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This goal setting pack will help you take your big dreams and break it into smaller goals.

Those goals will help you create smaller tasks and keep track of what you need to do to make your dreams come true.

Goal Setting Pack

Focus on One Goal at a Time

The goal setting pack will help you to:

  • Balance home duties, full-time work + kids
  • Give you a systematic way to work
  • Focus on tasks that make $
  • Stop you feeling clueless
  • Help you get into a good routine

Get this goal setting pack that comes with the following sheets:

  1. Goal Setting Worksheet
  2. New Monthly Follower Sheet
  3. Weekly Planner Sheet
  4. Goals to do List Sheet

Grab This Goal Setting Pack

Only $17.00

I wish I had access to a goal setting pack over 10 years ago to help me achieve goals faster.
Alvern Bullard
Blogger + Podcaster
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