcome to the _______________ podcast, where puppy owners can learn all the tricks and tips to house train their puppy so that their puppy will not chew on the furniture, go potty outside and sleep in their own bed quickly and finally have the most well-loved puppy of their dreams.

Notice how by writing what the show is about, you’ll be able to get really clear on your listener, their pains, and their goals.

By the way, your show intro can also double as your podcast description.

photo of white cushion headset and a phone

Podcast Name Ideas

Now that you have a better understanding of who your listener is and what transformation you are giving them.

Let’s look at a few good podcast name ideas.

  1. Your own name
  2. A hero’s name
  3. The transformation
  4. One core pain
  5. An important experience
  6. Your business name
  7. Something funky

Remember that having a great podcast name will assist with brand awareness and audience growth.

You’ll also be able to attract new listeners and make a good first impression with the perfect name.

Let’s look at each of these options one by one.

1. Your Own Name

If you remember previously we looked at the top 5 highest earning podcast shows of 2019.

In that list, there were 3 shows that contained the personal name of the host.

As you already know Dave Ramsey was already popular before he launched a podcast.

If you are a “best selling author” then naming the show after you is easy.

2. A Hero’s Name

Another strategy is developing a hero for your show.

While this is not easy it will give you a character that you can develop for your entire brand.

A good example of this is McDonald’s where they have a brand character called Ronald McDonald.

If you already have a mascot or hero for your brand then you can use it as a great podcast title if it makes sense.

3. The Transformation

Focusing on the transformation of your listener is a great way to name your podcast.

Earlier I gave an example of puppy training tips and tricks.

So, if the transformation is a house-trained puppy, a catchy name for the podcast would be “The House Trained Pup”.

A clever twist on this same concept is using a great name like Rufus instead of ‘puppy’.

If you decide to use a cute name it will be “Training Up Rufus”.

4. One Core Pain

This might be obvious but focusing on the pain that your listeners are experiencing is another great way to name your podcast.

In the example of someone who wants to buy their first house, they dislike paying rent.

So, the name of your show could be, “No More Flushing Rent Money Down the Toilet”.

Another interesting name could be, “The Obstacle Course to Buying Your First Home”.

5. An Important Experience

Including an obvious experience in the show name works just as well.

Here’s a painful one, “When Banks Say No To Your Mortgage Loan”.

Just looking at the name alone makes me want to listen to the show.

A positive spin on the same theme is “Increase Your Credit Score In Weeks”.

6. Your Business Name

If your business already has a lot of authority in the market then using your business name makes sense.

This is especially true if your business clients can benefit from your podcast show.

So, for example, in the case of Yankee Candles, they can have a show called, “The Yankee Candle Melt-Down”. Lol!!

You have to admit that’s a clever podcast name.

In the case of Amy Porterfield, she can use a play on words like, “Porterfield of Dreams”.

7. Something Funky

One final way to name your podcast show is by calling it something funky.

Take another look at your podcast intro and try to find a short descriptive phrase to name it.

Looking at the puppy training example again here’s a list of podcast names:

  1. Puppy Training for the Clueless
  2. Train your pup and still get sleep
  3. Puppy Love – 0 to Toddler
  4. Puppy Trolls – The Good, Bad + Ugly
  5. How Not to Let Your Puppy Take Charge

These 7 podcast name ideas should stirup your creative juices.

They can also help you get started on the road to choosing the perfect show title.

Best Podcast Name Generators

Now that you have at least 7 DIY ways to develop a name for your podcast, let’s look at 3 podcast name generators.

Business Name ideas

First up we have the business name ideas site that comes with a podcast name generator.

Technically speaking, they’re using the same business name generator to suggest creative podcast names.

BNG podcast name generator

I decided to take it for a spin so I entered the phrase “simple marketing” in the search box and the results were not impressive at all.

BNG available domain on simple marketing niche

I decided to try puppy training instead and here are the results that came back.

BNG available domain on pupy training niche

As you can see the results that came back were better compared to the simple marketing example.


The next podcast name generator is Welder which is an AI-powered platform.

Welder AI-Powered Podcast Name Generator
It encourages you to enter a short description in order to generate a descriptive title.

So I entered “simple marketing for coaches” and here are the results.

Welder AI-Powered Podcast Name Generator on simple marketing for coaches

The suggestions are better when compared to the previous example.

I also wanted to try puppy training for the clueless.

Welder AI-Powered Podcast Name Generator on puppy training for the clueless

As you can see there are quite a few good descriptive podcast names to choose from on the list.

Of all the 3 name generators, I believe that this one produces the most creative names so far.

How to Start an LLC

The final one on the list is a name generator from the folks at How to Start an LLC.

It is important to note that these name generators also help you to find domain availability.

Which means you can see if the domain name is also available too.

Truic Podcasting business name generator page

I decided to use it to find ideas for the puppy training podcast. Here are the results that I got back.

result of puppy training podcast ideas from Truic

As you can see there are a few good ones like “puppy training salon”.

Podcast Name Ideas Skyrocket Your Show Pin


Well, I can tell you from experience that choosing a name for your podcast is not going to be easy.

However, writing the intro to the podcast is the first step in helping you generate a list of podcast name ideas.

Getting really clear on who your target audience is as well as the transformation they’ll receive can give you clarity.

Be sure to use an element of creativity or fun to get your potential audience or potential customers to want to engage.

After finalising your podcast name you can learn how to start a podcast here.

If you need hosting for your podcast, check out this Libsyn vs Blubrry review as well.

Are you still on the fence about whether to start a blog or podcast?

I have a resource going through the differences between a blog vs podcast here.

Over to you, what has been your experience coming up with podcast name ideas?


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