3 Intimate Life Hacks For Women

3 Intimate Life Hacks For Women

Show Notes: Today we will be looking at 3 overall, intimate secrets on how you can gain success in three broad areas of your life as a woman.  These 3 areas include women’s health, relationship health and we will also zoom in looking at the way you preferred to be loved as a person.  We will also help you understand ways in which others prefer to be loved.  Although these three secrets are simple they can have a profound effect on your life now and in the future.

Controlling Candida

Hello ladies, Alvern here. Today we will be looking at three intimate life hacks for women. So, the first of intimate life hacks is around managing and controlling candida also known as thrush. In my experience thrush probably doesn’t occur, for me anyway it didn’t occur in my teens or 20s, but it started to become more prevalent the older I got, at least that is what I’ve noticed. When it becomes uncontrollable you would have to go to the doctor who would give you a prescription.

Normally they would give you a cream or a tablet that you need to insert into the vaginal cavity to help control the overproduction of yeast in the virginal cavity.

Not too long ago it became apparent to me there are special diets available and that would help you overcome thrush and as you know for us women we have to watch our diet to make sure we control or weight not to become obese.  We have to watch our diets for many other things to avoid cholesterol and all of that.  So, with all of that, we have on our plate already to think about making sure we control our diet for candida or thrush can be quite a headache.

Hence the reason why I decided to record this because I had the experience where it became so bad and I needed to do something other than every time going to the doctor to get a prescription to help control that problem.

So, some of the same symptoms just in case you’ve never heard of candida or thrush before some of the symptoms would be white excretions coming from the vaginal cavity so obviously it’s nothing to do with your periods or anything like that you just have this white stuff coming out of there and there’s also a very bad if it becomes,

I don’t know how to describe it, I am trying to think of the way to describe it but there’s.. your skin begins to break all around the vaginal area all the vulva, everything just becomes very broken like if you got cut.  It’s very scabby you know they can get really, really bad.

I just had to ask my doctor, look, what is the story, how come?  I was actually worried I had some sort of strange disease because I’ve never had anything, that happened that bad before.

So, surprise, surprise there is a remedy so apart from your diet and making sure that you wear loose fitting clothing during the summertime, making sure you wear lots of skirts try and wear cotton underwear, the list goes on and on about the things that you can do to help you prevent the occurrence of thrush on a regular basis.

So my doctor recommended this thing called FloraPlus, it is a bit of a tongue twister but I’ll put a picture of it in the show notes but you can actually see what I’m referring to and it really helps, if it is you find yourself in a situation where you are getting thrush on very regular basis like once a month or once every six weeks or once every six months you know it shouldn’t be that regular and it would help you because every time you go to the doctor you’re going to have to pay the doctor’s fee plus the price for prescription so instead of having to do that all the time you can maintain it all year long or possibly even longer by using something called FloraPlus.

FloraPlus product

For Candida diets, you just Google it there’s a lot of things they ask you to avoid eating or drinking or even include we are looking at the positive side now.  Stuff to include in your diet.  I’m just going to have a quick look here.

I know there’s one that I thought was really funny, it was mouldy nuts.  I just thought that was quite hilarious, but anyway, you have non-starchy vegetables; artichokes, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, I love cabbage, cucumber, eggplant, I love eggplant, kale, garlic (raw), spinach and zucchini.  The good thing about this list is that a lot of things included there are good for keeping your iron levels high, in your diet.

They talk about low sugar fruits, like avocado, lemon, lime and olives. Olives can be a bit salty, I’m not too sure, depending on where you live, you probably wouldn’t have olives growing on a tree somewhere.

They have healthy proteins, like eggs and if you are like me you probably prefer not to use eggs.  You probably want to use nuts instead.  So, they have low mould nuts, like almond, coconut, flax seeds, sunflower seeds.  Dairy products they mention here; butter, ghee, kefir and yoghurt. For me I prefer the non-dairy yoghurts, to be honest, like soy yoghurt if at all.

We also have the non-glutinous grains like buckwheat, millet, oat bran, quinoa and teff. This particular, apart from the diet, this particular over the counter medication that you can use.  You don’t have to get a doctor’s prescription to use it.  When I buy it here, it comes in a box with 5 doses and you apply that once a month, so it can last you 5 months.  If you find that you use that and you still get it even more frequently then probably you need to speak with your GP or a nutritionist.

I just thought it would be something good to help you ladies because this is all about empowering women and there are certain things that if it is not right at home, in the privacy of your home, when you go out and about it still affects you.

I remember having to go on holiday and I was in pain with candida/thrush it was just difficult having to travel with that kind of problem. Everything we do to take care of our minds and bodies also affects us professionally.  So just take a note of that and hopefully, you found this useful.

Finding Your Love Language

So, the second of our intimate life hacks is about finding your love language.  There is a book that was written not so long ago entitled 5 love languages.  In it, the author goes in-depth detail about these five love languages that exist.  The question I have for you today is do you know what your love language is?   Obviously, you might have one that is more predominant compared to another you might have two of them.

I didn’t find out about love languages until, ok the book isn’t written that long, let’s see late 30s early 40s, I am not that old but it opened my eyes to the thing that was lacking in helping me understand the opposite sex, or even any other person in my life because as you can imagine children have their own love languages, people who you interact with have their own love language, your best friend has their own love languages.  So, it is one of the keys, of course, there is Neuro-Linguistic Programming as well.

There is so much that you can learn about, whether it is the opposite sex or just people in general.  To me, the 5 love languages really help especially when you have people in your life that you love.  Whether it be best friends, your children or your life partner.  Whoever that is.

The five love languages include things like words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, physical touch and receiving gifts and why it’s so important is because if you understand those things that your life partner or children or best friend appreciate it will help you to relate to them more and for them to appreciate whatever it is you’re doing for them even more for example.

I’ll give you a typical example for me my first love language is a quality time and the second one is physical touch and when people in the past when I’ve had when I was dating and people give me gifts I appreciate it, yes things like flowers and stuff appreciate it but it just didn’t do it for me and I never really understood why I wasn’t so excited about getting flowers etc. compared with that particular person spending quality time with me.

So, if you understand what I just mentioned there for you to understand ok. I have a friend for example and she, quality time and physical touch just doesn’t do it for her.  She appreciates acts of service.  When her husband comes home and helps her to clean the house or doing something for her around the house that really switches her on, that really speaks to her heart compared to giving flowers or quality time but quality time goes hand in hand with acts of service. Words of affirmation don’t do it.

Her husband really loves words of affirmation so when she turns around and says to him and gives him words of appreciation that he is doing it right that really speaks to his heart.

So, I don’t know if you ladies understand that how important that is in relation to your significant other, in relation to your children, in relation to those who are significant in your life, your parents, it’s so very important and it is one of the things that will help strengthen your relationships.  No matter what anyone says to you.  Life is not about achieving X, Y and Z. At the baseline, it is about relationships.

When a baby is born, they have a relationship with their parents, as they grow they have a relationship with their siblings, then relationships at school then when they start to search for their significant other, best friends, then when at work it is at a more professional level.

Life really and generally speaking it is about relationships and the more you can do to understand your relationship between you and someone else whether it be an intimate relationship, professional level, friends, best friends who you hang out with, the more you know what they like, getting a birthday present for some and you know what their love language is, they will appreciate you more for what you got, as opposed to people always buy a pair of socks for their Dad at Christmas time.  What if that doesn’t match with his love language and he prefers acts of service or words of affirmation telling him how great he is he will probably appreciate that more than giving him a pair of socks or a tie for him at Christmas time.

So, just something to consider as you go about your day to day life, love languages, just remember that find out what, just observe, you probably don’t have to ask them in some case you would have to ask your significant other what they believe their love language is but it would really help you in your relationships as you go through life and make it much easier for you to deal with people and they would appreciate you more.

Questions For Couples

So, the third and final of our intimate life hacks is let’s see questions for couples. Ok so we spoke about love languages but now I’m going to switch it up a bit and go into something called questions for Couples and what does that mean.

Well, I don’t know how well you know if it is you have a boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife how well you know your life partner or the person that you’re spending time with and the reason why I ask this question is because too long ago I discovered these special questions that you can ask your significant other that will help deepen your relationship significantly compared to not asking them at all those lots of people go through life ok you can know about the person,  know about their work, know who their family and is but everyone has their secrets or things that would but they wouldn’t reveal to everyone but you can find out about the most about deepening your relationship about helping to know what makes your significant other tick.

Ok? If that makes sense and it makes quality time more meaningful between the two of you when you sort of run out of questions to ask about, ok, how was your day how’s your course going (if the person is still attending college or university) you that general rift raft of talk and then talking about your plans for your future plans for your life, you know just those general questions that you expect between couples.

Like I said I recently discovered these list of questions that exist that very few couples know about that they can ask each other to help deepen and strengthen their relationship with each other.

Let me see if I can find one of the examples here for you. So, I’ll give you 3 different examples.  So one of them I have used personally in my life and I found that it was so very helpful.  I have known this person for quite a while and then you think you know then and you ask this question, you suddenly realise that there is a deeper person inside of that shell. So here is one of the examples I have used.

  1. 1. If you had all the money in the world where do you see yourself right now and what dreams would you fulfil in your career?
  1. 2. What do you consider as the best thing anyone has ever done for you before we met?
  1. 3. Can you tell me a secret you’ve always kept to yourself and have not talked about it with anyone not even with a friend you consider very close or your parents for that matter?

So, just think about what kind of answers those questions will reveal to you about your other half about your life partner?  Where it can actually take your relationship in terms of the depth and really getting to know that person because you know it is the person you will be spending the rest of your life with and you will certainly run out of things to talk about.

Apart from the everyday life and the humdrum especially if you have kids, you know, you want to take that to a whole new level. I’ll include a link to those questions in the show notes and use them and please leave feedback down below on this page and share with the rest of the community of ladies which ones you used and which ones you found most effective.

Like I said it adds more depth to your relationship and you tend to appreciate each other all the more when you sort of getting to know them on a whole deeper level than you knew them before.  Who knows you might be able to help them fulfil a lifelong dream that they always wanted to fulfil in their life.

That’s all, for now, ladies’ thanks so much for listening.  Until next time enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of your week, bye for now.


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3 Intimate Life Hacks for Women

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