What is a Writing Coach and How She Can Help?

Writing coach specialist, Heather LeRoss, is our special guest on this episode of Success Unscrambled.  Heather is a Mother, an Author and Writing Coach for women.

Writing Coach Background

Being a Mother and a woman she noticed what was missing in her life.  She started with writing which gave her a lot of feedback.  After some research, she decided to become a life coach.  She felt compel to do more of her writing coach practice through journaling. Like writing prompts and journaling.

She spent almost 17 years in corporate America.  Since starting her blog and writing and publishing her first book it felt like love.  She likes to help women feel less alone.  Her book is called Just Tell Me I’m Pretty, Musings on a Messy Life.

Role Model

Her husband was the one who inspired her to be where she is today.  He is her inspiration and she believes that she is very lucky to have a husband who loves her so much. He even came up with the name Tipsy Tiara.

The best advice she ever received was ‘don’t take it personally’.  She does not remember who told her but it has been the mantra for some time.  She constantly reminds herself to not take things personally.  If something bothers her she will reach out and ask for clarification.

Biggest Impact

She lost her sister in law 3 years ago.  She died to cancer.  She was quite close to her for many years.  She was quite young so it has really rocked her.  She never got a chance to say goodbye because it happened suddenly and it was totally unexpected.

The Leap

[clickToTweet tweet=”Taking a leap is monumental and scary which is super scary for most women” quote=”Taking a leap is monumental and scary which is super scary for most women” theme=”style2″] Taking a leap is monumental and scary which is super scary for most women.  Her writing coach practice advises women to start making tinny, tiny, turtle steps immediately.  For women wanting to make a change, they can start with turtle steps.  Creating a vision board, enrolling in a class, doing some research are all the things that can be considered turtle steps.

Fun Questions

Susan Hyatt is a fellow entrepreneur that really hits the mark for her.  Susan is a master life coach and has dedicated her life to helping women.  She is inspiring and uplifting, coaches around writing, weight loss and day to day living.  She is positive, strong and a great person.

Bucket list

She has a fear of heights but she wants to try zip lining.  Her parents are planning to visit Ireland and she would love to tag along.

Trade places

She would trade places with her son who has ADHD, she wants to see how he sees the world.  Her son is optimistic, happy, upbeat, empathetic, charismatic young person she ever met.  He would be upset about something but 5 minutes later he would be fine about what happened.  He would just realise that this one thing was a lesson and move right on to being happy again.  All of her life coach training could not help her to be like him.

Something That She Cannot Do That She Wish She Could Do

She wishes she could sing.  Her husband bought her a Karaoke machine.  She cannot hear a tune but she really wishes she could sing.

Guilty Pleasure

She is a huge fan of massages.  She tries to get very regular massages. She became a Licensed Massage Therapist 11 years ago but did not pursue it as she was the primary breadwinner in her home at the time.  So she only got to practice for 3 months.

Final Advice

She believes that we need to be kinder to ourselves as women.  She really wants women to take this to heart and look up self-care.  She really wants women to start recognising that voice.  Through her writing coach practice, she wants women to question that voice.

Where to Find Heather

Her writing coach expertise is available globally but you can find her at TipsyTiaras.com and her email tipsytiaras @ outlook.com.  She is working on a new website.  Instagram @tipsytiaras, she is also on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest too.

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