13 Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas You Should Copy

Are you thinking of starting a bullet journal or maybe you just need a few bullet journal weekly spread layout ideas?

Every now and then as bullet journal enthusiast we need some bullet journal inspiration to keep being creative.

This is especially true for those of us who are not talented graphic designers or artists.

It is possible that the stresses of life causes us to draw a blank which also happens to many of us who are writers as well.

There are many joys and experiences in life but sometimes life keeps us so busy that we struggle with the mundane.

To get a fresh perspective we need to come away and look at the work or others or even spend some time in nature to get our creative juices flowing again.

In this post, I am going to go through a number of bullet journal weekly spread layout ideas that will give you the ‘bujo inspo’ that you need to get excited again.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Just in case you are new to this whole idea of bullet journaling let me explain what a weekly spread is in simple english.

A weekly spread is basically a calendar view of your week which can include a number of elements like:

  1. The days of the week
  2. Each day can be broken down by am and pm
  3. Goals for the week
  4. Enough space for your entries
  5. A notes section if needed
  6. The date
  7. A place for rewards like stickers
  8. Symbols (as decided by your bujo index)
  9. Habit tracking

This list is by no means exhaustive but it also does not mean that your bullet journal weekly spread needs to include all these elements.

Since we are here for weekly spread layout ideas let’s take a look at the list of the ones that I found inspirational.

1. Minimalist Layout

In this example, we see a really simple minimalist approach from Ava Guava where she has a really simple weekly spread with the weather forecast.

Minimalist Weekly Spread Idea bullet journal


It is very uncomplicated in that there is space for writing under each day of the week. She also only used 2-3 colours.

I like the fact that there is also the ability to see the month at a glance on each page. There is also a time-lapse video showing you how she did it using stencils.

So, if you are more of a minimalist in your approach then this is a great example to follow thanks to Ava.

2. Creative Weekly Spread

So, I saw this one and I thought that it has to be totally the opposite of Kat’s entry altogether.

Jess has taken her weekly spread to a level that can only be described as creative.

Jess - Creative Weekly Spread Layout - oceanstudy - Instagram


In one sense it seems that it is almost the opposite of minimalist but upon careful investigation for each day is just a list of items.

There is also a splash of colour thrown in as well as images or photos of important aspects to life. I think the bar code is a cute touch.

3. April Weekly Spread

It looks like we are progressing towards the more complex bullet journal weekly spread layout ideas.

I saw this one and it spoke to me because there was more hand drawn detail and there seems to be an image of a people at a bus stop.

Barbara Haeger - Instagram - April Bullet Journal Weekly Spread


Barbara is obviously an artist which you can tell by the quality of her airplane. I can’t wait to draw planes that good, lol!!

The buildings are also such a nice touch, I guess it makes the weekly spread appear more real.

You will also notice that for this weekly spread each day has a very simple list of things to do using a bullet journal index.

4. Habit Tracker Layout

Okay, so it was kind of interesting to find a weekly habit tracker that I liked. I found two that were great so I will share them.

It is important to note that these two are actually monthly habit trackers as opposed to weekly ones.

Martha - Instagram - Habit Tracker


First up we have Martha and you can see that each habit gets it’s very own 31 day calendar and she highlights each day that she achieves her goal.

Habit Tracker - Meghan - Instagram


Megan has a similar concept with her habit tracker. She even has a very detailed key or index.

So it could be yes or no and for even a more detailed approach she has none, once or twice.

5. Vertical Weekly Spread

Some people prefer vertical weekly spreads as opposed to the regular ones and I saw this one and I thought I could see the reason why.

It is the true meaning of seeing your entire week at a glance across two pages and it gives you lots of room for entries.

bujowithtea - Instagram - Vertical Weekly Spread Idea


I think that the title ‘Make Lemonade” was interesting. It is almost like if you know that life will throw you lemons that week so you were ready for it.

There is space for the routine items of the week and below lots of space for notes and doodles.

6. One Page Weekly Spread

I found this one page weekly spread as there seem to be many people looking for a one page version of the week.

It is also a very simple one that anyone can use for their bullet journal. Thanks to Justine for this idea.



Not only do you have each day of the week listed in a simple format but there a little calendar so that you can see the month at a glance as well.

7. Simple Weekly Spread

This one caught my eye for all the right reasons. Everyone talks about less is more and this is what that concept should look like in reality.

Simple Weekly Spread - Kate Louise

Kate Louise

The cool thing about bullet journals is that every week can have a different layout.

As there are 52 weeks in a year it means that you can have 52 different layouts but maybe that would be too over the top.

She has tasks, notes, goals and still sufficient space for each day’s activities.

8. May Weekly Spread

Here is a very neat May weekly spread from Sarah that anyone can make at home despite your artistic abilities.

Bujo By Sarah - Instagram - May Weekly Spread


I really like to cute doodles at the edge of the page to represent each day of the week.

The good news is that you can decide to use fruits, cupcakes, stars or stickers instead for your bullet journal weekly spread layout ideas.

9. Horizontal Weekly Spread

I saw this one and I just had to share it because it has a unique way of doing the horizontal weekly spread.

Anyone can draw leaves so it is an easy one to use as a layout for one of the weeks in your bullet journal.

Kathrine Rostrup - Instagram - Horizontal Weekly Spread


As there are all different kinds of leaves all over the world, it would be interesting to see everyone’s version of leaves when this project is completed.

What makes this jump out is the various shades of green that she used in the weekly spread.

10. Orange Theme Layout

Staying on the nature theme I found this really lovely orange weekly spread with butterflies.

orange weekly spread bullet journal


So, it is not very complicated as it is a horizontal weekly spread with a butterfly for each day of the week.

Also, the theme colour is orange for those looking for that specific colour scheme. There is even a section for notes.

11. Easy Weekly Spread

Staying on a theme close to nature here is a weekly spread that is easy and a great way to end the month.

Easy Weekly Spread - Beth - Instagram


A nice big column at the margins leaves sufficient room to make the date large and central as the marker for each daily entry.

Beth uses stickers throughout the spread as accents to cement a theme for the week. It seems that she also uses bits of Washi tape.

While this is not your typical 7 day week as she goes from Monday to Tuesday it is a great use of space. There is even a section for notes.

12. Weekly Spread Planner

I really liked this one because there is a section where you can start planning for the next week which I think is so cool.

Weekly Spread Planner - Mark - Instagram


Apart from the fact that is an impeccable piece of work thanks for Mark. It does leave ample room for each daily entry as well as notes. Mark uses the notes section to reflect on each day.

It is obviously a weekly spread that has the working week at its centre as you can see that there is a small section for the weekend.

13. Space Theme Layout

Many people get quite creative by using a space theme for their weekly spread.

Here is a great example that I found called ‘Spacing Out’ that may not be simple to create but it can give you some inspiration.

Space Theme Weekly Spread - Bujo with tea - Instagram


They seem to have used a combination of Washi tape as well as a sketch of two hands holding the galaxy.

I like the fact that they also used images of cats in their daily entries to go with the theme.

There is sufficient space at the bottom of each daily entry to include notes or reflections.

14. Dutch Door Bullet Journal

I am not sure how I feel about the weekly spread with a dutch door. It does take up a lot of space and time.

It does involve you cutting the pages of your journal. Many users say that it has really helped them become more successful.

Dutch Door Weekly Spread - Plannista - Instagram


The one thing that is positive about it is that it is very attractive and gives you a lot more room for reflection and self-expression.

I would say that it is more suited to the advanced user who is looking to get a lot more out of their bullet journaling efforts.


As you can see creating a weekly spread layout for your bullet journal can be as simple, fun, creative and comprehensive as you want it to be.

It is definitely a great way to remain accountable, set goals, track your progress and even achieve success in the long run.

Before attempting to create your weekly spreads it would be a good idea to spend some time thinking about what you want to achieve.

The good thing about bullet journals is that it can cover many aspects of your life including career goals as well as personal growth goals when it comes to your character.

Over to you, what has been your experience with creating weekly spreads and what have been your biggest struggles?

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Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Layout Ideas You'll Love

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    • Krysten, I have said the same thing about not starting a bullet journal but I am going to start one and see where it goes.

  1. I love all of these designs! I need to start writing things down in a journal. Or a calendar. I tend to lose track of my days, so this would come in handy.

    • Sara, that is awesome. Maybe you can share some of your creations with us once you complete your first set.

  2. This has a lot of helpful information. Sounds like a lot of fun and exciting stuff to try. I’ve always devoted myself to stuff like this.

  3. I have a monthly calendar where I write down all the things I have to do. This really helped me organising my life so I won’t forget to do things.

  4. I have a bullet journal but I must confess, I’m horrible about frequently writing in it. I might need to try some of these weekly ideas so that I do a better job of making it part of my routine.

  5. I had no idea there were so many different kinds… I tend to stick to the weekly planners that have enough room for all my to-do’s.
    I did go from horizontal to vertical weekly planner ; )

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