From Freaking-Out to Flourishing

Take Your Website from a Dry Wasteland to Populated in Days While Working Your 9-5

Finally, a great way to get readers to your website consistently without waiting for the Google gods or stalking potential readers on Facebook groups.

Dear Fellow Part-time Blogger,

If you’re being taunted with empty analytics reports and hearing crickets every time you publish a new post you’re in the right place.  Especially if you don’t want to pay through the nose for Facebook, Pinterest or even Google Ads just to get a few more measly clicks. 

Because let’s get real even though…

  • You consumed over 10,321 hours of YouTube videos but still receive less than 10 visitors to your website a day.
  • Your inbox is screaming for mercy from over 989 webinar invites and 7,147 freebies with traffic tips that just don’t work for your niche.
  • You’re trying to squeeze 10 reciprocal threads and manually re-pin 100 pins a day, but thanks to your 9 to 5 there’s never enough time.

There’s no need to struggle anymore.

Well, I’ve got good news.  That all ends today.

Because in just a few short minutes (and one little click) 😉 you’ll learn how to attract readers to your blog even if no one knows you. And you won’t need to take time off your day job.

Traffic Proof
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Promotion Ninja

Promotion Ninja on laptop
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An easy to follow step by step system to get consistent traffic at the push of a button that only takes 2-3 hours to set up each day over a 3-day period.

After Completing Promotion Ninja You'll Be Able To...

take a Peek At the Promotion Ninja System

1. Create Buzz on Your Blog

Get shares, likes, re-pins, comments and follows taking your blog from beginner to pro status so that brands will be tripping over themselves to work with you

2. Leverage Big Blogger Resources

Learn the secrets to get your blogging heroes to send you buckets of traffic every day. Even if you only have 7 posts

3. Lazy Blogger's Guide to Video Marketing

Catapult your results by leveraging video with just a few clicks without being on camera so that you can bring in better quality leads

A total value of $67.00

But because I am so obsessed to see you get the traffic you deserve I'm throwing $37.00 worth of bonuses free of charge...

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Bonus #1

FREE Blog Content Planner – Valued at $27

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Bonus #2

FREE SEO Checklist valued at $17

So you get the entire Promotion Ninja course (valued at $67) plus the SEO Checklist (valued at $17) and the Ultimate Blog Planner (valued at $27) all for $0 if you sign up today...

Alvern - Success Unscrambled
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Why Should You Listen to Me?

When I first started blogging 10 years ago, after clicking the publish button on my first blog post I was faced with screaming sound of crickets.

After years of trial, failure and success I made it my mission to help other bloggers avoid…

  • Feeling clueless
  • Getting distracted with a bazillion things
  • Social media time suck

Instead use the same strategies that I used to go from zero to thousands of visitors every month and hundreds of email subscribers that are actually interested in my content.

Alvern Bullard


How many posts do I need to get started?

You’ll get more results if you have a minimum of 7 published posts.

Do I need to have an initial budget to implement any of the strategies?

All of the strategies taught in Promotion Ninja use free programs and platforms.

What makes this different from other programs out there?

Promotion Ninja is a FREE course gives fairly new bloggers (or bloggers in need of readers) the boost that they need for validation of their idea before investing hundreds in a traffic course.

What are your refund terms?

Because this course is 100% FREE to you, if you don’t like it you can delete the content you downloaded and I can happily remove your login details for the course so you will not have access to future updates.

Quick Recap

Look I get it you still don’t know if this blogging thing will work for you and you are trying to balance home duties, full-time work, kids and you are even behind on everything.

If only you can get some confirmation that blogging is right for you or even if you have an audience interested in your content it will really help.

You just want to enrol in something that actually works without investing too much money at first so that you can confirm that blogging can work for you.

That is why Promotion Ninja is FREE for you to use to get the confirmation you need on this blogging journey. 

Only $0.00 Today (Yes, FREE)

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