17 Best Careers for Introverts on LinkedIn

Hello you!  Ever wondered what the best careers for introverts should be?  Is there such a thing?  Did you know that introverts have the potential to earn 6 figures a year?

Before I go into this we first need to acknowledge that there are two personality types in the world (generally speaking) the first is the introvert and the other is an extrovert.

These both types depends on the human personality. The terms were popularized by Carl Jung and it is a part of human psychology.


Introverts are the people that react in a very different way to some situations or how they face some difficulty. When they are in this situation the try to put there falling and energy inside them.

Rather than expose it outside. These people don’t expose their feelings and how they face their problems. People with this type of personality usually love to live alone or be a loner. But they work from their own minds rather than disclosure with other people.

These people prefer to keep their issue and problems with themselves. There are a few common factors found in an introvert’s personality they are as follows:

  1. They are found to be the most self-absorbed people, they usually don’t talk too much with other people, and they love to live alone.
  2. People usually think that these types of people are loners but this is not true they have built their own world and they love to live in it and they are satisfied.
  3. They usually do not show off their skills and abilities they keep it to themselves.
  4. You cannot help or advise these types of people because what they think is right and what they are doing is right.
  5. They aren’t concerned with what others will tell them. It’s not a mental disorder or personality disorder they usually are perfect people. Only they live their life inside rather outside.

Now I will briefly describe the extroverts.


The extrovert personality is just the opposite of introverts. When they usually stuck on a problem or in a critical situation, they would prefer to expose it outside rather keep it inside.

These personality types are controlled by other people rather than themselves. These people like to discuss their issues and problems with other people.

Extroverts are not loner type of people they love to mix with other people and usually have more friends and other relations. They feel very comfortable switching jobs or their workplace.

Often, they love to go in groups for a walk or to eat and meet new people and they do not have any issues to do any kind of work. These are the best people for asking and advice for yourself and they love to work in groups.

Now let’s look at 17 best careers for introverts.

1) Meter reading for utilities and electricity

This type of job is good because you can work alone. Some other jobs related to it is like government and green-based jobs.

It involves designing and developing solar panels and installing it on the roof or above ground in a suitable location.

In meter reading jobs you can earn $44,380 up to $61,160 excluding your personal benefits per annum.

2) Limnologists

Limnologist is field related to scientists. This type of field focus on water-related things, such as providing fresh water, desalination of the salty water to drinkable water.

In this job sometimes you will be in the office analysing the database. Other times you will be outside to get a sample of the water.

They usually earn $55,100 up to $71,780 according to their skills and experience in the field.

3) Polysomnographic technologists

Polysomnographic technologist is a medical-related field. In these, you need to have detailed information on the patient’s bio-physiological changes during sleep so that you can deliver the data to the physician.

The pay for these people depends on if they are registered technologists. You will usually earn up to $51,000 per year.

4) Long haul truck driver

These jobs are suitable for those people who are undergraduate or high school graduates. In these jobs, you work in a team but in these situations, it is good because while you driving your teammate will be sleeping.

You may earn about $27,040 up to $ 62,400 per annum.

5) Translators

In this type of job, you do not need to go into the office or rather any workplace. You can do this job at home as well.

The job involves translating documents from one language to other. These people earn about $30,160 up to $87,464 per year.

6) Astronomers

This job is related to space, it is good because you just have to look in a telescope, make observations and find new things.

You may have to discuss with the people in future if you find something unique. For this type of job, you are expected to be highly educated.

The pay in this field is in a wide range. You can earn from $ 24,000 up to $143,000.

Meet an Astronomer

7) Content writing

It’s is a home-based job. This is one of the best careers for introverts. You just need to have your research, writing and editing skills in this job.

If done properly you can earn easily about $ 34,000 till $175,000. In this field, you can choose the topics that interest you most.

Building yourself up and getting informed. At the same time earning a great living. What more can someone ask for?

Content writers can also become bloggers.  If you would like to learn how to become a blogger check out my 10-Day Start a Blog Challenge here.

8) Computer programmers

It is an information technology-related job. For this type of job, you must be a computer programing graduate.

Or at least you have to be well educated about computers coding and design a website. If you are not that educated you can work on a programming language like Java, C+.

You just need a few weeks of practice and you will be good to go.  Their pay range is from $32,943 to $113,849 a year.

9) Radiologists

This is related to the medical field.  As a Radiologist, you need to collect the reading from the computer and read it and give a possible diagnosis and give it to the physician.

Radiologist and a patient in MRI room

This position can earn about $345,595 up to $459,896 per year as a Radiologist. You can take your time off when you are not needed as well. Interaction with people is not even required.

10) Zoologists

This is one of the best careers for Introverts who might not be comfortable interacting with people. But they are completely fine with animal interaction.

This related to animals and environmental issues. In this job, you need to do detailed research on an animal’s life and environment effective issue.

You can earn up to $33,000 up to $104,000. If you are an introvert who loves animals, there cannot be a better job than this!

11) Archivist

The job description is to preserve the historic or important documents of the firm. Such as government, university, schools and museum.

Their work is to assemble all the documents and write the descriptions. This job is can be done alone. In future, you might have to organize a lecture on collection.

This job lets you learn at the same time too. You can choose your research and spend time on it. While still earning.

12) Pharmacist

It is related to medicine. The job is to guide the patient about their medicine prescription from the doctor as well as dispensing the medication.  Interaction cannot be avoided, however, minimal interaction is easily achievable.

You do not necessarily need to deal with the patients. Working in a larger pharmacy means more people needed. You can be easily working behind the shelf. Organizing medicines and passing it on as requested.

This can easily be one of the best careers for introverts.

13) Photography

This is best for an introvert’s personality type. In this, you need to describe a story based on your recorded images.  It can also be described as painting with light.

The job includes taking the photograph and editing it. It can be even done independently.  If photography is your hobby. You can passionately make it your profession! Clearly one of the best careers for introverts.

Meet Jessica a Photographer

14) Geoscientists

Geoscientists are all about the study of the physical aspects of the earth. These people have to find different types of natural resources under the earth. Such as gold, metal, coal, water, marble and so on.

The main task is to solve problems related to these things.  You can earn in the region of $89,780.

15) Archaeologist

Archaeologists often do their researches on past civilization. Their main task is to explore the wreck, study on vestiges and assemble all and write a document on the results.

This way your time is well spent exploring so much and learning. Earning at the same time. Definitely one of the best careers for introverts.

16) Graphic designer

Concerned with visual communication and problem solving graphic designers have to communicate with their client and teammates at the start. But in the end, they have to finish it all alone.

They work a lot with typography, photography and illustration.  This way you can spend hours on a project. And if you are into the arts. What more can one ask for?

17) Lab technician

Another job related to the medical field. The job description involves you analysing the skin and blood sample of the patients. So you have a dedicated lab of your own.

All you need to do there is check out the samples. The profession is quite good because if you are promoted you can easily make a good amount of money. This is the final one in the series of best careers for introverts.


With so many options out there one can easily find the best job suitable for them. Many jobs are fun to do. Many jobs make you learn a lot, depending on your interest.  Now you can easily choose the best for you.


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