How To Create A Facebook Business Page That Rocks – Part 1

Shownotes: The How to create a Facebook business page is part one of a 3-part series.  In part one we will look at the preparation involved in getting ready to create a Facebook business page.  So we will be covering:

  1. Niches
  2. The goal of the page
  3. Artwork
  4. Post or content

As I mentioned, we’re going to look at how we’re going to create your Facebook business page or maybe you’re doing it for a hobby.

Also, how to create it perfectly and effectively so that you can actually get results and then how to get your first 100 followers on that Facebook business page within seven to 14 days.

In part one we’re going to look at the niche, decide on the goal of the page, consider artwork and then look at your post or posts for your Facebook business page, queuing that up, alright?


Let’s start with a niche. I don’t know where you are in your business or doing your hobby or what is the reason why you would be interested in creating a Facebook page.

Just to give you a little bit of background, one of the things I do, you can probably call it a side hustle, I managed Facebook pages for businesses and I manage all my own Facebook pages.

The success I’ve been having with Facebook pages is generating between 100 to 20,000 followers or Facebook business page likes for the pages that I manage.

So, I decided to share knowledge that I have based on that particular experience so that you too can start experiencing some success with regards to whether it be a hobby, side hustle or for your business as well.

I’m going to start with a niche. Essentially what a niche is, as I explained it in my previous podcast where I looked at content marketing strategy.

A niche is really a way of dissecting the way you approach the different verticals or different specialities in the business world.

An example of a niche would be politics or insurance or dog training or it could be in a very broad sense, fashion.

As you can imagine fashion is very broad so you’d have to break down that fashion view into we call sub-niches or specialist areas.

For example, you have ladies handbags, that’s a good niche to go into but then you have sub-niches of that so you have ladies handbags leather.

Also, ladies handbags designer, ladies handbags eco-friendly like cotton handbags, recyclable handbags, you have all different sub-niches and you can break that down even further as you can imagine.

You have things like purses and all sorts of different names now I can’t even remember, clutch and all the different kinds.

Within the whole handbags niche, we know fashion niche we have handbags, in the whole handbags niche you have sub-niches and of all the sub-niches you have sub-sub-niches as you’d like to call it.

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The reason why you would want to look at a niche for your Facebook business page is that it sort of helps you to build a tribe or a following.

That is of course if it is you want to be able to manage followers because it’s one thing to get a page and get 20,000 followers.

However, if are you the type of person where you see yourself managing or contributing to a tribe of people, being the leader of a particular tribe.

That’s what you’d have to look at when you think of creating a Facebook business page.

You don’t need to have 20,000 followers or 100,000 followers, you can have a small amount, like 1,000 followers and manage that small tribe.

Ask yourself the question, would you like to be the leader of a tribe and can you talk about this niche that you want to go into?

If it’s part of your business can you talk about it for a very, very long time to come because you need to be able to contribute content to that tribe of people that wants to be part of your group?

If you can’t talk about it forever and ever, you get bored after two, three, four months then probably you don’t want to be creating a Facebook business page about that particular subject matter.

Find something you can talk about forever and it makes you get up in the morning excited to talk about it.

Alright, so which niche or sub-niche you going to be looking at then you want to do a little bit of research in that particular interest. I don’t know if you’ve ever logged into, well let me backtrack a little bit.

There’s a certain section of Facebook called Facebook for business and what it does it allows you to see information on certain pages or groups, more or less pages, let’s just stick with pages.

For example,  you have a famous page, a lot of people are on like 100,000 followers and you want to go into the back of that and see certain information about that particular page.

Or, people who’ve specified on their profile that they’re interested in a certain thing like cycling or bikinis or reading or photographer.

There are a lot of pages out there that people can follow or like or become part of that and you can see some stats behind that such as the demographics.

This includes the split between men and women, what their interest is of course, what their family spend, any interest they might have like media or movies or whatever.

There’s a lot of information that you can glean in the back there.  I’m just realising there’s so much information I can go on and on about but anyway. Yeah, I think I need to do a part three.

What you’re looking for is once you go into it, it’s called, you log in using your regular Facebook profile logins, account logins, Facebook account logins.

It gives you the ability to then run ads using the business profile, manage different pages for example.

What you’re looking for when you log in there is to find, say for example you decide you want to go into the DIY niche, what you do in the back, on the business side, of Facebook, you go and you log in there and you search for do-it-yourself for example.

In the results, they bring up all of the pages or interest groups that have that do it yourself or dog training or photography, just pages that relate to that.

It would give you a rough idea of how many likes that page has and then on top of all of that you want to see how many of those people on that page is actually active daily.

How often a person, who owns a page, posts on it and then how many likes or comments, how active the community is on that particular page.

Depending on that information you know whether or not to target that particular page as part of your ads.

I sort of jumped ahead of myself which probably has confused you totally and I’m really sorry for that so let’s just leave it at that. I’m going to have to do another podcast on this particular subject.

Alright, it helps with the niche research so I’ll have to do it in a separate podcast so just look out for that, it will probably be the third one in the series.

Once you’re done the niche research which I’m going to again, I’m going to do a specific blog post on that research for Facebook specifically because they’re other places you can look for niche research, for example on Twitter, you can use places like BuzzSumo or you can use the keyword planner.

There are so many resources that you can use to do your niche research, Amazon, Click Bank, lots of places.

I’m going to do a specific podcast on that research, I’m really sorry that I’ve confused you totally so let’s just park on that research for now and let’s move onto deciding on the goal of the page.

Let’s pretend that you’ve listened to my podcast on niche research and you’ve done enough research so you know very well there are probably three things you can talk about it forever and ever so you can probably talk about cooking, playing the guitar and what’s that thing called? Scrapbooking.

So, you can talk about those three things and you want to know for yourself okay, I can talk forever and ever about it.

Do check if is there sufficient people on Facebook who are active on a daily basis who would be interested in that particular topic?

That’s how you decide based on the niche research podcast I’m going to do that you are going to focus or narrow down into that particular niche.

The Goal of Your Facebook Page

Alright, once you decide on that niche you have to tell yourself okay so what is going to be the goal of your page? Are you just going to build a tribe and just talk all day long, what’s the ROI for you?

Are you satisfied with just talking and helping people out for free without any return on investment?

Probably people posting up pictures of their scrapbooking projects if you’re doing scrapbooking.

Just helping people all, probably running community events in your local area or in your state for example so you’re helping old people in scrapbooking in the state of California for example.

And you’re happy with that or do you at some point, say in six months, in one year, in two years, three years time you want to be able to generate revenue from this particular side hustle or hobby.

Maybe you’re running a business and you’re going to use a Facebook page as a way to drive traffic to your business website.

The goal that you decide on is going to be very, very important for that particular page. Now I don’t want to, this first part of the podcast to go on for too long so I’ll do my best not to deliver a point too much.

If you decide it’s an information only Facebook page if you’re selling products on the page itself or you’re just using it to build authority or you going to use it to drive traffic to your website?

I’m sure there are other things that you can think of that you can use a Facebook page for but that’s the four I can think of straight off the bat that you would build a Facebook page to do.

Okay, so once you decide on the goal write that down, hold fast because once you decide on that it would actually help propel you to create the content around that particular page and how frequent you’re going to be posting to that page.

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Alright, next up is the artwork.  The more professional your Facebook page looks and feels is the quicker I guess is the word, well the more likes you get for something writ the quicker you are to get approved.

Generally, the more Facebook takes you as a serious Facebook page and the quicker you can get a custom URL for your page. Right, now professional does not necessarily mean expensive.

I recently got Facebook page artwork not only but a pack so I got one for LinkedIn, one for Facebook, one for YouTube, one for iTunes and another one for Twitter, a five pack of artwork for $10.

Okay so when I say professional it does not have to be expensive but you have to put some thought into it because if you’re like me, in fact probably all women like this, you change your mind so many times.

Soon, you have to come to a point where once you get it done you may want to change your mind again.

You have to accept it and just move on because you cannot spend all day long changing the artwork and changing your mind and tweaking this and tweaking that and driving the poor artist crazy.

Just decide what you’ll be comfortable with even if you don’t like a certain element of it in the end after all the different revisions, just accept it and just move on.

It must have a professional look, it helps a page have a quality finish to it and it acts as I mentioned before, you get more likes because it’s an attractive Facebook page and you get your ads approved much quicker as a result.

Facebook Page Content or Posts

Alright, then finally posts. As part of the building your tribe, as I mentioned before, you’ll have to talk about this particular thing, whatever it is over and over again, not necessarily the same thing over and over again but different aspects of it.

For example I mentioned ladies handbags and you probably want to talk about designer handbags for argument sake and all you’d be doing all day long is keeping your followers or your tribe up to date on the latest and greatest handbags, where to get them at a discount price, how to take care of them, how to clean them.

I must get into the designer handbag niche, I seem to know a lot about it. Anyway, how to preserve them for much longer time to come, if you want to resell them what’s the resale value of them. I know certain designer brands actually buy back their handbags from you.

Goodness, I seem to know a lot about handbags but anyway trust me, I do not have a lot of designer handbags I just somehow know a lot about designer handbags but if that’s your niche that’s what you’ll be talking about.

You’d probably be showing to your tribe the latest handbag that you got in whatever colour and whatever outfit it goes with really well and if your name has to be down a specific waiting list for a certain type of handbag, all of that sort of stuff.

Trust me I don’t have a lot of designer handbags, I probably have one, that’s about it but it’s just crazy that I know so much about designer handbags.

Say for example it’s dog training, not really dog training, you might want to niche that down a little bit and just talk about Golden Retrievers only, talk about Golden Retrievers dog training, grooming, lifespan, get people to post up pictures of their Golden Retrievers, from zero to one year what you do, puppies, all of the way, what you feed them, what way they’re supposed to be.

You can go on and on, talk about Golden Retrievers and trust me I never had a pet Golden Retriever but I just seem to know a lot about Golden Retrievers for some weird reason but anyway you get the point that I’m making.

The most important thing when you’re just filling out your Facebook page and this is one of the things that I do for my clients and I also do for my Facebook pages, not all of them but a large majority of them is that you want to build out between one to two months of posts in advance.

What you do is you just get out the old Excel file and decide so you can share, for example, a picture, a picture of something nice, a picture of a dog, for example, a quote, some kind of inspirational quote.

You can post a video, you can post a command, you can wish someone happy birthday, some famous person who has some kind of, like a designer for a particular handbag, for example, it’s their birthday, write about all different things.

You want to pull out an Excel sheet and start from day one to day thirty, depending on the month and then for every single day you can put would it be sharing news or a picture, whatever it is you’re sharing on that day and build it that way.

Then what I’d advise you to do is invest in a marketing tool like Hootsuite or PromoRepublic or Edgar or one of those tools is what you’re going to be investing in and you’re going to put schedule all of those posts for the next two months in there because that frees up your time.

Obviously, you don’t want to just let it run on autopilot, you’d want to check in every week, just double check the posts for the week, make sure you’re still happy with that, say for example someone dies, some handbag designer dies, you don’t want to put something up on there and be insensitive.

Be conscious of what you’re posting and watching the news because you want to make sure that you’re sensitive enough or if something popular happens, some really expensive handbag suddenly pops out of nowhere you want to give an update.

You can post twice a day, that’s not a big deal but just be conscious of what you have running for the week, have it in your mind and then if something else comes up remove posts and replace them or whatever it is.

You can also schedule a post directly on Facebook if you want, well it really is up to yourself, you might as well use one of those 3rd party tools to automate it from there.

This means that you can get a much broader view of like a campaign that you’re running and you can see the whole month at a glance, make sure you’re happy,

Ensure that there are not too many things going out, like for a whole week you just post only photos, you want to mix it up a bit and that helps you whereas if you schedule directly on Facebook it doesn’t really give you a full month’s view or full week’s view.

Alright, again like I said do a mix of articles, videos, images and be conscious of the frequency so depending on the tribe that’s following you, you may want to post once a day, you may want to post twice a day, three times a day, once a week.

It really depends on yourselves or once every two days, decide which is manageable for you because this is going to be your tribe, they’re going to be looking to you as a leader and that’s one thing you want to consider.

It is imperative that you’re really passionate about it otherwise just don’t bother about getting into it.

Alright, I’m really sorry that I confused you with regards to the niche research for your Facebook business page but I promise I’ll make it up to you by having another podcast specifically around niche research.

I’ll probably put it in before the next one so at least you can get the niche research completed before we move on to actually creating the Facebook page.

Alright, thanks ever so much for joining the podcast today. Any questions or queries you can see on my site,, you can leave a message there for me or you can contact me by the contact form or you can contact me using [email protected].

Alright, thanks ever so much ladies. Enjoy the rest of your day and enjoy the rest of your week. Bye for now.

How to create a Facebook page that rocks


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