Get Your Blog Created for FREE

To qualify you will need to purchase your domain name, web hosting and theme using my special links below and I will then be able to create your blog for you at no additional charge.

Here is a list of items that you need in order to avail of this special offer:

1. Purchase your domain name
2. Get your website hosting here
3. Order your theme
4. Sign up for ConvertKit here
4. Send me a copy of the receipt for these items

This offer applies to new customers only.

After Purchasing Your Items

  1.  Send me a copy of the receipt as proof of purchase using marketing @
  2.  I will send you the coupon code to get 100% discount off the blog creation
  3.  You go to the link below, add the coupon code, choose a day and time for the service
  4.  Ensure that you include contact details so I can contact you for logins
  5.  Follow-through with the check out process
  6.  Send me the content after you receive the confirmation email

Here is What I Will Do For You

  1.  Install WordPress Blog on domain name provided by the client
  2.  Installation of the recommended Premium or Freemium theme
  3.  Import 5 blog posts already written by the client and saved to draft
  4.  Set up the 5 important pages (content provided by you, the client, for About Me page, Home Page and Contact Us Page) Privacy Policy, Terms + Conditions 
  5.  Set-up of permalink structure
  6.  Add to list of Ping services.
  7. Send you the completed blog
  8. I will set up your first email freebie using ConvertKit (you need to provide your own freebies)

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