101 Innovative Online Business Ideas You Can Start From Home

Melanie browsed a list of innovative business ideas at her local business association.

She thought to herself, surely there’s got to be more ways to earn money from home.

You see, Melanie just turned 40 and she came to the realization that she wanted something different in her life.

The freedom to travel the world is something pressing on her heart.

She knows that she would be able to do this if she had the ability to work from any location.

Are you looking for ways to earn extra income from home? If yes, then you should check out these 101 innovative business ideas that you can start today.

You don’t need to quit your job or move to start earning extra cash at home.

In fact, starting a side hustle can provide you with additional income without much effort. You can also scale your online business far beyond a side hustle for extra money. 

There are plenty of opportunities to make money online. Some of them require minimal investment, while others take time and effort.

The key is finding something that suits your skillset and interests. Have a look at our list and find what stands out to you!

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How Do I Start a Home-based Business?

If you want to start a home business, first decide what kind of business you would like to do.

This includes deciding whether you want to sell products or services, how much money you want to invest, and how much you’d like to earn from your business.

Next, determine which skills you already possess that could be used for your new venture and identify things you must learn.

The key is finding something you are passionate about. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind of life and forget why you started this journey.

But if you can find a way to make money doing what you love, then sticking with it and growing an online business can feel easy.

You may even end up loving every aspect of being your own boss!

101 Home-based Business To Try

1. Affiliate Marketing

Online retailers use affiliate marketing to generate traffic to their sites and increase sales. As an affiliate marketing partner, you will receive payment for sales, and sometimes website traffic, that you generate. 

If you have a popular blog you can place affiliate marketing links in your blog posts to generate income. If your Instagram follower count is high consider placing affiliate links in your captions. Place links anywhere that you can generate clicks. 

2. Online Course Creator

The online course industry is growing at a rapid click. Students are taking advantage of the online offerings to improve their job skills, their businesses, or even just to take up a new hobby. 

If you have the skill to teach or knowledge and course ideas to share you can create and sell an online course. It does require planning to launch a successful course and we are here to help

3. Digital Marketing Campaign Manager

If you have experience in social media you would make an ideal digital marketing campaign manager.

In this role, you will be responsible for planning and implementing digital marketing campaigns. You will need to plan the campaigns, analyse the data related to ad campaigns, and keep up to date with trends. 

4. Freelance Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to creating content for a target audience online. As a freelance content marketer, you will be hired by brands to create and place content about their products and services across the internet. 

5. Market Research

To market effectively businesses need to know who they are marketing to. As a market researcher, you will supply the information necessary to create great advertising. You will research a business’ likely buyers and supply information related to them.  

6. Email Marketing Services

If you have a flair for writing consider entering the email marketing world. As an email marketer, you will be responsible for writing email content for your client’s email list. These emails primarily serve as a marketing tool for your client’s products and services. 

7. Online Mailing List Broker

As an email list broker, you will connect owners of email lists to companies who want to expand the reach of their email marketing. 

You will need to have a good understanding of the audiences represented in the lists you have access to and be able to guide clients to lists that will best serve their needs.

8. Telemarketing

As a telemarketer, you will speak with potential customers on the phone and show them the benefits of the product or service you are representing. If you have the gift of gab this can be a very lucrative field. 

9. Content Writer

Content writers create fun and engaging articles that help their clients promote their brands. 

As a Content writer, you’ll be required to be able to vary your writing’s tone, conduct research, and write clearly and concisely. Prepare a portfolio of writing samples to show your potential clients.

10. Freelance eBook Writing

Publishing your own eBook is a cinch these days. You can utilize Kindle Direct Publishing to launch your content onto the web. There is no reason to print physical products.

This is a good business idea if you enjoy creative writing and have a lot of ideas.

11. Copywriting

Copywriting is writing for clients to make a sale. As opposed to content writing, it is much more focused on directly selling a product. You will still need to be fun!

12. Writing Music

If you have musical talent and composition skills you can write music to sell on the internet. This job requires skill but can be very rewarding for those who have a passion for music. 

13. Ghostwriter

As a ghostwriter, you will help people’s visions come to life on the page. This job doesn’t require you to have your own writing ideas but rather to make other people’s ideas appealing to read. Your employer/client will be credited as the author. 

14. Resume Writer

Resumes are amongst the first impressions a potential employer receives of you. Creating one is an important step in a job search. As a resume writer, you will create and polish other people’s resumes to help them get their dream job.

15. Business Plan Template Writer

Business plans help entrepreneurs lay out the vision for their company, how they will achieve those goals and their timeline for doing so. As you write templates businesses can fill in their information to create their own unique business plan. 

If you have experience in the law field legal writing can be a great way to break into the work-from-home lifestyle.

As a legal writer, you will create legal memoranda, and briefs, and create persuasive legal argument documents. 

17. Create and Distribute Press Releases

You can write press releases for businesses with great subject lines and great angles. You will then pitch the releases to journalists to get the word about your clients out there. 

18. Polish Applications for University Admissions

Applying for university is a high-stakes endeavour for high school students. Students are understandably nervous that their applications show them in the best light. There is a huge demand in improving students’ chances of admission.

You can offer your services by perfecting their application packages. 

19. Podcast Editor

As a Podcast editor, you’ll edit audio to create entertaining and listenable podcasts. This skill does not require a radio broadcasting degree and you can teach yourself in your free time.

20. Video Editor

Video editing is a skill that you can teach yourself online at home. Once you are proficient you can offer your services as a video editor to course creators, YouTube creators, and more. 

21. Audio Editor

As an audio editor, you will review and improve the sound in post-production. Audio editing is found across television broadcasts and movies. You can also offer audio editing services for online course creators. 

22. Freelance Editor

Freelance editing is a great business opportunity for people with writing skills and attention to detail.

You will review the work of copywriters and content writers to check grammar, accuracy, and word choice. 

23. Data Analyst Consulting

Data analysts use data to understand a business’s customers and to find areas where data can solve a business’ problems. When you are proficient at this skill you can offer your skills on a freelance basis to businesses to boost their sales. 

24. Image Consultant

Your online image consulting business will help clients improve how they appear to others. You will modify behaviour, appearance, and communication to help clients reach their social goals.

This online business is great for those coming from a public relations background. 

25. Small Business Consultant

Small business consultants tackle problems small businesses might be facing. You help them develop strategies and skills to help them grow their business. 

You can also consult in specific problem areas this type of business might encounter like structuring an inventory system. 

26. Corporate Consultant

Corporate consultants leverage their expertise to help improve their client’s business performance. You can have different areas of focus such as human resources or supply chain management.

If you are leaving your 9-5 job to start a business venture consider consulting in that field since you already have experience. 

27. Internet Marketing Consultant

Internet marketing is a field with tremendous growth potential. As you develop expertise in it you can offer your skills to businesses and build your online business. You will need to be familiar with different online marketing options and able to use analytics to see what is and isn’t working for your clients. 

28. Travel Business Consultant

Some people really enjoy planning and booking travel. If you are one of those people you can turn your hobby into a business. 

You’ll help your clients book their travel and research different travel opportunities. You can partner with big names in travel like Disney or Carnival Cruises to offer their vacation packages at great rates to your clients. 

29. Online Dating Consultant

As much as people might bemoan how “nobody meets organically anymore,” they are all online dating. Some people don’t understand how to present themselves on these platforms, however. 

This is where you come in to help them select flattering photos and write bios that will get them a coffee date. 

30. WordPress Website Consultant

Knowledge of WordPress can translate into a successful online business. You will help people build and maintain their WordPress sites with your skills. Consider offering themes, plugins and CSS coding as part of your service. 

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31. Online HR Consultant

HR consultants can step in to help businesses with a variety of HR needs. They can help companies update their HR systems, offer training in a specific area of HR concern, or help with evaluating potential hires. 

32. Remote Project Manager

Remote project managers connect remote and hybrid teams towards the goal of completing a project. This type of role is similar to a traditional project manager except for the fact that it is all executed online. 

33. Advertising Management

Advertising managers overlook a business’ entire marketing process. You will ensure that your clients are communicating effectively with their target customers throughout the advertising process. You can achieve this by using analytics tools to see how various marketing strategies affected sales. 

34. Financial Adviser

If you fail to plan you plan to fail. As a financial adviser, you will help your clients avoid the pitfalls of not planning ahead for retirement or managing their wealth proactively. Consider whether being a financial adviser requires any licensing in your location. 

35. Startup Advisor

Startups come together around a great startup idea and a dream. They might not, however, have a lot of business savvy.

As a startup advisor, you will work with startup companies as they begin their entrepreneurial journey. You can advise them on the best strategies to set themselves up for success from your own home. 

36. Online Tutoring

Online learning is a fast-growing field. Taking lessons remotely offers students flexibility and options in their education. 

As an online tutor, you will help students progress academically via online platforms like Zoom or Google Workspace. You can offer your tutoring services on platforms like Varsity Tutor or Outschool. 

37. Business Coaching

As a business coach, you will advise people about how to start or expand their businesses. You will provide practical tips, and advice about management systems, and offer encouragement.

One of my clients is a business coach and her business generates $30,000 a month.

Business coaching is also a natural springboard to offering other business services. You could offer social media marketing services or bookkeeping services for example. 

38. Music Teacher

Online learning offers students flexibility. While you might not initially think of online music lessons they are a practical solution for those wanting to improve their vocals or learn an instrument.

Teaching online helps your students manage their time by removing the need to commute.

39. Dance Teacher

Online dance classes are a fun option for earning money online. You can teach classes in real time via Zoom or create dance tutorials. 

Once you’ve filmed your dance instructional video you can host it on YouTube or create a membership site where students can access your dance videos. From tap dancing to tango your dance students are out there. 

40. Cooking Teacher

Are you a whizz in the kitchen? Teach others your magic, some of us can’t boil water. You can even create meal planning guides or offer a shopping list to add value to your online cooking business. Consider creating cooking classes with a niche audience to allow you to better target your students. 

41. Life Coaching

The modern world is stressful. As a life coach, you can help bring some ease to your client’s life. Life coaching goals can vary from client to client as strategies can vary from student to student. To be a successful life coach you’ll need to offer strategies that help clients with their personal development. 

42. Language Teacher

Online platforms lend themselves well to language learning. As a language teacher, you’ll create lessons to help students progress in their target language.

You can also offer conversational lessons and spend your day chatting with people all over the globe as they improve their language skills. 

43. Online Wellness Coach

If you have experience in the health and wellness industry you can offer your services as an online wellness coach. 

You will help your students improve their well-being and balance their lives. Wellness coaching can be a very rewarding online business. If you enjoy helping others live their best life online wellness coaching could be a great fit for you.

44. Blogging

Blogging is an excellent online business. You’ll create fun or informative posts to host on your blog site. It is best to keep your posts within one niche to help you reach readers who are interested in what you have to say. 

You can include affiliate marketing links to monetize your blog. Once your blog receives enough traffic you can also enrol in Google Adsense or Ezoic to earn revenue. 

45. Podcasting

Podcasting is fun and popular. Podcasters create an audio product that listeners can access for entertainment or information. You can offer sponsorship of your podcast to earn money online.

Services like Podcorn allow you to present offers to businesses interested in sponsoring podcasts. 

46. Niche Website Owner

As the owner of a website, you can monetize your product via ads. You can enrol in advertising programs that allow businesses to bid instantly on ad space on your site whenever a browser loads it. Websites focused on one particular niche tend to perform better than those whose topic is less focused. 

47. SEO Expert

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of tweaking online copy to improve its placement in search engine results. 

Searchers tend to not move beyond the first couple of pages of search results so it is imperative for businesses to have their content at a high rank. Once you understand how search engines order results you can offer your services to improve businesses’ rankings. 

48. Dropshipping

Dropshipping involves setting up an eCommerce store with no inventory. In this business, you are responsible primarily for marketing. 

Once your advertising is successful and a customer orders from your eCommerce site the product is shipped from the factory to the buyer. Shopify, Wholesale Central, and Spocket are all popular dropshipping sites. 

49. eCommerce

By selling products online you are engaging in eCommerce. You can choose to sell products via dropshipping and not handle inventory. 

You can also sell products that you keep stored as an inventory in a physical location. Outsourcing handling inventory is the better option however as it simplifies your business and keeps costs low. 

50. Subscription Box Service

Chewy (pet supplies) and Ipsy (beauty products) are examples of subscription box services. Consumers subscribe to boxes that supply products that they are interested in. Boxes of fun products come at scheduled intervals. 

As a subscription box service business owner you will be responsible for sourcing box content and ensuring they are shipped to your subscribers.  

51. Sell Custom Printed Products

Services like Printify allow you to design and print t-shirts on demand. These services will also ship your product directly to your customers. 

Your job will be creating and marketing funny or beautiful printed t-shirts. The advantage of this business is that it requires no upfront investment. If a few of your t-shirt ideas flop you are not out any money.

52. Language Translation

If you are fluent in more than one language, first off it’s good for you, second, you can turn that into an online business! Offer translation services to businesses to help them reach a new audience in your second language. 

Translation services are also required beyond the business field. People could utilise your service to translate legal documents, novels, and more. 

53. Buy and Sell Domain Names

If you have the ability to spot trends buying and selling domains can be a lucrative online business. If you can identify what website names might be relevant early you can snap them up and sell them off at a higher price.

Some strategies could be already popular domain names with .com endings with other domain extensions like .io or .vn. 

54. Build and Sell Themes Online

Themes simplify the website creation process. If you are able to design attractive themes you can sell them to people who don’t have the time or expertise to create their own. This online business will require both technical skills and an eye for design. 

55. Buy And Sell On Bazar

Bazar is a buying and selling app that caters to the Middle Eastern market. You can sell a wide variety of items on the app, even real estate. Find a niche on the app to create your online business. 

56. Buy And Sell On eBay

eBay has been a part of the online landscape for a long time and remains a force in online retail. Your online business can involve using the site to find and order items and then flip them by selling them to other users of the site.

Selling the item for a higher cost can be achieved through taking higher-quality photos, creating better descriptions, or even just via patience. 

57. Start A Lead Generation Business

Lead generation refers to finding and attracting leads. From there you nurture the leads to become customers.

If you excel at marketing and finding the customer’s need and meeting it you can start a lead generation business. Consider also offering services that nurture those leads to lead to sales for your client. 

58. Web Developer

Creating and maintaining websites is the domain of the web developer. If you already have coding skills you can freelance to create websites for other businesses. 

If you are just starting out with hard work you can become a web developer by using online courses and tools like Codecademy. The internet is full of great resources to make you a web developer quickly and at a low cost. 

59. App Developer

Mobile users are the largest growing segment of the internet. Apps create an ideal experience for mobile users. 

You can create useful or entertaining apps and sell them on marketplaces like the App Store or Google Play. Monetizing apps might include offering premium subscriptions for access to more features, running ads, selling in-game currency, or charging a flat fee. 

60. Software Developer

If you have software development skills you can offer your services to businesses to create their ideas or needed tools. Don’t forget that you can teach yourself software development skills on the internet! 

This field is in high demand so it can be worth investing your time if it is something that interests you. There are plenty of low-cost or free resources to get you started. 

Photo of woman sitting at her desk and thinking

61. App Tester

App testers have the technical know-how to test apps in a variety of scenarios to ensure that they are running properly.

Your goal is to stress the app and find scenarios where it might fail. Your client can then patch the app. You can reach out to businesses creating apps to offer your service. 

62. Create A Membership Site

If you have s service to offer you can create a membership site. People will subscribe to your site and have access to your content.

This is a great online business idea for people with a skill to teach or a large social media following who might want to interact with them in a different setting.  

63. WordPress Plugin Seller

WordPress allows those with little technical ability to build sites with plugins.  You can create and sell these plugins to create your online business.

Consider creating and selling plugins within a niche to have more market impact. You can sell your WordPress plugins on a marketplace like CodeCanyon or you can create your own site. 

64. Systems Integrator

In your system integration business, you would take all of the systems a business uses and ensure that they operate as one cohesive overall system. You can also help with automation processes. This field has high growth potential as digital systems continue to expand. 

65. Build A Chrome Extension

Google allows Chrome users to build their own extensions for the browser and host them in the Chrome store. These extensions help optimise the user experience on the browser.

An example of a popular extension is Grammarly. Create a quality extension that meets a need or want and make an online business. 

66. Start An Online SaaS Business

SaaS stand for software as a service. Instead of downloading physical software users access a web-based app. Popular SaaS applications include Google Docs or DropBox. If you have a solution to a problem that can be presented via SaaS start a SaaS business.

Examples of Saas solutions include Salesforce, Hubspot and Kajabi.

67. Online Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping lends itself well to an online business. If you have a knack for organisation and numbers you can take over the bookkeeping for small businesses.

Try getting started by offering services to businesses local to you. You can also offer bookkeeping services to other small online businesses. 

68. Investing

Online investment tools make investing simpler than ever before. If you have capital you can invest it to create a passive income. You can continue to grow your nest egg by investing in additional things as you see a return on your first investments. The potential to grow with this business is limitless. 

69. Trade On The Stock Market

Trading on the stock market is a great way to make income remotely. As a stock trader, you will research market trends, keep on top of new stock market offerings, and buy and sell stocks at the right moment to generate income. 

You can minimise the risk of this business by spreading your investments into several different stock options. 

70. Trade In Cryptocurrency

There are a variety of cryptocurrencies on the market. It is much bigger than BitCoin. Ethereum, Dogecoin, and XRP are other cryptocurrencies with market caps in the billions.

You can follow trends and buy coins low and sell them high. Trading in crypto can be a very lucrative career if you are able to see the peaks and lows coming. 

71. Become A Cryptocurrency Miner

Without becoming too bogged down in the technical, cryptocurrency works by miners solving extremely complex math problems that verify transactions in the currency.

Don’t worry you won’t need an advanced mathematics degree or even a calculator. Utilise computers to do the maths for you. 

72. Financial Planning

Financial planning services help people manage their money smartly. Joining this field requires that you have financial savvy. Also, check for any required certifications. 

As Baby Boomers look ahead to retirement you can take advantage of the demand for smart financial advice. Consider gearing yourself toward Generation Z by offering planning solutions that can help them as they start out such as plans for saving toward a downpayment on a house. 

73. Graphic Design Artist

The Graphic design skill utilises virtual tools to create graphics that convey a message. Graphic designers are popular for creating logos, designing infographics, and more.

If you have the technical know-how to do this job you can leave corporate graphic design behind and launch an online graphic design business. 

74. Create Printables to Sell Online

If you have a flair for design, you can create printables to upload for others to buy, download, and print.

Teachers-Pay-Teachers is a popular site for this small business idea in the education field. Ideas beyond education for printables include meal planning guides, calendar templates, or household task charts. 

75. Create Presentations

Various disciplines and professions utilise presentations. A professor might need an attractive slideshow for his conference presentation or a motivational speaker for his summit talk.

If you are able to present your client’s message in a clear and attractive way you can begin designing these presentations as an online business. 

76. Create And Sell Recipes

Calling all you cooking gurus – if you are frequently asked for your recipe at the potluck why not make a business out of it? 

You don’t have to give away the secret to your lemon meringue pie but consider letting some other cooking know-how go for the right price. 

77. Web Design

Web design combines a good grasp of aesthetic appeal and technical know-how. With a web design business, you can create beautiful websites for businesses in need of one.

This creative field is growing as having a website is almost a requirement to run a business in the 21st century. 

78. Ebook Design

Ebooks are becoming an increasingly popular way to read. Ebooks also lend themselves well to self-publishing. Without the backing of large publishing houses, ebook authors find themselves in need of someone to make sure their book is well laid out. That can be you. 

79. Book Cover Designer

Self-publishing of ebooks and via Amazon’s publishing on-demand service also means there are lots of books in need of a cover.

Create an online business designing book covers to meet this need. Offering designs for physically printed books and ebooks is a great way to ensure all of your bases are covered. 

80. Document Creation

Businesses that focus on document creation offer services such as letterhead design, for creation, or even real estate listing fliers. If creating beautiful and readable documents sounds fun this can be a great online career for you. 

81. Design And Sell On TeeSpring

TeeSpring allows you to design apparel on its website and sell it to customers to whom they ship. This business model lets you sell your fabulous design ideas without having to create a warehouse full of stock. 

82. Voice-over Service

If you have been told you have a voice for radio consider getting into voice-over services. You will create audio for audiobooks, video games, commercials, and more. You can start your voice-over career by offering your services on Fiverr or Upwork. 

83. Video Animator

Video animators create moving images to go with an audio file to create animation. Animation goes beyond cartoons and could include creating animations for online courses in a variety of fields. 

84. Creating Stock Photography

Stock photography is a great option for photographers to start or expand their photography business. You will take photos and upload them to sites like Getty Photos or iStock Photo. People in need of images for their websites or other materials can then license the photos from you for a fee. 

85. Social Media Manager

Social media can feel like a full-time job so why not make it one? As a social media manager, you will be responsible for your client’s social media profiles. 

You will post their content, engage in their comment sections, and develop strategies to increase the reach of their social media. 

86. Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Facebook Ads are one of the top forms of advertising on the internet rivalled only by fellow giant Google Ads. Businesses invest in Facebook Ads to drive users to their products and services. 

Offering your services and managing these ad campaigns would involve planning and posting content, designing strategy, and following the success of the campaign using Facebook’s analytics tool. 

87. Social Media Assistant

Not all businesses are in need of a social media manager to take control of their pages. Many, however, could benefit from a little help. With a social media assistant business, you will take on smaller tasks like simple Canva design or caption writing. 

88. YouTube Stardom

Ok maybe stardom is a little aspirational, but there is a market for your content on YouTube. Whether you create funny or informative videos you can host them on the site and make money from the ads shown before your video streams. 

89. Virtual Assistance

Business owners are busy! They use virtual assistant businesses to help outsource some of their tasks. As a virtual assistant, you might schedule social media posts, update email lists, or edit podcasts. The options are endless. 

90. Freelance Customer Service

As a freelance customer service worker, you will work with your client’s customers and answer their questions and concerns. You might field requests related to things from refunds to warranties. 

91. Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Pinterest is a platform for sharing and saving “pins” related to the user’s interests. Businesses can benefit from the service by posting their products and services as pins.

Managing these pins will require selecting great images, writing captions, and placing them in appropriate categories. You could also help manage advertising on the site. 

92. IT Tech Support

Have you tried turning it off and back on again? With an IT tech support business, you will field problems ranging from simple to complex to ensure your clients’ software and hardware is operating correctly. 

93. Data Entry

Data entry involves entering information into a database. You can offer your skills in this business and expand to include data entry clerks who handle the typing for you. Data entry has a low barrier to entry requiring only typing skills and a computer connected to the web. 

94. Transcribing

With a transcription business, you will convert audio files to text by listening and typing. There is room to grow your business by hiring employees to do the transcription as you work with clients. 

95. Medical Transcription Business

Medical transcription is a niche field within transcription that requires some knowledge of medical terms. You, or your employees, will listen to medical records that were dictated orally and transcribe them into text. 

96. Social Media Analyst

As a social media analyst, you will analyse the data generated from social media campaigns. In your reports, you can suggest changes to your clients that will bring them more engagement and sales from their social media campaigns. 

97. Instagram Influencer

Instagram influencers post content on Instagram that brings them many followers and likes.

Whether you already have a large following or not you can begin to actively grow it and monetize what you do have. To monetize being an Instagram influencer you can include affiliate links in your captions, participate in sponsored posts, and more. 

98. Create And Sell Handmade Items

If you are crafty you can monetize your hobby and sell handmade items online. Unique handmade items appeal to people as gifts and decor. You can sell your creations on platforms like Etsy or Spoonflower. 

99. Create A Digital Product Store

You can create a digital product store for your online workbooks, PowerPoint templates, fonts, etc. to sell your own offerings or make it a platform for others to sell theirs. You can monetize your site with ads or by charging vendors to use your site.

100. Earn Money By Testing Digital Products

No online creator wants a release full of glitches and errors. With your digital product testing business, you will be contacted to test for these problems before the offering goes live to the public. Some ideas of digital products to test include online courses, software programs, or games. 

101. Teach Art Online Live

If you have artistic skills you could consider creating live online art classes. In these classes, you would teach your students a skill and have them produce their own masterpieces.

Online learning is popular with students since it offers convenient learning options. There is no need to create a physical studio to teach art students. 

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What Industries Are in High Demand?

As you consider this list of online business ideas you might find that several of them stick out to you as fun options. You might already have experience and skills in others. To narrow it down the ease of breaking into the field might be the decision maker. What fields are in high demand?

Best Colleges highlights the medical and technology fields as fields with the most potential for demand. While considering online businesses that fit into those markets can be a good idea don’t forget to choose a field in which you have passion and knowledge. 

What Is the Procedure for Starting a Business?

Starting a new business is exciting, but also scary. There are lots of things to consider before starting out, such as taxes, licenses, insurance, etc. How does one go about setting up a new company?

A business owner has to take care of various legal matters, which can include registering their business name, obtaining permits, and paying taxes. These technical matters are not your only concern, however. 

As you begin your online business you want to make sure you are setting yourself up for success. Branding and your ideas should be clearly thought out. Your marketing should be appealing to your potential customers. There is so much to consider! Our course will make sure you are starting out strong. 

Do I Need a Lot of Money To Start a Business?

How much money you need to start a business depends on you and your business. Some businesses are up-front capital intensive with the need for inventory or perhaps staff. Starting a business doesn’t need to be expensive though. A lot of the ideas laid out here can be started with just an internet connection.

Cost doesn’t need to be a barrier to a successful online business. In this article, we cover how to start a business with zero dollars. 


Deciding to start an online business is the exciting first step in your journey. From here the ride continues. These innovative online business ideas are sure to have inspired you and you’ll be completing a business plan in no time. 

Remember that starting a business does not have to be a financial burden. Start your business with the resources you have available and grow as you go. Be sure to choose a field you are passionate about so running and growing your business feels fun. 

Asking for help as you start a business is a great idea. During our coaching call, we can narrow down the business that is right for you and develop strategies to meet your goals.

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