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I'll help you gain clarity on what you need to get your business off the ground in 5 days with all the things you need

As an entrepreneur, you know that you want to build a profitable business in order to leave a a legacy for your loved ones.  So, getting the help you need to start off in the right direction will help you to reduce the learning curve and get results quicker than figuring it out on your own.

Start Your Biz Challenge

Are you finding it difficult to decide on the best path for you to develop your business? Are you struggling with the choice of a service business, product business or passive income streams? Let me help you clarify what to do next in order to become profitable quickly and get your business up and running in 5 days.

Investment starts at $997 (5 Days of support)


Who it’s for:
This challenge is great for an entrepreneur who has a short-list of options to get started in business or for a person who is still working their corporate 9-5 job but they are hoping to start a manageable side-hustle.

What’s included:
I’ll hop on a one-hour call with you each day for 5 days (consecutive or non-consecutive) to answer your most burning questions, asses your skills, give you guidance on the fastest path to make your first $1,000 to $10,000 online and help you identify your ideal client avatar.

After our call each day I’ll send over a workbook of what you should be doing next, a link to the recording of our Zoom call as well as a list of suggested courses or programs that you can take to expedite your success rate.

You’ll also receive 30 days of support via email where I’ll answer your most pertinent questions twice a week (Mon-Thursday).

I’ll also give you a list of software, platform and systems that you can use to automate your business processes.

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How Does It Work?

1. Step One

Complete the contact form outlining your requirements, your niche and when you would like to get started

2. Step Two

Book some time in my calendar to have a face to face discussion via Zoom and finalise the way forward

3. Step Three

After the call, you can make a payment to participate in the 5-day start your business challenge.

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