5 Sizzling Life Hacks For Ladies

5 Sizzling Life Hacks For Ladies

Today we will look at 5 simple but profound ways that will help women improve the way we look and feel about ourselves.  All too often as women we are busy with life and looking after those we love so here are 5 cheats to help you get quick results and still maintain the life they way you want it to be.

The last life hack includes a way to improve the way your photos are taken to give you and your loved one’s breathtaking results.

Hello ladies, Alvern here, today we are going to look at life hacks for women as strange as that might sound as women we always need ways in which we can keep ourselves looking beautiful as well as finding different ways to be more efficient.  Whether it be cooking or doing everyday things as Mum’s or as working women so I thought it would be really great to produce a series on life hacks.

Okay so let’s get started, the first life hack would be about summer feet. Now I know it’s depending on where you are it probably isn’t summer or probably it is late summer but I just thought this particular one will be really handy because for me, for example every summer when summer is coming on it’s really important because I have, I have dry feet really important for me to get my feet ready to wear sandals or slippers without feeling a bit uncomfortable with ashy looking feet and because I’m rushing I wouldn’t have always had time to moisturize my feet.

So, the life that I have, I know some people probably wouldn’t like it but for those of you who wouldn’t mind doing it is this is how you go about doing it.  Instead of going and obviously and you could obviously go and have a proper pedicure if that’s you know what you prefer but if you don’t have time patience or cash and you have to go to a summer barbecue or summer party and you realise, oops, your feet are not ready to wear sandals and slippers or any kind of summer shoes here’s a quick hack that would get your feet ready in as little as a 48 hours or 2 nights.

What you do is you can make sure your feet are clean before going to bed and just this is something to do before going to bed, make sure your feet are clean so you can probably either if you just had a shower fine, if it is you need to wash them just wash out your feet and then moisturise your feet with either your body lotion, with baby oil or with Vaseline petroleum jelly.

Moisturise them really well both the underside and the top of your feet, in between toes and then put on a pair of socks, so they can be preferably cotton socks. So, pop on a pair of socks, it doesn’t have to be socks going all the way up, it could be sports socks, those ankle socks.  So, put on a pair of those and then head off to bed.  If the socks are a bit uncomfortable for you well you can probably try moisturising your feet before going to bed and not put on any socks or you can put it on for the first few hours and take it off while you sleep.

If you really, desperately have no choice but to do it I’d prefer that you endure the uncomfortable feeling of wearing socks and just put them on and head off to bed.  As soon as you wake up in the morning you can pop them off and you will notice the difference in the way your feet look.  After the first night, you would see a remarkable change but you would see or notice a difference in the way your feet look.

Then do it again for second and possibly a third night if it is you really want them looking really nice and moisturised. The good thing about it is that this would last you 2 or 3 days. After the second or third night of wearing socks the next, the next 3 nights you don’t need to wear them again just moisturise your feet as normal and your feet will then eventually get dry.

Obviously, drink lots of water because water is what really would keep your body moist but if you’re drinking lots of water in your feet still look dry don’t buy the expensive stuff in the chemist or the pharmacy where is selling things to make your feet look better.  It’s, you know it’s much better off just getting baby oil, moisturizing body lotion, nice thick one, not a thin one and/or petroleum jelly ok? That’s the first hack

Ok! Now, depending on the type of shoe you wore all winter long you wore boots and you may notice that you have calluses on the bottom of your feet. So, the baby oil or petroleum jelly could only do so much when it comes to moisturising your feet you may have hard calluses on the underside of your feet.

There is this special jelly I’m just going to include it in the podcast notes or the short notes the actual name to get in the chemist that you need to apply to your feet probably for a much longer period.  Maybe between 3 and 7 nights depending on how hard the callouses are at the bottom of your feet.  I’m trying to remember the name of it I’ve just gone blank here right here.

I will stick it in the show notes so you can go in and ask. It’s actually very low priced as far as I remember it is less than $10, £10, €10 and you just use a little bit on the spot obviously have to make sure your feet are clean and apply it and it’ll go white in colour and then you have to keep applying layers as every night.  Again, this has to be applied at night on your feet, night after night until there are enough layers for you to actually peel off the hard callus on the soles of your feet.

That actually would help so instead of spending a lot of money, because I know for one I went to get a pedicure done and they couldn’t get rid of the callus and they went into the chemist.  Now the woman, in the what you call it in the beauty salon thought I had oh my goodness sorry I kind of things and people who swim get on the bottom of their feet (verruca) she thought that is what I had but actually was just a hard callus.

Salatac gel
Salatac gel

Because of the way I was walking on my feet in boots for so long but anyway you just tell the chemist the problem that you have and they will give you the tube and again I will enter the name of it (Salatac Gel), it’s called sorry, I just can’t remember the name right now but I’ll put a picture of it as well as and the name of it in the show notes.

Ok, so being a busy working woman or maybe you not working a working woman at all you may be a housewife or maybe you know your student and that’s fine we tend to be busy and one of the things that we suffer from a lot as women is low blood count.  Our HB tend to be low because obviously because of our menstrual cycle etc.  One of the quick and easy ways to, because of our busy schedule, to get the iron that we need in our bodies is, there are two things I would normally use and they work perfectly.

Obviously you, you probably go on iron tablets if it is a prolonged problem, you know, get advice from a doctor but one of the quickest and easiest ways for the quick and easiest ways to get you’re the green leafy vegetables, into your body.  The first one is spinach leaves obviously when you are consuming iron you need to make sure you consume vitamin C alongside it to get the iron to absorb into your blood cells.  So spinach leaves just washed them and you can eat them just like that from the pack or you can you know as a snack from a bowl, I find that they are pretty tasteless to eat just like that.

If it is you want something a little bit more and cooked I want to tell you a little secret recipe some people may not like it but it’s how to cook broccoli in as little as two minutes, 2-3 minutes including preparation time.

So, what you would need to do if it is you love broccoli all you need to do is get out a ceramic bowl, you put, depending on the size of the head of the broccoli, you could probably obviously cut off all the excess stems, you put a head of broccoli, moved obviously the florets, break it up into florets.

Make sure they are properly washed get about six or seven pegs of garlic crush them place them randomly nice and strategically in between the broccoli in the bowl and sprinkle the broccoli with coarse sea salt and then drizzle with probably a teaspoon of olive oil cover the bowl with a microwavable plastic wrap and puncture some holes in the top of them with the plastic wrap and stick it in the microwave for two and a half, 2-2.5 minutes depending on how big your bowl is and when it comes out and we are really delicious dish, I tend to call it broccoli surprise because you’re really surprised at how really well the broccoli cooks.

It’s not really, it’s not soft and mushy it’s still nice and firm not hard.  It’s nice and chewable so tender but also crunchy bits to it and again make sure you consume some form of vitamin C and no I think broccoli has a little bit of vitamin C but just to be sure I have vitamin C before or after to help absorb the iron into your diet. Alright, so that’s the 3rd life hack.

Let’s see the fourth one then would be Thrush.  So, actually, I’m not going to do Thrush and will leave that one for another time because I need to get the name of again if the item was very useful.

Ok, insoles, right so if it is you are like me you probably have arched feet I know some members of my family, some of my siblings, sisters they got some fallen arches, as they call it, but basically, depending on the type of shoes you like to wear or depending on the job that you do, if you stand on your feet all day, one of the best ways to protect your feet from undue pain is with using insoles in your shoes. So, you can go to any shoe shop or any fashion accessory shop and get the different kinds of insoles.

Insoles that would be padding for the front or back or side of your feet but I suggest you get you if you should know what if you have flat feet you probably just need and standard flat insoles but if you’ve got fallen arches.  If you’ve got an arch in your foot today when you put your feet flat and there’s a bit of space at the middle of your feet, that’s called arched feet what I suggest you do is get insoles to match the type of feet at you have.

I probably never actually use them until I got a little bit older, I am not old. It really helps when it comes to wearing shoes.  I’m very fussy when it comes to shoes like I have mentioned in my previous podcast.  I actually wrote an article about high heel shoes or sexy shoes.  So, as women we need to continue to protect things like our back and knees so be careful number 1 which shoes you wear and when it when you have no choice, well I wouldn’t say have no choice.

When you feel the need to wear either totally flat shoes but you don’t have flat feet or if it is you need to wear high heel shoes and you to protect your arch because that is where the most of the pain is because you’re still putting your feet under undue stress, try making sure you have the insoles to protect your feet and to help you to wear shoes for much longer periods of time.

Alright, let’s see last but not least for today’s podcast, I’m going to talk to you about the golden hour.  So, that is the fifth one, I believe, for today.  So, the golden hour what am I talking about?  So, many times as ladies we would like to take pictures of ourselves whether it be selfies or someone taking pictures of us. Because of my experience in photography, I just want to give you a quick tip about the best time of the day to take or get pictures taken. Whether it be wedding pictures or if you are at some special event or whatever it is.

Get pictures or photos taken of yourself during the golden hour.  So, the golden hour is 1 hour before sunset so if you’ve got a smartphone like me you can pop into the weather app and have a look and see when the sun is setting.  You know depending on the time of the year and up to one hour before sunset is the best time to get any pictures or photos taken that make you look more magical.

Especially if you can’t afford an expensive photographer and need someone to take pictures of yourself or someone who’s not necessarily a good photographer but they take good pictures advise them to take it up to one hour before the sun goes down and obviously take a picture so between 0 and 60 Minute period before the sun goes down.  You tend to get the best photos taken of yourself or family or friends.

Ok and that’s all for today I hope you enjoyed those 5 life hacks there are five of them in total.  I do have a probably 7 to 10 more if you found it useful please give some feedback and if you need to contact me if you have some ideas for other life hacks that you’d like to share with other ladies who listen to this particular podcast do contact me.

I will include my email address again in the show notes so you can contact me directly with any sort of ideas that you have around life hacks for ladies and I’ll also give you the name of the gel in the tube that is used to remove calluses from the bottom/soles of your feet so you can actually have really happy summer feet.

Ok thanks for listening enjoy the rest of the day and rest of your week bye for now


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